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  1. Hey shay, I have a problem with GAIA controlled units. Whenever I spawn civilians in the area, the GAIA controlled units get assigned to go Search and Destroy the civilians, they don't attack them, but they all move toward one civilian. Is this an intended feature? Thanks.
  2. Thanks neokika for the guideline! I'm really enjoying the new revive system! It is extremely simple and easy to use. I'm wondering if the official "Spectator" mode can work alongside the new revive system, or does revive only support respawn at base? i.e. Are Revive and Spectator compatible?
  3. southpaw51

    BIS Revive with Spectator

    Okay, thanks for the info. Hopefully it will be implemented if it isn't already. I really like how straightforward the new revive system is.
  4. southpaw51

    BIS Revive with Spectator

    Yes, I've tried that also. Here's my full description.ext: // Mission Header class Header { gameType = Coop; minPlayers = 1; maxPlayers = 7; }; author="Southpaw"; OnLoadName = "Stratis Operations"; OnLoadMission = "NATO Peacekeepers @ Stratis Airbase"; joinUnassigned = 1; enableDebugConsole = 2; allowFunctionsLog = 1; // description.ext settings /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 5; respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "Spectator"}; respawnOnStart = -1; disabledAI = 1; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (By the way, I've made sure to test this with two players logged in to the server). I have set respawn to 3 (base). When the player gets incapacitated, revive works perfectly fine. Once the player holds space down to force respawn or simply gets killed, the player respawns at base and the spectator function does not initialize. :( I've done a lot of work trying many different variables and options and nothing is working. I'm wondering if spectator has been made compatible with the revive template, or if revive only supports respawn at base.
  5. southpaw51

    BIS Revive with Spectator

    Just to clarify, I changed "Spectate" to the correct "Spectator". So that is not the issue.
  6. Hey guys! I'm trying to create a respawn template using Bohemia's vanilla revive (implemented in the recent 1.44 update) along with the spectator respawn type. Basically, I want players to go into spectator mode after they have bled out (no actual respawn, but spectator). If they get revived, they go on fighting like normal. If all players bleed out / enter spectate mode, the mission should end. I've put this in my description.ext: [i]respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive","Spectate"};[/i] but I don't think it is working. The revive template will work alongside the "BASE" respawn function, but it doesn't seem to be working with spectate. Any help is appreciated! :)
  7. Hey guys! I've been wanting to disable fatigue in my missions for all playable units in the game, but instead of manually putting this into their init field, how would I script this into my mission within init.sqf etc.? I've searched around for something like this and I haven't been able to find much info. Also, if something like this is scripted in, I need to make sure that they keep that information even after respawn. Any help would be appreciated :)
  8. Hey shay! I've had an issue with the new mcc r6 mod version. When I open the mcc menu in-game, my frames go down from about 35-40 to 10-15. I've never had this issue before until installing this new version, and I'm wondering if it's something on my end only, or if other people have had this issue as well. It's still persistent when I open the 3d editor, but Zeus and everything else is smooth. When I close the mcc menu, the lag immediately disappears :/ Thank you for your hard work!
  9. southpaw51

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    I just wanted to say, out of all the revive scripts I've used, this one is by far the easiest to setup and use. And most importantly, it works! Keep up the great work Grimes :)
  10. I've been having this exact problem too. I'm running the mod version of MCC and using the standalone VAS script. The MCC version seems to be overwriting the VAS standalone script configs.
  11. I've been having issues with the "hijack" feature. If I hijack any units on the same faction or opposing faction and then go back to player, I'm no longer squad leader in my group (it seems to kick the player out). I'm using MCC Sandbox 4 --Mod version-- on a dedicated server. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Norrin, I found a very serious bug that makes it unplayable with AI. I downloaded the most recent file and used your test mission on a local mp server and killed myself with grenades. I called for help, everything worked fine, and I got revived by 2 ai (i'm guessing one to revive and one to cover). I got up and the 2 ai that revived me were not in my squad anymore and there was no way to regroup them. But otherwise this script is working great. Keep up the good work man!