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  1. That addon is spamming the .rpt with: 12:10:30 File \ton\taw\viewDistance_TAW\Functions\fn_updateViewDistance.sqf [T..., line 76 12:10:30 Error in expression <ncObject) then { setObjectViewDistance [_dist,100]; tawvd_object = _dist; };> 12:10:30 Error position: <_dist,100]; tawvd_object = _dist; };> 12:10:30 Error Undefined variable in expression: _dist On Clafghan - any ideas?
  2. To reduce shadows and viewdistance isnˋt an fix for me, sorry
  3. It´s only renamed because Clan Repository. And yes, its the latest version from steam
  4. Only ACE³, ACRE², NiArsenal, DAC here is the .rpt https://github.com/Trigger81/rpts/blob/master/arma3_x64_2018-11-02_20-49-40.rpt But the same when i only use Unsung Edit: .rpt without other mods https://github.com/Trigger81/rpts/blob/master/arma3_x64_2018-11-02_20-56-23.rpt
  5. Nice Pics and Videos ... But, i have some "Crash to desktop" at some Maps Doung Island, Da Krong, Dông Há .... I must only "fly" around the map in the Editor and than the arma3.exe has stopped working :/
  6. Is the newest ACRE² Version compatible with the newest TS³- Version? There is nothing in the Changelog about it
  7. hg2012trigger

    6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    There was no headless client on the Server. And the Problem was also before ace and cba got broken
  8. hg2012trigger

    6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    Such an awesome addon - I´m realy looking forward to this. But i´ve got a problem. If i use the mortar system on a dedicated server, the mortar use 3 rounds at the same time for a firemission. In conclusion i only have 3 shoots to fire with a fully reloaded mortar. There is only one shoot per amonition box. Also if i use a Rocket Launcher on the ATV, all Wheels are destroyed after the use. I think the ATV don´t like the backblast. In the editor all works great.
  9. Yes. I hope @silola will fix it.
  10. Still no vehicle radio
  11. hg2012trigger

    CH View Distance Addon

    is it possible to include this features to the ace- interaction menu?
  12. hg2012trigger

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    lives this project yet? For over a year, no more update :(
  13. hg2012trigger

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Is ACRE² compatible with the new Teamspeak- Version 3.0.17?
  14. hg2012trigger

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Many thanks for your work. Any Chance to add ACE3- Scope- compatibility with Mildots ?
  15. hg2012trigger

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    I hope vehicle Radios Come soon. Can't wait :/