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  1. bennettonn

    A simple scritp

    They are in the total of 5 units that can get the topsecret, but when the topsecret is caught I want to detect who takes the topscrete and I want the animation to happen only on the unit who take the topsecret
  2. I am doing a scripting in which the unit that activates it will make an animation it is simple just for a test, what I want to know is how do I make the unit that activate this script make an animation after activating it? The script is like this: it has an object with the code of addaction with the name of "take topsecret" then it will execute the sqf file it is written like this: deletevehicle topsecret; Hint "you take the topsecret"; But in the middle of that I want whoever activated the "take topsecret" command to do an animation, how can I do that?
  3. Is there any way for an AI driver to not brake no matter what?
  4. bennettonn


    Many thx to Devastator_cm and ProfTournesol you guys help me a lot
  5. bennettonn


    Hi guys :) little hand here ^_^ is there any way to use the condition command "!alive" for a group ?, for example I have 5 unit in a group called foxtrot I want to the command active when all the units associated with the foxtrot group are dead if there a way to do this, please let me know and thanks
  6. I did some catch with a car and I realized that when you start the movements that were recorded the car wheels do not rotate, have any way to make them rotate?
  7. bennettonn

    Fast Foward

    I tested this command but it works only when I was the gunner of the vehicle, I want to do it simultaneously in 5 cars at the same time but when I do this command in a car only with driver nothing happens, is there any other way to make a simply speeding driver and continues straight?
  8. Hello Guys I wonder if there is any way to run forward command, the gunner do in interaction with the driver of the vehicle, I want to make an AI just send his vehicle to move forward without cornering only move front
  9. bennettonn

    Help in a script

    this will work if the script is running in init of a unit?
  10. I was creating a mission in which it is necessary to execute a script in the initialization area of the unit, here is the code null = [this] execVM "script.sqf"; and works well however this script has a loop, I wonder how I do to stop the script to run when I want to stop
  11. bennettonn

    A question about multiplayer

    Ok thanks JShock
  12. bennettonn

    A question about multiplayer

    shock sorry to ask one more question, is that today I am full of work and did not have much time :p, it's just that question, the conversation system with kbtell works in multiplayer ??
  13. bennettonn

    A question about multiplayer

    one more time you help a noob, thanks JShock. How do I change the name to post resolved?
  14. HI GUYS I'm here to do a simple question, the sideChat command is compatible with the multiplayer?, i'm doing a coop mission with the SideChat but I do not know if it will work on the multiplayer, I thank all who try to help
  15. bennettonn

    body detection

    Inlesco the code "distance" work at the beginning but then I realized it would be impossible to use the distance command on a trigger I made this code leader distance dead < 15 AND !alive dead; I forgot to mention the beginning of the post, I am a big noob I have very little knowledge on the issue arma with this code I did you perceive that I do not work for a mission with several AI, I really want to evolve, you have a tutorial somewhere where I can learn how to use event handler, or even if you have time to make the code you mentioned, any help from others who see this post is welcome.