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    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    A good idea for sure. However, the game and DLC potential is held back the most at this point by the game technology: an old animation system, wonky physics package, etc... The content I want most is not new assets or scenarios, but basic game improvements: improved friendly and enemy AI capable of clearing buildings, fix for the vast amount of clipping issues that make interior gunplay challenging, rooms with clutter in them, melee combat or simply a combat knife, more realistic night vision and thermal vision. I would also like to see some of the more popular mp scenarios get official integration and support to improve performance and such: Koth and Antistasi mainly.
  2. I don't usually make "complaint" posts, so I'd like this to be purely constructive criticism. Having played the Tanoa map (while realizing it is in Dev Branch) I am a little saddened by the lack of ability to interact with the environment on Tanoa. Everything feels like a static prop. I don't know if anyone else got this impression either. Some specifics: -Buildings, including village homes don't have interactive windows. Most windows are partially close so the ability to fight from buildings is diminished. Many windows (other than shatterable glass windows) are bugged and act like walls when you try to shoot through them (and enemies cannot see through them even though you can see them) -Many buildings are non-enterable or have most areas blocked off. It feels a little lazy and limits the use of buildings. -Most buildings and material have no destructability . Many do not even show bullet decals (a bug ticket is in for this) -Many tree types are indestructible which feels extremely weird when you hit it with a tank, for instance. Trees continue to be indestructible to even the largest bombs in the game. -Most props are indestructible or unmovable. -Many "vehicles" such as the dozers and some ships, are just props. -Vehicle damage and destruction models are very poor. Cannot shoot headlights or windshields out of some vehicles. -Vehicle-in-vehicle - while I applaud the effort in getting it in, feels very rushed and hacky. Just generally, I'm a little sad that we continue to get maps that are so static. The map is cool, but it feels like the limitations of the engine (and the resources of the team) are really starting to show. EDIT: Having played extensively on the most recent dev branch, the expansion generally just lacks a lot of polish. The map and jungles are really good, some of the vehicles are really good. But it doesn't feel like we've taken a lot of steps forward. Not to mention the lack of large scale improvements that we desperately need like improvements to physics, AI , damage/bullet decals, explosion effects, wall clipping, floor clipping, everything clipping.
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    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    First off, the poll in this thread has way too many options to be useful, seeing as every option has about 5% of the votes right now. Secondly, I think one of the reasons people are disappointed with the Apex campaign is that it feels on rails and focused on the multiplayer experience. It feels like the game doesn't want me to lose. The unlimited respawns contribute to this. Plus, the totally unlocked at start mission s give me no reason to not skip missions.
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    LOD Discussion

    For everyone asking about the ground clutter LOD pop / texture popping...there is a ticket open for it. Has yet to be assigned to anyone. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117388
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    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Having played extensively on the most recent dev branch, the expansion generally just lacks a lot of polish. The map and jungles are really good, some of the vehicles are really good. But it doesn't feel like we've taken a lot of steps forward. Not to mention the lack of large scale improvements that we desperately need like improvements to physics, AI , damage/bullet decals, explosion effects, wall clipping, floor clipping, everything clipping. I still feel like I'm playing the original Arma with really fancy lighting effects and better textures. Doesn't help that in every Sitrep we hear another tale of woe about how they are so strapped for time and resources. BIS: "we didn't feel like fixing the [physics/clipping/ai/etc...] system was a good use of our time...but look at this cool gun we made instead!" Us: Hmm...isn't that a reskin of an old gun? Wow, that looks like the gun we got in a mod, except the mod did it better. -Credit where credit is due: the VTOLs and little prop plane are very cool. / end rant.
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    TBH would trade all new guns and vehicles for fixed clipping, knife, and better AI.
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    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Lots of good here. I think Foxfort's comment really hits the issue. The devs are working with old technology (and probably not enough staff) in order to provide content and features that are promoted as "new" but is actually quite dated for 2016. For instance look at the list of "improvements" for Apex on the website. Tasks overhaul, campaign unification, quick play, weapon switching, decent water reflections... these are all welcome improvements, but to be honest they should have been in the base game back in 2013. I'm glad to see improvements, but they have to make so many compromises because of old technology that it almost doesn't make up for it.
  8. daveallen10

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    Frankly, I think this quote describes the whole Arma 3 experience. Not having the resources to polish an otherwise awesome game. Except wait, they definitely do have the resources, especially with massive pre-order sales and pricey DLC.
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    I don't recall that this has been posted yet.
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    Agreed. It must be China's CSAT forces.
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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to request some good bullet/rocket/destruction decals. When a tank shell or bomb hits the ground--there should be a scar there. Likewise, if I shoot a vehicle/wall with my weapon, I want to see quality bullet holes, damage.
  12. daveallen10

