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  1. Amazing! Absolutely amazing... The shear size and variety of these projects are one of the best I've seen. Its a one-stop-shop. Terrain, Weapons, Vehicles (land, air, and sea), Units. Played my Mission with your Sa2 SAMs on Friday with a buddy of mine. It was THE best so far! Obviously there is much texturing to finish on the pack, but to have functional SAMs to go after for a target was right up our alley. Not sure why. SAMs just seem so menacing. Now, I see THIS? Another terrain AND Jet! Wow. Far out brother. Can't wait.
  2. Von Quest

    Mission Presentation

    Where do you put the config.cpp file? I can not get the larger background map image to show. I put it in the Mission Folder. Documentation reads like you already should know 90% of the story. I'm guessing its a bit more involved than the smaller Mission image?
  3. Yes. Example: Me an my Navy SEAL swim buddy are in-country behind enemy lines and while trying to hack into the Iranian DRAC Network, a patrol stumbles across us and we have to take them out. After a small fire-fight, we now have the option to search the 3 dead bad guys that spotted us for other valuable intelligence the CIA may be interested in. Of the 3 guys, one had 2 random Items, another had 4 Items, and the third had 2 Items as well. Each one could have several Items from my List array from 1 - 5 Items per Unit.
  4. @bob100101 That's fantastic mate! Thank You. Very, very, very close. Small, simple, works. BUT... Anyway we can adjust it so it will give more than just the 1 Item? Looking for a range. OR a creative workaround. This will work really good as-is. I can leave most Units field blank for the 'regular' guys walking around who are by-the-book, with nothing on them. For High Command, Officers, etc I can setup multiple SQF files for the Lists. But to get that extra bit of polish, I need some with just the 1 Item when searched; but others may have 5 Items when searching those vile-dictator-loving scum from the one SQF. From what I understand, this of course will not work for anyone spawning-in after the game starts. Which is OK, for now. Just thinking ahead for when all the action moves over to Altis and we're going to use a lot more spawn options. Anyway... Great so far, thanks again!
  5. Yes, just OPFOR. And they are all going to be AI. I only play over my home LAN with a buddy. We have our oun custom loadouts based on the Mission we are doing. Since we play Black-Ops style, we would love the option to search the bodies for various Intel. Also the random Items just helps immensely with the immersion part. Right now I have to build each Unit specifically then randomize where they spawn in at.
  6. @kylania Looks promising, but could not get anything working. Like the percent chance option roll. The code looks quite daunting and a bit out of my depth... @bob100101 Had better luck with yours. Weird results though. It gave me (player) a random Pistol from the list. Did not add any Magazines. And the Item was either the Money or nothing. Odd. The code looks the same for each but why always the Money? hmmm. Getting close. Need a range of several Items, and not just the 1. I like the idea of kylania's where it's a user config percent of even running BEFORE it picks the 0-5 Items. Would be cool if maybe even use different Lists for different Units (or classes) to distinguish "casual" Items from "Intel" Items that perhaps ONLY Officers would have a chance of carrying vs the mundane everyday stuff you'd expect from the ground-pounders. Tried changing _units = player to _units = allUnits with no luck. Need every other Unit (maybe just the OPFOR) to use the code. Not me the "player". What would be all the options to use instead of "player"?
  7. Von Quest

    Mission Presentation

    Ah, man! One of these days I'm going to find something you don't know. :p Was a bad link or other Tools page then (Arma1?) Thank you!! You da man.
  8. Von Quest

    Mission Presentation

    From what I've heard around the campfire they are releasing BI Tools for ArmA3, correct? Or no? Been trying for awhile to download but always a bad page. Can not do a Mission Presentation without the Tools to covert images to the .paa format... :nervous:
  9. No worries. Just hackin' on ya buddy. You'll get the hang of her. ;) You've asked a lot of really good questions. Still learning a lot myself...
  10. I think you are going for a record of starting the most Threads? :o They're all under the EFFECTs Tab in the Triggers. Not sure what the exact classnames are though. You, as the designer, can make/have ANY sound files you want to fully customize the Map/Mission. Just Mix & Edit anything you want in an Sound Editor and then create a Sound File in your Mission File and put all those new files you made in there. Then you need to setup your description.ext for them. Again go back to your Triggers and the new files you just setup will be listed. class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class SubmarineExt { name = "Leaving Sub Wetdock"; sound[] = {"sounds\SubmarineExt.ogg", 1, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; The first number (1) is the volume level if you want to adjust it in-game and not go back and remix in the Sound Editor.
  11. Here is a snip-it of something I'm working on: The Marker is ADcellMarker and the Unit is ArmsDealer. Just rename it to fit yours. I'm simulating tracing a Cellphone signal of an Arms Dealer & Warlord working with the Iranians on Stratis to smuggle SAMs into the region in violation of international law. _marker1 = createMarker["ADcellMarker",getPos ArmsDealer]; "ADcellMarker" setMarkerShape "ICON"; "ADcellMarker" setMarkerType "hd_dot"; "ADcellMarker" setMarkerColor "ColorKhaki"; "ADcellMarker" setMarkerText ""; "ADcellMarker" setMarkerAlpha 1; [] spawn { while{not isnull ArmsDealer} do {"ADcellMarker" setMarkerPos getPos ArmsDealer; sleep 60;}; };
  12. Von Quest

