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    Waypoint Marker

    The waypoint marker keeps blending into the terrain. Is there some way to make it another color than the grass ?
  2. narcisissma

    For Devs and "Script Kiddies"

    Interesting article from Microsoft's Dev Center http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ee416233%28v=vs.85%29.aspx
  3. Please disregard the following message, I discovered it was my router settings and I see no delete option on messages.- Today I have been unable to see a list of servers on Gamespy via Steam when I choose Multiplay on Arma2 OA Beta. I am also unable to directly connect to a remote server using an IP number. I know there was a plan to have an alternative method to GameSpy's browser to connect by the 31st. I noticed it hangs on an address at gamespy arma2oapc-ms18.gamespy.com or Is there testing going on or something that would cause me not to be able to connect today ? Apologies if this is a duplicate post, I could not find the prior one.
  4. Please delete this post. Its a duplicate.
  5. narcisissma

    Need Support Installing Patches on Steam

    I think I love you :p
  6. I tried to join a server today and it said patch 1.62 at www.arma2.com I saw this when I logged in through steam, and inadvertently executed I guess what was the wrong patch (meant for non steam users). Where is the support or files for installing the patch on steam ? I go through hell every time there is a patch and I cant use dayzcommander or six. First i usually get a bad cdkey i have to fix in the registry now Im left with it saying bad version when i try to join my usual server, but It says I have 1.62 installed and the server requires that. Anyone know where I can find help on this ?
  7. Recruit: E03 Shooting Range I've tried everything to get the Javelin to lock onto the target (holding rmb, hitting space, etc) It's worked before, but I'm stuck on the part where there are 2 tanks on the sandhill I need to lock onto. I've tried optical mode and not. The circular target ring remains red, the green square is around it and it's in my crosshairs, my weapon is loaded etc. I'm using Steam version on Windows 7 64 bit in offline mode. Any ideas what could be wrong ? this is the second time I've gone through it to get stuck here, no save capability yet and don't want to go through the whole thing again.
  8. narcisissma

    OA Bootcamp Javelin Won't Lock on

    Thanks I aborted it, moved on to night ops training, then went and did rifle range over, this time it locked on immediately, must just be a glitch.