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  1. Task Force Sentinel Task Force Sentinel is designed for players seeking a fun, professional, and challenging (milsim) experience. Our unit focuses on Combined Arms Operations modeled after the 1st Battalion 8th Marine Regiment (REIN) and Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531 (REIN) in a setting of 2035. We are a community of players who love ARMA 3 and play it with a realistic mentality — using teamwork, unselfish role-playing, and with mods and communication technologies to emulate a serious military experience in a fun and relaxed gaming environment. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently bring true real-world tactics to in-game operations. While we are a relaxed group of individuals, in-game operations are taken seriously. 1st Battalion 8th Marine Regiment 1st Battalion 8th Marine Regiment here is centered around light Infantry that utilizes Infantry tactics and Mechanised vehicles to accomplish operations. We play on liberation where we teach techniques that makes us capable of arriving by land, sea, and air to conduct various additional operations included to but not limited to seizing key terrain such as Beachheads & strategic facilities; Deliberate and hasty Ambushes on enemy patrols and logistics. 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion is our Amphibious Assault unit that is attached to the 1st battalion 8th marines regiment to support our amphibious invasions and our infantry in Mechanised Warfare with the use of the new amphibious combat vehicle based on the ARMA 3 Pandur. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531 VMFA 531 (REIN) is the air combat arm of Task Force Sentinel sporting the CH-53E, UH-1Y, AH-1Z from RHS, and the F-35B from Firewill's aircraft collection. 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company 1st ANGLICO is a US Marine Special Operations section focused on directing the devastating firepower of the Aviation and Artillery assets available, and the collection of intel to support air assault and airborne operations. Additional Info: If you are interested in learning more about us but are not quite ready to apply, we recommend you join our Teamspeak Server and talk with one of our members: or try our discord: https://discord.gg/84Epvm4fB5
  2. Hello everyone, I am in a realism Unit at the current moment, and the Unit's leader is interested in the Ace Artillery system and wants to implement the artillery in operations. But we have a problem, he wants to use the M119, he managed to script it so it would spawn as the ACE M119, but it spawns as vanilla M119 with the Artillery Computer. So I was wondering if someone who is very knowledgeable about this could help me with the script required to be able to spawn a ACE M119 out of a scroll drop down option menu in game at a crate. So if at any point we needed a ACE M119 we would just go to a sea can (which is already scripted to spawn crates, sandbags, bunkers, fuel, ammo, defenses, MGs, Grenade launchers, etc) and simply use the scroll wheel menu and select the ACE M119 and have it spawn behind them. I am no scripter but it would be a huge help if someone could help me, and my Unit leader on this so we could use Howitzers. At the current moment we only use the mortars, because they are the only artillery piece that we can make into ACE artillery by using the CSW menu and build them with the base plant, and mortar tube. My Unit leader does not want to use the editor, or MMC, because he wants to keep a clean environment, also prevent any stray enemy AI from taking equipment, but keep it as realistic as possible. If anyone could help us with this predicament it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking you're time