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    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    What about 2 persons to operate a UAV ? (example , one flies and the second uses the turret ?)
  2. Hello c: Can someone help me how to make to a respawn with the a loadout i want? (I already did the respawn i did the init.sqf and description.ext (respawn = "BASE";respawndelay = "2";)) now when i respawn how to make a loadout i want ? Thanks
  3. costavojik

    Daylight fog too blue?

    I totally agree... but it's still beta :D
  4. costavojik

    Range Finder - How do I zoom?

    Hmm , i think you can fix this by : going to arma (hehe) > config > controls > preset > arma 3 (this will reset any costume changes of controls) it may help :)