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  1. Nakedgun

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    People could somebody help me in adding a game (progress) saving/loading script to BECTI for dedicated servers ? (unless Benny is not gonna create one :) ) A BECTI Altis game is just too long to complete it in one piece and a dedicated server can't just save / load the game progress by itself to stop and resume the game later at a saved game state.
  2. Well ... better than nothing for an outset ... too bad I'm still pretty much far with it :S Thanx for the answer anyway.
  3. Is there a way to save a game that's running on my own dedicated server so I can stop the server and resume running the game later from the saved state ? I would like to host BECTI Altis on my own dedicated server but a game is just too long ...
  4. Nakedgun

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    It seems I've caught another property of the commander bug : when both BLUEFOR and OPFOR have a human player commander, the commander bug completely disappears ! The cause I couldn't catch this fact earlier was that I either tested BECTI by only myself when noone else had connected or all players who had joined, picked the same side I was on and played in my team while the other side remained without a human player commander. Once any of these players had disconnected, I got dropped back to the HQ as a commander. Now I could put a game together where both sides had a human commander and the game ran completely flawlessly as long as the human player commander of the opposing team was in the game (I was the commander of my own team). Once he had disconnected I've immediately got dropped back to the HQ as a commander of my team again and the bug had returned.
  5. Nakedgun

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Benny i see you've definitely made changes in working of commander slot but ... ... the commander bug ... oh no :o it's still there :S It's not there only if you lock the server once the game has started.
  6. Nakedgun

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Well I only know the commander bug itself actually, don't really know what the solution should be I am a noob on any mission editing sry :) Btw another property of the bug is that when any player (who is not the commander) disconnects (and the player in commander position gets dropped back to the HQ respawn position), the game puts out a "CROSSROAD : Current commander has left the game" message that's not true since the commander player hasn't actually left he has just got dropped back to the HQ respawn. Excellent can't wait to test it *crossing fingers* :) Thanx for replying, looking forward to get rid of the commander bug hope you can find a solution ;)
  7. Nakedgun

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    First of all, thanx a lot for submitting your stuff Benny, I'm sure it's a pretty tough work to dev such CTI scenarios. I prefer CTIs and would like to have complete ones for each map. For me, Arma 3 will only be a game when all of the maps ever submitted starting with those which Arma 2 already had will be available in the game and there will be at least 1 complete (non beta, final and bugfree) version of CTI for each (I know I know this probably will never happen). Besides many other smaller bugs all of which I cant completely enumerate here, I think the biggest prob with current BECTI scenarios is that they are not completely prepared for running on open servers where people keep coming in, play for a while in any team and then leave. When you play as a commander, each time when any player of your team leaves the game, Arma puts you back to the HQ, no matter where you were on the map and what vehicle or even chopper (!) you were driving. This makes the game almost unplayable when player coming and leaving "traffic" becomes swarmy. Btw I couldnt find a way how could I swap my team position between commander position and other "pure" (non commander) squad leader position and vica versa without restarting the whole game. Another question: is there a way to update factories to buy more advanced vehicles and stuff in the current version ? Benny could you check the bug I mentioned above before submitting 0.97 ? (sorry if this is a n00b question) :) Can't wait to grab the newest version anyways :)
  8. Wooow MacScottie, you are our Messiah :) All your stuff has been downloaded, studied over and put safely away. Thorough job, eternal thanx for submitting it :) As I was watching your vids, I had a mood like I would've been on a kinda 'lecture course' :D
  9. I am experiencing an annoying bug on all CTI maps, including both default Arma2OA and BE Warfare CTI maps. I mostly experience it on BE Warfare maps but the issue is also present on default Arma2OA maps, at least partially. After about 1/2..1 hours of playing, all of the AIs independently of which team they are of, "go blind" to see their enemy and virtually stop fighting. They still move, advance and capture their objectives, but they just stop seeing their opponents, becoming "sitting ducks" for human players and stopping shooting at any enemy targets. Another weird issue seems related to this, that on BE Warfare CTI Chernarus map, it seems I never meet any member of the "East" (russian) team when I am figting for "West" (US) team. It seems like they would be invisible for me, although they capture some towns from time to time. Note: I have Arma2 & Arma2OA installed, both are original & latest, I don't have any mods installed. The only "non-original" things I have are BE Warfare maps, which are just additional map (.pbo) files.
  10. Hi everyone Although I've been playing Arma 2 OA and browsing around the net for "Arma-related" topics for quite a while, I am new to this forum so excuse me if I'd ask / bring up any newbie question / topic. Yes, like many others', my first post also comes to here, to the "good old" and pretty much frequently mentioned / visited performance thread. I've already read many many posts on this forum and around the net about Arma 2 performance issues and tweaking, and I've come to the final conclusion that the only real way that could really prevent ingame FPS from getting annoyingly low from time to time in MP mode is if the maximum number of AIs and the maximum number of vehicles / "manned" tools (machine guns, TOW, AA missile launchers etc.) that are present at the same time in the game could be limited according to the capabilties of the slowest one of the participating players' computers. My questions are also related to this: 1.) Is there a simple way to limit how many members a squad can consists of on a standard Arma 2 OA MP CTI map in server mode ? (in order to limit maximum AI members present at the same time) and 2.) Is there a way to limit the maximum overall number of vehicles / manned tools that exist at the same time on a standard Arma 2 OA MP CTI map ? Of course I know that any scenario can be created in Arma 2 OA built-in editor with limited number of participants, and there are many that can be downloaded from Armaholic etc. but I would be interested in some kinda global settings that could be simply applied on standard Arma 2 OA CTI scenarios and all of those which allow recruiting new units and buying new vehicles and stuff. I mean when I'm playing e.g. the Chernarus CTI 24 player map, I (and each human player in the game) can buy practically limitless number of AI units and vehicles, the only limit is money. I know about limited warfare mode, but that doesn't limit the maximum AI / vehicle number present at the same time enough in order to lower the CPU load. For example, my current record of recruited squad members is 22 (all of them were present at the same time) but I am sure its far not the most I could recruit :D And each participants of the game can do that not to mention the AI team engine. It can be easily seen that even 8 human players can produce serious frame rate drop this way not to mention if there are more human players ... From the aspect of CPU load / framerate the most essential is that how many AIs and vehicles are in the game at the same time. This should have been limited on everyway on all the maps where their maximum number is not pre-determined by the scenario. Additionally I haven't tested any of the Arma 3 versions but I've already read many complains about performance issues from people with high-end comps (!). Afraid it's just the same thing ... The number of AIs / vehicles present at the same time in a game simply can not be limitless. That's a basicly bad approach ... Have you checked your power management settings ? If any of the settings of your power management profile has been set up to save power, no matter it's independent from the CPU, your OS will probably keep "throttling down" your CPU clock almost independently of the load Arma 2 OA puts on it. Edit: you can shut down OS CPU-throttling particularly for any power management profile using Rightmark CPU Clock Utility.