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  1. +1 to everything. The whole reason I started playing the Arma series was it's promise of being a realistic simulator. It's sad they seem to be taking a different direction with Arma 3...
  2. I too would rather have better AI than graphics. Too many times I have seen the AI get stuck, walk in circles, not use cover, etc. The AI doesn't feel human at all, they are more like robots that need to be babysat for them to be effective at all.
  3. Vladiman

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    If the high command module could work for the AI that would be great. All too often I have made battles where half of the enemy team is standing around oblivious to their allies out fighting and dying in the battlefield.
  4. Vladiman

    When is this game going to be good?

    There's your problem. Co-op missions that require teamwork and coordination are what define Arma. I've joined public servers of domination and have loads of fun with friends I made on there. DayZ and wasteland stuff can be fun but to me that's not what Arma is about.
  5. Vladiman

    Regarding gun balance

    Just have the guns behave like they should in real life and we'll have no need for "balance" or "nerfs" and "buffs".
  6. Vladiman

    Chemical Warfare

    I'm guessing the gas mask will be for stuff like tear gas. I can't see the devs putting in Chemical Weapons, even though I think they would be pretty cool.
  7. Vladiman

    Arma 3 Medics / injured

    I believe the wounded calls are only part of that server as an addon. So it's not actually part of the Vanilla game :p
  8. Vladiman

    Non-usable inventory items

    I can see stuff like this being nice to have in missions like Wasteland. Dog tags can be trophy's to show who and how many people you've killed and it would just be more immersive to have money as an actual item in your inventory. And disks, usb drives, or files can be used in missions where you would have to gather intel. The possible applications are endless
  9. Vladiman

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    I also have bad internet. Hopefully it will be uploaded somewhere. But everything I've heard sounds awesome I can't wait! :D:yay: