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  1. Hello everyone. I've been learning to add templates to Arma3 for a few days, I've read many articles, videos and wiki pages, but finally I can add my templates to the game, but now I'm having a hard time refining some details, and I think maybe someone here knows Show me the right way. My initial idea is to create a map and new units to illustrate the operations of the police (and also of the law) in the Brazilian favelas, for this I am modeling a series of modular houses to create the map and its People's low income are usually built with poor quality materials, with very thin walls, which allows assault rifle projectiles to penetrate surfaces. My current PROBLEM is in the matter of penetration level of the materials, I have not yet found much documentation on this, although I have already read in the official Weapon Wiki about these parameters should be inserted in the "Fire Geometry", but I found nothing conclusive It gives me a sure path of how to progress from here. My first "house" model Thankyou All
  2. First thanks Bon, your script is perfect. :) Ok, i need make diferent locations(barracks) to recruit soldiers, but i need make(for example) barrack1 for USA units, and Barrack2 for BAF units. how i can make it ? Very thanks, and sorry my bad english.