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  1. spudly

    [MP] Kart Race Tracks

    I have looked in there, the info doesn't really show how to use it. I'll pull one of DNA's missions apart to have a better look.
  2. spudly

    Karts Timer Module Tutorial?

    Problem is, those aren't functions, but FSMs, which are the next thing to useless for us, given that they are uncommented and incredibly cryptic. BIS y u no do documentation?
  3. spudly

    [MP] Kart Race Tracks

    Can you go a bit more in depth please? I'm really struggling to figure these things out. Enjoyed the Solar race too, was my first MP go at the Karts.
  4. ...Bugger, that complicates things rather a lot. I don't suppose there is a function I can call to get the OPCOM to scan for a headquarters after mission init? Thanks for the reply, appreciate it.
  5. Love your work guys, would like to know though, what is it the OPCOM module is looking for when it tries to create a headquarters? I'm trying to use the Bystrica map and for some reason the OPCOM can't identify a location for a headquarters. I've put down Military Offices, Office Buildings, Military Cargo HQs, all three types of barracks buildings and it just can't find a spot. I've tried adding a Game Logic object, but no joy. Have I missed anything please?
  6. Igi, has something happened in the latest version of this mod to stop it from working correctly on a dedicated server? I am having real trouble with it recently, works fine locally, but completely stops on a dedicated server.
  7. Adding a new post to bump this thread rather than editing my previous post. I went through a rather painful process of testing, by starting a mission with the HMMWVs on it, then enabling an addon and placing objects related to it, testing the mission, closing Arma, enabling another mod, restarting, etcetera etcetera and I believe I've found the problem. Using these mods, the wheels on the buses keep going round and round: @CBA_A3; @hafm_helis; @hafm_hmmwv_a3; @sthud_a3; @xactionui; @xeventsystem; @xlib; @xmedsys As soon as I add @acre; @JayArma3Lib; to the mix, the wheels stop turning. There is an error which may be relevant to you, though I suspect it's more to do with ACRE. An acceptable solution to this may be disabling the vehicle racks with ACRE, which is something I'll need to figure out.
  8. Will do. This training mission I'm doing is fairly mod-heavy, so there is every chance of a clash between one or other of the mods in it. I'm just going through the process of locating where the problem might be is all. It was someone on the server who first alerted me to it, I didn't notice it - from my experience the mod has always been brilliant, so I haven't really been watching for problems.
  9. Hi Aplion thanks for the reply, yeah, I'm working on stable branch only - since I'm developing the training server for the community I'm in, I have strongly resisted the pressure to go to dev branch 'because Zeus' in favour of a stable development platform which is guaranteed to work for everyone on stable branch. I'll get a video of it tonight hopefully and link it here if you like.
  10. I'm getting a couple of issues recently, the wheels on the vehicles don't turn any more - at all - and I keep getting a warning about missing geometry. Never used to get those problems though. Great mod apart from those.
  11. Hiya Chortles, thanks for the reply. I've actually been through that tutorial and it was really helpful, though I'm still having the problem that when I press the start buldozer button, I get a message pup up which says "Unable to start external viewer", then buldozer pops up with the Arma 2 error message, mentioning halfa.paa. I've depbo'd the core and bin folders, and I've depbo'd the a3\data_f pbo into it's folder on the P drive. Currently my settings in ObjectBuilder look like this:
  12. Hello all, I've tried several times to get the Arma 3 Tools Suite installed and working, but have been having extraordinary problems finding the information needed for a reliable and working environment. Searching online gives only fragmentary information, based around the old versions of the software (the Arma 2 suite) and the new version. So, with that in mind, I'd like to ask two things. Firstly, is anyone aware of any documentation which takes the user from the installation of the tools using Steam, through to getting a sample loaded and viewable in Buldozer? If not, can we use this thread to put something together, which may possibly be reorganised once the process is complete, to help other people attempting the same thing? This really shouldn't be an arcane art, the tool suite exists, but given the lack of documentation from BIS (and I'm not hating on BIS here, I know the guys are busy) it would be nice to pool some community knowledge.
  13. Hi, not trying to be a pest, but I'm wondering if there has been any progress on getting this fixed please? It's starting to really become a pest when setting up various training ranges and tasks. The target which is supposed to stay down when it's hit, doesn't move when it's hit and because "nopop" is a global command (!) if you set nopop to true, it effects every target on the map - making every target completely rigid, or completely passive. Help me Obi DarkDruid, you're my only hope.
  14. spudly

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Nah, I'm just as happy leaving it to trigger radius and adding parameters thanks. If I really want to make things interesting, I'll make an array of the possible parameters and add a random series of them in. Since I'm going to be playing it as well as designing it, it means I'm not always one step ahead of the mission when it comes to play with the group. Thanks though.