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  1. Thanks for this campaign! I've played your excellent campaign "black lands" and I'm eager to pley this one. Sadly I don't have the time now. Why is it 0.2 beta? Are there missing missions? And will you compete in Make Arma not War? Sorry I haven't seen the little text : 0.2 beta because there is 4 missions so far
  2. Pierre79

    The Road To War - SP Campaign

    Thanks for your campaign tsalav2, it was a pleasure playing it :-)
  3. Hello M. Undeceived, Thank you for your great campaign. The story, the coding, everything is great so far (I didn't finish the campaign yet). You're one of the great Arma single player modder and you deserve to be part of BI team ;-) .
  4. Pierre79

    Wiki's Creations

    I have seen the red sentence at the beginning of the thread so : thanks Wiki I've played all your campaigns and they are of professional quality for me. I had a lot of fun. I'm eager to play Nam memories when I will have a bit of time ;-).