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  1. I wasn't sure if this was the proper forum, and couldn't find a thread with similar issues. My issue is, however, that Headless Client crashes almost immediately upon start of the mission on my current version. 1.63 broke a ton of things for my group when it came about a year ago, and the massive amounts of script errors make my game virtually unplayable as well. We use the rolled back 1.62 on steam, as it's much more stable, and just use the beta patches available via beta_oa to make the difference up for things like shacktac hud to work correctly and all that. I tested it and rolled forward to 1.63, and it worked fine, just the aforementioned script issues messing with a lot of our scripts; so it was worthless anyway. Play with Six has a very limited amount of versions, so we're currently on Is there a version of these betas where HC works correctly? People started using it years ago so it clearly predates the official 1.63; I worked real hard on setting it up and am dejected to see it was all for nothing. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Whimsykiller

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Do you specifically need only 3.0.11 for the backwards compatibility to work? I have and when I go to enable the plugin it says 'Plugin failed to load: failed to open plugin" EDIT: In case anyone is a lazy piece of stuff like myself and didn't explore the folder, look in 'Extras/Shacktac' and that plugin works.
  3. Two squads in Takistani are forced to fight to Sakhe to steal their tires!
  4. Whimsykiller

    Arma3 Videos

    There is not a single bug in arma 3.
  5. Mission where the CDF are a stand-in for Mexican soldiers against Cartel-men. Leads to some intense firefights.
  6. Different kind of mission ends in a hurried run from a seemingly endless amount of pursuers. A different feel than normal, terrifying.
  7. I've just started trying to get into DAC, and I edited the creator config to change the unit name requirements from all the 's' stuff to my usual names for units 'PltCO' for Platoon Commander, 'PltMED' for Platoon medic, "ASL" for Alpha Squad Lead, etc. I loaded in, and now I get this error, and it doesn't create units or do anything that it should. http://i.imgur.com/vShPaqB.jpg (365 kB) I haven't touched the script it references, and have compared it to the base one, and it is exactly the same. I don't understand the issue, or how to circumvent it. DAC works fine normally when I try the example missions, so the only thing I've changed is the naming part. The AI also spawn correctly when I play as an unnamed unit, and it just gives the 'YOU DIDNT NAME ANYBODY' warning. This is on the script version. *Edit* I figured my issue out on my own, I had typed out a unit name incorrectly and also included a dash, fixing that in the Config Creator solved my issue. Didn't delete post just in case someone else does the same.
  8. Whimsykiller

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Does this work well with Zeus? I know the bootleg port from A2 to 3 of ACRE didn't work with Zeus.
  9. Whimsykiller

    ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)

    I don't really feel like the first part of that message was necessary, but thanks for the response regardless. I happen to be running that version of the beta patch, and it does not work for many of my players, only a select few. The later versions in six are all labeled 'Alpha', do any of those work particularly better than the others?
  10. Whimsykiller

    ACE for OA 1.13

    My community had to roll back to 1.62 to continue playing as we would, due to the latest update breaking a lot of things for us. This has resulted in the ACE settings no longer saving by themselves, and the ACE Clippi being needed to save our settings. (Before, as long as identity was set in Six it would remember) and this doesn't even work for some people, who must reset their settings every time they launch the game. Any way to circumvent this?
  11. Whimsykiller

    ShackTac Fireteam HUD (STHUD)

    My community has rolled back to 1.62 due to the latest update really messing with a good portion of our scripts and making it difficult to play. This has the nasty effect of making ShacktacHUD not work unless you roll it back to a pre-STGI format. I was a huge fan of STGI, and would like it back. Anybody know how?
  12. Whimsykiller

    Realistic repair script

    Is there a way to limit what units can repair?
  13. Is that for you to fix or us to fix? Right now the update has caused me to have to switch to a VDS for my server and downgrade to 1.62, but that causes some issues of it's own. So a more stable version of the latest would be preferable.
  14. No, it happens when I run missions myself, as well.
  15. Whimsykiller

    1.63 Script issues

    The update has caused the scripts to be read differently it seems, not only does every single script (whether it be ACE or UPSMON or something similar) report as an error, even BIS scripts report as errors, but in LEA the minute it gets to an empty slot (or sometimes even filled slots) it suddenly breaks the script and stops kitting them out. We are working on trying to repair this (making our own scripted loadouts suffers the same issue, as I spent a long time yesterday making a loadout script only to see it suffer the same issue. The only solution is making a script for each unit, or doing it in their inits. This is less 'a single update breaking the community' and more, 'a single update that breaks a lot of things within the game, causes many players to have the greatest issue just STARTING their game, and making it a hassle just to play a session being a very high possibility for breaking the foundation of the community. If we cannot play Arma 2, it is hard to be an Arma 2 community. If you have an alternative way to loadout units that works without being a giant hassle, I would love to hear it. I've also contacted Major Shepard to see if he can figure out what is causing the issue. Either way, this update has brought nothing to us that we felt we needed. (Nothing was broken before.)