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    I would really like to see a bit more detail in the terrain. It seems very copy/paste in some places (understandable as that is) 1) I would like to see water! There are no ponds, streams, creeks or even muddy puddles in the game (and I haven't seen any rain so far but maybe there is rain). Please, make the marshy areas have some water, even if it is just static and not running water. Add some ponds around Altis and up in the mountains. It's too dry! 2) More farms, fences, farm vehicles, crops, and animals. From the air, Altis seems like it is covered in farmland and feilds, but they are all barren! Spruce it up with a little Mediterranean crops! Add some real fences and more livestock, evidence of people working the land. 3)More civilian "life". 4) Improved interiors. Some basic furniture or something would be nice in some places. 5) Improved destructibility of environemnt (trees, buildings, ground)
  13. I have spent a while watching videos of the new snipers on Youtube and played around briefly with them in the Alpha--and I am again disappointed that they seem much easier to use, thus far. Arma 3 is a simulator, and I think that it should differentiate from other shooters by focusing on realism instead of just "balance". In real life, only a small number of soldiers are sharpshooters--because snipers and other long-range weapons are difficult to use. However, if someone takes the time to learn them, they can have a devestating effect. Here are a few things I think should be improved for realism. 1) Bipods should be included on all snipers, and should be deployable. A sniper without a deployed bipod should be very very hard to aim at long-range and should sway considerably. The use of a bipod by the player would add greater stability, but would increase set-up time and minimize the aim radius. This is natural, realistic balancing. 2) When standing or even crouching, long-range shots should be virtually impossible. Sniper rifles are usually bulky, heavy weapons and cannot be aimed accurately without ground deployment. This would naturally balance these weapons vs. regular rifles in the average firefight. 3) Weapon recoil should be much higher than it currently is. If bipods could be deployed, this might mitigate this problem to an extent. 4) Wind Calculation for all weapons. I know that most people don't like this idea, but I think it would add a lot to the game--the current weather and windspeed/direction should effect bullets. This is one of the things that makes snipers in real life so good at their job--they have learned how to calculation in their heads the trajectory of a bullet. It also makes it so players would need to practice and build up experience to use these weapons effectively. What are your thoughts? FEEDBACK TRACKER ISSUE LINK!
  14. Currently, there is only one damage decal in the game--for bullets (its is a very bad texture and its almost unnoticeable). For all other weapons--they cause no effect against buildings or vehicles: no scars, dents, appearance of chunks missing....these are applied by decals that the game adds to an object at the point of impact. I would like to see some real damage on vehicles, buildings, and objects when you hit them. A rocket or grenade should show visible scarring on a building, vehicle, or tree. Bullets should make much more noticeable impact marks on all objects, and dents and scratches on armored vehicles. This is a small request that could make a big difference for immersion. Feedback Tracker Link
  15. This can potentially be a problem at times when you are trying to hit something from a distance but without any decals or effects, you cannot tell if you have caused damage to a vehicle or a building that enemies may be hiding in.
  16. daveallen10

    Weapon Sway Tweaking

    I personally like the challenge of the current system with high recoil and sway. Makes it a little easier to survive IMO instead of BAM! dead at 700 meters every time you spawn in. It makes firefights more realistic and lengthy--like in real life. More maneuvering to get the better shot or first strike on your opponent. I like that.
  17. daveallen10

    Arma 3 Extreme FPS drop

    Beta resets your graphics settings. Have you tried changing them in the menu again?
  18. daveallen10

    helicopters to overpowered with this radar?

    We should have laser designators as a support tool. They should mark enemy vehicles on heli radar for 60 seconds or so.
  19. I've seen a number of Arma 3 night battles and I have been thinking that there could be a little tweaking done to tracers to make them look a little more realistic and less like lasers. I think the streak of the tracer visual should be decreased just a little so it doesn't make such a solid line. Secondly: Tracer rounds are usually only every 5th round in a magazine. In this game they are every round, when using tracer ammunition. Tracer rounds in real life: Tracer rounds in Arma 3: I know this isn't a big issue, but its just a small immersion thing. There is a feedback tracker issue here, if you are interested. If you want to see burning tracer rounds after they hit the ground, refer to this feedback issue (not mine, but I support it).
  20. I didn't realize it was so high. But I am aware that a lot of that visual information gets mushed together giving the illusion of a lower "visual framerate"
  21. daveallen10

    3D scopes have a fatal flaw (dev build)

    Hmm...its very hard to tell from the videos, when the Beta comes out I will look into this. It would be fair if this same disadvantage (realism?) were added to all other scopes/weapons.
  22. daveallen10

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    Anyone else having trouble binding Right Pedal to 'E'? It pitches the helicopter forward for me.
  23. This is true--the human eye can see at about about 28 fps. Most videos from before 2008 were shot with lower-speed video recorders, giving the illusion of the "streak". New cameras are much better because they shoot at a higher speed. Anyways, I am fine with a little of the "line" because it is a video game and it helps friends and foes to determine the direction bullets are traveling. But it needs to be toned down for sure. here's a higher speed footage of tracers.
  24. daveallen10

    Will Stratis ever be more detailed?

    They actually added a lot more to Stratis than exists in real life. In real life there is only one town and nothing else except dirt roads.