    Fun with User Textures

    @&^%! OK, its official. BLOWN AWAY! I'm mean wow; really. Was planning on doing this myself over the winter. Amazing. I'm obsessed with detail and "believability" in games/movies. The atmosphere and map look so real-life now. Organic!!!! That's the quality BIS should be paying you for to add that last level of polish to an already brilliant series. <salute>
  13. Just found this thread. You have my attention fine sir! Looks good. Subscribed...
  14. Von Quest

    addmagazine backpack

    drop (unitbackpack this) this only works for you. just use on other players in MP: this addMagazines ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",6]; Took me FOREVER to catch this in my Map setup.
  15. Von Quest

    Named Timers

    Setup your Trigger for the area (whole island?) OR you can just Group it to YOU only. Set the Trigger as Detected by OPFOR and use the TIMEOUT Timer already built in. Set your times for all three to: Min:60, Mid60, Max60 - as soon as you engage the two enemy, you have 60 seconds before the Trigger runs what you want. If you can kill both before the Timer reaches 0, it will cancel. Assuming its just the two. [gaming theory: IF there are reinforcements near by, wouldn't they hear the fight?] You will need to add the Script Call in the Activation part to run the .sqf for the flares and reinforcements. (search for the .sqf examples and check kylania's site also for ideas) A set 60 seconds is kinda robotic though? I would use a range 20-60-90. OR set the Flares to the range and the reinforcements to a set number to simulate the KNOWN distance away of said reinforcements, therefore KNOWN time to arrive.
  16. Von Quest

    Replace splashscreen

    Believe you're looking for (Mission Presentation) this ? Its a STICKY in the Mission & Scripting section.
  17. That's freaking fantastic! Wouldn't be 1223km/h though? (not 760mph) AND where did you get those AWESOME Jets in Arma3? LOVE IT!!!!
  18. Von Quest

    In Depth Damage Effects

    Getting all kinds of errors with this one...
  19. Von Quest

    Random Weapon Spawning Script

    Anyway to Random Spawn Items in Units with something like this? A random number of Items you may setup and the Items themselves? Example: You take down an enemy in the bush, you then search the body and find some odd random Items/Weapons/etc. Playing around with Scorch's Misc Item Pack. Would be cool if you could search bodies for Intel and things that you did not pre-place there in editor.
  20. As always, you're fantastic. Works. Was just going to use Uniform, Backpack and Vest. All three. 1. What is trailing? oh, you mean the ; ? 2. How do you STOP the Script IF you were to remove that Item?
  21. How would you use Item? "sc_cellphone" in backpack player; ? There is no hasItem in list. Keep getting errors. UPDATE: -------- Got it! "sc_cellphone" in UniformItems player; Working on a system to Hack into Networks, Towers, Cellphones, etc.
  22. Von Quest

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    Welcome back from vacation buddy! Broke your Laptop? You know your not supposed to swim with those things right? I don't care how small her bikini is! Where'd you go? I just back from seeing the B-29, B-25, etc., Jet Man and the cool Harrier perform at AirVenture. Anyway. Any plans on setting this up so we can access the items individually in the editor so we don't have to use an entire Box? Would like to place Items down on the ground, buildings, tables, etc. Also, not sure if you saw this since you jumped threads right after I posted and released your addon: For alot of them you can use the same Image, just use a different classname. Example, Same Map Image but several 'types' like sc_maplogistics, sc_mapsamlocations, sc_maptroopcamps, sc_mapminefields, sc_mappowcamps, sc_cellphone1,2,3,4,5 etc. Looking for multiples for same thing. Several maps, Cellphones, Datachips, Radios, etc so for example there might be several different Radios on the Map carried by different Units. You may need to huntdown X unit to grab Radio #7 in order in grab a Frequency or listen-in on that specific Radio Channel. So many ideas racing through my head... Ok, I'm done. Welcome Back!
  23. SAMs! My new favorite toys in ArmA... Do you have more info on these or plan to release some additional .pdf with your project specs/details? For example, what is the difference between the 97 & 77? What range do you have them setup for? In testing I got mixed results. 3km??? Planing on doing a Mission this weekend around sneaking in and taking out a few Sa-2 SAM Sites with a buddy of mine. 2 are known at the Airport and 3 more are hidden somewhere in the interior of the island. Those will spawn at random locations. The Gotland is still offshore continuing surveillance and has decrypted part of the Iranian Network revealing 5 unique IDs for the SAM Defense System. Satellite imagery plus Gotland photos have confirmed the 2 at the Airport. SIGINT has indicated 3 more hidden in the trees all communicating with each other. We have to tap into some of the Comm Towers to triangulate those hidden ones by hacking into the node. Script will then show those secret SAMs locations. Brave men, dark waters. JSOC has Green Lit a mission...
  24. Try the Scorch Addon. Stay away from the Charms...
  25. This is great. I had this on my long (ever growing) list of things to explore. I play all covert-ops, sneaking around style missions. Would love to steal an enemy uniform and then 'blend' in without being noticed unless someone got to within X meters away. Maybe even do a percentage check to see if they notice anyway at any distance? Hope you get this ironed out... Subscribed.