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  1. NovaSilisko

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    Interesting thing I noticed after today's patch... when I loaded up my game, all the physics-enabled rocks had duplicates spawned over top of them. Physics engines naturally do NOT like this so they started hurtling everywhere like a million pieces of buckshot, and it took several games loaded before my rovers weren't clobbered. The same thing happened at the Beagle 2 and Mars 3 sites, there were two copies of every physics-enabled bit of debris. Very strange!
  2. Alright, cool. Hopefully a conversion utility can be made for those without 3ds max. Will this have any sort of error checking like the real rovers? Ex. if the wheel catches mid-drive, it would stop what it's doing and send out a blip, as opposed to continuing on in a slight arc and promptly smacking into a boulder.
  3. NovaSilisko

    Nice Concept, but Lack of Freedom

    I think something that will help improve freedom a lot will be when the Analysis window functions - and you can see the results for whatever you just investigated. That alone would open up a lot of interest in doing more than just the mission objectives ("I wonder what happens if I use ChemCam on my solar panels?")
  4. NovaSilisko

    "Total Earnings" statistic for spacecraft

    Made a mockup for what I was thinking, also attached to the tracker entry.
  5. NovaSilisko

    Different 3rd person camera control

    Well, it's referred to as movement smoothing in the settings but it disables the behavior that you describe, albeit only in the free camera.
  6. NovaSilisko

    Different 3rd person camera control

    There's an option to disable movement smoothing for the free camera, but not the third person camera. Ideally there's an option for both I'd say.
  7. NovaSilisko

    No Vehicles in Victoria Crater

    The missions exist, but you don't have the required tech level to perform those missions. I believe they require the ChemCam laser.
  8. NovaSilisko

    Sorting through feedback

    Awesome! Time to switch over to the dev build ASAP.
  9. NovaSilisko

    "Total Earnings" statistic for spacecraft

    Already did! Issue 124, I think.
  10. Sorry for the bit of a bump but I am quite curious about this. I have never ever heard of the .txo format. Is it native to the EnForce engine? If so, will we be able to get a standalone converter, or will it just be something for 3ds max?
  11. NovaSilisko

    Possible solution to light-delay problem

    Didn't know they were planning on implementing light-delay, but the method you described just seems like the logical means to go about doing it and I expect it would eventually work like this.
  12. NovaSilisko

    Revision of the time-skipping mechanic

    So THAT'S how it works! I was wondering why it was only incrementing 1 hour at a time...
  13. NovaSilisko

    Finding lost artifacts missions

    There is indeed a mission where you run across Beagle 2 in the game already. Not found Mars 3 yet, but I expect there's a similar mission where you locate it.
  14. NovaSilisko

    New Update

  15. NovaSilisko

    "Total Earnings" statistic for spacecraft

    I look forward to a massive sinking feeling when you look at a rover and see "-18000" :p