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  1. thecanadianvending

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    So is an aircraft carrier. Hell, a lot of weapons are in CUP. Might as well stop developing ARMA since they are all in CUP
  2. thecanadianvending

    Jets - Custom Panels (GPS, Camera feeds, ...)

    That's a feature. GPS now rotates so you are always facing up, notice the gridlines
  3. Please let modders/you be able to implement SEAD with Radar Jamming, and radar tracking and that
  4. thecanadianvending

    Arma too futuristic

    Literally everything in the game (except the MX series) exists in real life. Do I want ARMA to go back to the Cold War? Yeah, but this argument that it's "too futuristic" is a stupid one
  5. thecanadianvending

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    I think everyone here is going to get their hopes up for a full tank simulation, and then will blame BI when they don't deliver on some of these absurd wishes. Think Helo DLC. They will probably add 1-4 tanks, better AI, and a better FCS system. They won't add a Trophy simulation, because ARMA is an infantry simulator first and foremost. Nevermind that, it is still a game that they have to balance realistically. You want real tank simulation? Go to Steel Beasts, because ARMA will never have that level of simulation
  6. thecanadianvending

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    We should remember that they said it will be a small project to build experience. Don't expect massive changes
  7. thecanadianvending

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    There is a lot of squirrels in the world. Maybe that means they will be working on more players on a server at once Flawless logic
  8. thecanadianvending

    Water, Water & Water

    I would like some LCU/LCVP's. Beach landings are always fun. Amphibious tracked vehicles would be great as well
  9. But they won't implement DX12 into ARMA 3 because it would require an engine rewrite. 64 bit will only help those lag spikes when moving across terrain too fast. FPS will not improve with these changes
  10. People are complaining about things that have been brought up tons of times before. These bugs are obvious if you play the game for >5 minutes, and I am sure the developers are aware of it. I don't mind discussion, but when people don't understand that the developers aren't stupid it really bothers me. They know people want fastroping, and they said they won't implement it because it's (probably) out of scope. People yelling for DX12, and not doing any research to see that the developers have done tests to see that it's not feasable annoys me. I just did a google search, "ARMA 3 DX12", and it lead me to the SITREP that shows that it wouldn't show improvements. Does BI annoy me? Yeah they do. Especially with the lack of communication with APEX basically until release. But I also understand that they have had experiences where too much conversation between them and the fans put them in hot water (the railgun tank, F35, etc). I want them to actually show us things that are guaranteed to be in the next game/DLC until release, so that we can be hyped for the release.
  11. Has it occurred to you that maybe they can't fix it? They know it's a problem, but they probably can't do anything about it. They wouldn't neglect fixing a bug like this if they had the ability to
  12. Alright, sorry I have a hard time reading text on screens But what do you want BI to do? They can't add features from everyone. And now with the DLC's announced (jet DLC, another largely requested upgrade (as long as it's like helo DLC's flightmodel)), you can see that they value input from the community. Maybe your small requests aren't in scope of ARMA 3, or they are not feasible with their current engine. Recently I remember reading how the AI code was terrible, and only now they are able to upgrade it. They also add a lot of small features requested as well, I can't name any off the top of my head but I know they have. But again, your requests may be out of scope.. Why can't they tell us when they are out of scope? Well, that's not a good idea for any company. They will be ridiculed for it from people; the railgun tank was supposed to be in the game, they released screenshots and when it wasn't in the game people got upset because they don't understand that it wasn't in scope. Sure, it sucks that ideas don't get supported, but not every idea can be implemented. That is not realisitc
  13. No, I mean what do you mean. Your wording is terrible in that post
  14. What the hell are you talking about?
  15. They have? 3d Editor FFV Bipods Better AI 4 most suggested things since OFP. All in now. But yeah, BI doesn't listen to suggestions