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  1. I help with administrating a friend's server and I am trying to get it to show up again in the browser after the patch. We use 'Art of War' servers and in the control panel there is a button called 'Run Steam Update.' I ran it and started the server, but it's not showing up in the browser (not a filters problem, I checked). Is there something else I have to do to make it show up after the patch?
  2. Not sure where to post this since, while it doesn't fall into the 'mission editing' category, it doesn't really fit anywhere else (except maybe tools). After scouring the site I came across eliteness and its 'derapify' feature that supposedly makes the vars.arma3profile readable but when I try to use 'derapify' it is greyed out. Open/examine just gives me a blank screen for the vars.arma3profile. So how do I edit it? ---------- Post added at 23:17 ---------- Previous post was at 23:14 ---------- This was posted in response to an inquiry on how to edit the vars.arma3profile. So I downloaded eliteness and find that I cannot do this. DnA posted this warning: So let's approach this with the assumption that I have understood this warning. I feel like I am unearthing Tutankhamun's tomb here because even this information was hard to find. It would be great if someone knowledgeable would come along and enlighten me. Nevermind, apparently simply running the derapify.exe on the file will create a .txt version.
  3. Hey everyone. This stuttering has been happening for me big time since about a week or two ago. I don't know if the .rpt files are a new thing or not but I know for a fact that they are causing my stuttering. It only happens in MP because players are joining with custom weapons and other mods that my game does not have. That's why I get the black boxes that say 'randomweaponname.filename not found,' because I don't have those mods. And that message is CONSTANTLY being written to my disk and causing this stuttering; my hard drive LED on my front panel lights up and my hard drive makes its noises when I get the stutter. I even just alt-tabbed out of the game to watch my .rpt file increase by the second. After a 2 hour play period I deleted the .rpt file. It was almost 20 MB. This is absolutely ridiculous and I can't test this -nologs fix because it is not in the standard version and almost nobody who uses these mods (and are causing my lag) play the dev version. I don't want this to sound like a rant but this really getting me upset because it has essentially made multiplayer unplayable for me. This wasn't happening a month ago.
  4. How come? It's a lot faster to change some text in notepad++ than to load the mission up. I haven't had any problems yet. ---------- Post added at 16:30 ---------- Previous post was at 15:11 ---------- Also does anyone happen to have a script on hand for locking 3rd person out in a mission? I want to restrict my mission to only allow first person. I tried googling an asking around but it didn't turn up anything. Everything I find is either outdated or completely useless when I try to use it... please help.
  5. Okay thanks for your answer, I would also like to know why this mission script doesn't work properly (it disables third person for infantry but this can be circumvented by sprinting and it will allow third person for as long as someone is sprinting). I just found it on some old thread so I don't really know how it works. Also I noticed that it makes GPS and the helmetcam mod not work. Params_CameraView=1; // could set in decription but no need for this mission // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- // MAIN ROUTINE // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- // no loop need, if third person view is not available anyway if (difficultyEnabled "3rdPersonView") then { switch (Params_CameraView) do { case 1://vehicles only { while {(true)} do { if (cameraView == "External") then { if ((vehicle player) == player) then { player switchCamera "Internal"; }; }; sleep 0.1; }; }; case 2://infantry only { while {(true)} do { if (cameraView == "External") then { if ((vehicle player) != player) then { (vehicle player) switchCamera "Internal"; }; }; sleep 0.1; }; }; case 3://disabled { while {(true)} do { if (cameraView == "External") then { if ((vehicle player) == cameraOn) then { (vehicle player) switchCamera "Internal"; }; }; sleep 0.1; }; }; }; }; ---------- Post added at 15:29 ---------- Previous post was at 14:17 ---------- Also how am I supposed to change the server difficulty? I can't access the .arma3profile because it is a rented dedicated server. So how do I change the difficulty to restrict it to 1st person? The guides I am looking through are no help at all... someone please explain this to me.
  6. I use pbo manager to de .pbo the MP mission into a stratis folder and then re .pbo when I am done editing. Also what do you mean 'export?' Isn't there only one editor?
  7. Okay so I tried editing the mission by putting a 'skipTime 7' trigger activated by BLUFOR in the middle of spawn (this is COOP so everyone is blufor). I set the trigger to only be activated once but for some reason it changes from 22:00 to 5:00 for me and one other person in my server, while another is staying on 22:00. What did I do wrong? Is there a way to just change the start time of the mission? I tried to do that with intel in the editor but that doesn't work in Multiplayer (it does in SP and the editor, but when I put it on MP it just reverts to 15:00 which is the default instead of 22:00 which is what I want). This is what I did. 1. Open up the mission in the editor, which is by default at 15:00. 2. Open up intel screen, change time to 22:00. 3. Re-.pbo the mission and play it in SINGLEPLAYER, it works fine. It starts at 22:00. 4. Try the .pbo in MULTIPLAYER, and it reverts to 15:00, although on the pre-mission map it shows up properly as 22:00 and changes to 15:00 when I spawn in. So what am I doing wrong?
  8. I don't know what to do about this. This ridiculous. Why is the map starting at 15:00 in multiplayer but at 23:55 in singleplayer? What did I do wrong? Does anyone even know what I am talking about? Here is the file. It is a modified version of Insurgency. I set it to 23:55 in the editor and it starts at that time in the editor in singleplayer. In multiplayer it goes back to 15:00 which it was at previously. How do I fix this? http://www.gamefront.com/files/23518567/INSURGENCY-141-COOP-VAS-NIGHT.Stratis.rar ---------- Post added at 23:15 ---------- Previous post was at 22:24 ---------- I assume I have to change some kind of setting in one of the files in the .pbo... can anyone help me?
  9. I want my server to disable third person for infantry but allow third person when in vehicles. How do I do this? I tried a mission script but I want to do it for whatever mission the server on. Is this possible or do I need to use a mission script? Also, if I need to use a mission script, will someone please lend me one that does what I describe above? The one I have tried doesn't work properly, as when you sprint you can see in third person.
  10. I don't understand how to use it... do I type #skiptime 10 in as a command in chat (to jump time forward 10 hours)? Because that does nothing.
  11. Is it doable with the server config file or is it a plugin of some kind? By hardcore I mean locked first person.
  12. Is it possible with server commands? Or does the time have to be set before the mission starts?
  13. Hey my friend is trying to get VAS to work with insurgency for his new server. Is there any missions with vas built in that work? We tried some and it hasn't worked yet. Or is there a simple way for us to easily put VAS into a insurgency mission without it?
  14. I get this too when I play sometimes. If I change classes it fixes it sometimes and sometimes it never works. I don't know how to fix it and everyone I talk to says that they don't have the problem. It must be something we are using that is not working with the script since we are just about the only 2 people in the world getting this problem... so if someone knows something PLEASE HELP because I am tearing my hair out here and nobody else knows what is going on. MOD AUTHOR PLEASE FIX THIS SOON. "VAS HASN'T FINISHED LOADING YET" Also I am not a mod author or anything, I am just playing domination style coop games that use your mod. And it's extremely annoying to be the ONLY PERSON in the ENTIRE SERVER with this problem. I tried reinstalling my game even and it did nothing. Please tell me what to do.