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    Retired Combat Medic, with multiple tour in the middle east. Now a full time college student.
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  1. trwilson3


    Excellent job gentlemen, from what Ive seen I am very pleased. Al the details on all the skins are very impressive.
  2. trwilson3

    Experimenting with growing sphere

    What about using it as a kind of hand grenade?
  3. trwilson3

    R8 rifle

    It is looking pretty good to me so far, will you be making any other skins for It?
  4. trwilson3

    [wip]updated vest mod

    How is it that the most creative of the authors are Banned? Ive been playing this game for years and just started trying to learn to mode and so many of the links are broken. Or the Authors have gone missing.
  5. trwilson3


    First off I want to say that this is an excellent Mod, and would greatly like to know how you did it. I recently retired and have played Arma for years and it is my favorite game. I would greatly like to start modding and creating characters and vehicles for Arma 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully Ted
  6. trwilson3

    Is there a need for modeling videos?

    Dear Zachgibson22 I would greatly appreciate a video of your development process. Thanks Ted
  7. trwilson3

    [wip]updated vest mod

    Dear Sir "File not found, you will be redirected to .........." Please advise on a correct download link. Respectfully Ted