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  1. xXThanatosXx

    A vehicle Spawner , mission spwner

    Hi thanks both for the info 🙂 George Floros euxaristo polu patrioti 🙂 i will check out the modules also. I have a problem with the ace revive in the all out warfare mission thats why we are thinking of making our own sandbox.
  2. Hello guys ive been playign with some friends the all out warfare mission but we would like to play on other maps and im thinking of making a simple sandbox like that. so i was wandering if there is any vehicle spawner with mhq ability like the one on the all out warfare. Also if there is any flagpole module like that one that auto creates zone with enemies ?
  3. Hey guys ive been trying to set up alive ai commander and mil obj for rhs units but i dont seem to be able to do so ... With normal factions it works fine but with rhs it wont work no matter what. Any ideas what i can do ?? or an example on what to put on the Mil Ai Commander and Mil obj to spawn msv or USMC ....
  4. xXThanatosXx

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    Hello guys i have a small problem with ace .... when im hit even though ace works it shows me as incapacitated and when i get back up my screen is white and i cant aim as if the game thinks im still incapacitated ...and some minutes later i die .... any fixes for this issue ?
  5. Im in search of a script that can spawn simple tasks from a flag pole. What do i mean ??? I've been making a mission for me and my friends. We ve built a Russian base themed around the chechen war and we create task with zeus but sometimes me and the other zeus is not online and some people dont know how to create task with zeus. So what am i looking for ? i remember seeing once in a mission a flag pole that you could talk too and it would create a task where you could choose Destroy , Assasinate , Capture etc (the usual stuff ) and which function would be spawn there. Like rhs Russia VDV etc. And i was wondering whether anyone knows if such script can be found ??? i've been searching in arma holic but haven't found my thing yet :(
  6. Yea will check that. I opened again the sample mission and i dont get any error neither jamming though but i will try it again today and see what bloody thing i messed up :P Anyways Great Script i will post again when i check everything. Thanks A LOT FOR THE HELP you guys are awesome :)
  7. I placed a laptop as Jammer1 . but yes there is some units that are not always filled by players.... well I place the script folder with the script in the mission folder Added initPlayerLocal file and set up a jammer in a laptop naming it Jammer1
  8. I will tkae screenshot later one and post it :) Here is the message i keep getting https://ibb.co/fCO8p7
  9. Hello im getting an error in line 32 of the code about an variable X :(
  10. xXThanatosXx

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello all, I hope i didnt break any rule by posting this and i also searched but couldnt find any post about this so.... i've downloaded this terrain http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21332 chernobyl zone and when i go to editor it seems prety empty. I mean south of the nuclear plant and east of it there is like 3-4 times the sapce of the map compltetely empty... no forest no nothing is this supposed to be like that ?? did i install something wrong ?? thanks in advacne for your time answering to my question.
  11. xXThanatosXx

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    If you find a way to install only the moduels you wany from ace could you please pm me or inform me. I want to enable some stuff on the medical and change some stuff in repairs. :P Becasue when you have the ace mod its has the default settings and i want the advanced medicals and some other stuff :P Edit: also does anyone know when there is gonna be a new update ?
  12. xXThanatosXx

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hey so i've been playing for a week now i have a solo file and a file i play with one of my friends and we made some progress we took 15 Points of interest until now. I also tried your advisces for integrating the ace mod but i still have one little problem i got the ace to play with most of each stuff but even when i do disable the reiivive fuction from the permissions menu and i use bandages to heal etc players seem not to be able to heal. i put a bandage and morphine etc use the proper stuff that otherwise would heal you in ace but i still see red flashing in my screen. doesanyone else know how to solve that ? Edit: Right now are the only secondary missions the convy and fob hunt or later on we will unlock new ones ??
  13. xXThanatosXx

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Thanks a lot i will try doing that. ALso thanks to the other people that unswered me :) to tel lyou the truth i was sure if i should post becasue i never took part in the arma forums thouhg i have played like 2000 hours in arma 2 , arma OA and arma 3 .. i was to afraid i was gonna get an answer like RTFM in linux forums :P THanks again :)
  14. xXThanatosXx

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hello all. So i found this missions jsut 5-10 hours again and i've been playing its solo and its seems to be quite nice. Lots of stuff to do :) So i want to play with my friends but we all use RHS and AC3. So my question is there any support or versions that supoort it ??? I found something on github but well medic system seems broken. I got shot and i had the bleeding red flash around my screen but the mod said i wasnt hit anywhere ... Also i tried to patch me up and i still had that bleeding effect (and the groudn was a olympic size pool of blood). P.S: i read that the guy whose making it will probably start supporting mods after V1.0 but i am asking if anyone has already done it. P.S2: i hope the peopel making this read this reply casue i want them to know they made a really nice mission... I mean really good one,at least for me.