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  1. thelog

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    We may moan about the UAV's of Arma 3. But remember the makeshift UAV system from Arma 2. You had to use it in the OA campaign and also had the choice of using it in Chernarus. Anyway what I wanted to ask is; is there any plans to give each faction unique UAV's. I was hoping that they were just using the same ones for everyone as placeholders. It's not looking that way though is it?
  2. Is this pack still being worked on and is is coming to Arma 3? I love the work already put into this pack and would love to see it come to life with modern Arma features.
  3. thelog

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    This may have already been answered but will there be any further work to stop the camera shake when you have the camera set to lock?
  4. thelog

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    I got all excited when I read that they have made changes to the UAV's thining the greyhawk would finally be useful. But it seems they have ignored this ticket http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12865
  5. thelog

    Ukraine General

    Gives me inspiration.
  6. thelog

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Using the dev build with this and I seem to have no soldier movement sounds. I have checked to see that the movement.pbo is in the folder. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. This mod really opens your eyes to the hard work BIS put into the game. So much fun to use too.
  8. I saw someone has released this on the steam workshop. Just wondering if it is someone trying to absorb your credit.
  9. Ez team. just wondering if anyone is having issues with the landing gear? I don't seem to be able to use it using the keybinding nor from the action menu as it is not there.
  10. many thanks. Once again All the best Good Vibess
  11. Thanks for clearing that up, I was unsure where exactly where to put the bottom lines. BUT.... I still can't get the thing to work. I have been trying to use scripts all weekend and i'm not having much joy. As I said in my post before i'm not stupid and can normally figure things out for myself, but this is really making me bang my head against the wall. I'm 100% sure I am doing everything right. I even went back and checked to see if I was saving the sqf as a text doc by mistake. Anyway I don't want to waste much more of your time, you obviously have things to do other than helping people on the forums that should be able to help themselves. I'll post this lot anyway just in case you see an obvious mistake. (as there clearly is one somewhere on my behalf) My exact code in notepad++ [_this, (position(_this select 6))] spawn { private["_params","_initialPos","_bullet","_index","_positions"]; //Vars and Params _params = _this select 0; _initialPos = _this select 1; _bullet = _params select 6; _index = count firedBullets; _positions = [_initialPos]; //Assemble the array of positions and push it to the global array waitUntil { if (isNull _bullet) exitWith {true}; _positions set [count _positions, position _bullet]; firedBullets set [_index, _positions]; }; }; }] }; [soldier1] call hyp_fnc_traceFire; My soldier in editor http://www.partyviberadio.com/forums/attachments/chat/85715d1380455813-hey-team-2013-09-29_00001.jpg (142 kB) The sqf file in the mission folder http://www.partyviberadio.com/forums/attachments/chat/85716d1380455814-hey-team-script-pic.png (150 kB) As I say if you are too busy and fed up then I don't blame you. All the best Good vibes
  12. So can anyone just clarify where exactly I put this line of code [_name] call hyp_fnc_traceFire; I understand it goes under the rest of it but I can't seem to get it to work. I have made the unit Player1 so i'm guessing it looks like this [_player1] call hyp_fnc_traceFire;
  13. Indeed it would. There is a video of it in action here.
  14. Ok so I have made the innit.sqf file crammed it with the first box of code and given my soldier the second line of code. I have named him garry. so it looks like this [_garry] call hyp_fnc_traceFire; I have tried putting it at the bottom of the first lot of code but no joy, and I have also placed it above the last to lines. anyone got any ideas for me? All the best Good Vibes ---------- Post added at 07:47 ---------- Previous post was at 07:41 ---------- When you said "phazer pew pew starwars" it made me laugh out loud. Sorry if you thought I was laughing at you taking the piss or something. I'm not that kind of person. ---------- Post added at 08:17 ---------- Previous post was at 07:47 ----------
  15. No LOL, as Mr centipede said it's for tracing the bullet path. So the lines will stay on screen.