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  1. 65th IR is a tactical realism unit playing as a US army group, all members want a fun and realistic experience, using real world tactics taught to us by members who have had real world military experience. We follow a few rules but in the main ones are to have fun and keep the realism going. We are always recruiting if you want to know more ask any of our friendly members or go on to our website to learn more and apply today! INFANTRY: 65th IR AIR FORCE: 184th FS We are looking for infantry. RULES OF APPLYING: 16+ Willingness to follow orders from higher command. Available for events. Must have a microphone and Team Speak 3. Must Understand how to role play in a realistic environment. All events start at 3pm or 5pm Central US Time. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN PLEASE COME ON OUR TEAMSPEAK AND CLICK ON THE HOW TO JOIN TAB TS3 IP = Mod Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=891065098
  2. The 21st Guards Motor Rifle Brigade is a realism unit in which all members want to have a fun and realistic experience, using real world tactics taught to us by members who are or were part of a military force. We follow multiple rules some of which are to role play as a military force at all time during times of "protocol" and simply to have fun. The 21st are always recruiting, so feel free to join. INFANTRY - 21st Guards Motor Rifle Brigade AIRFORCE - 177th Aviation Rules of Applying: 15+ Follow Orders From Higher Command Willingness to Download Mods Can Speak the English Language Available For Unit Events Legal Copy of Arma 3 A Microphone And Teamspeak 3 Unit Information: Experienced Leadership Friendly Members All Events Start At 5 pm US Central Time Organized Trainings New Ideas Always Welcome IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING PLEASE COME ON OUR TEAMSPEAK OR APPLY ON OUR WEBSITE! (INFO BELOW) Website - www.21stgmrb.com Teamspeak -
  3. rdxdarkknight

    RHS Vehicle Class No Longer Exists

    Solved - I just missed some files
  4. I keep getting this error i need help to fix it Picture of the error - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=643892711
  5. I need the names so i can host them on my server. We played yesterday and the server got full but i had to manually switch the mission each time so i have set up a mission cycle now i just need the missions names and i cant find them anywhere.