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  1. addicted

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Marksman sound for rifles is complete fail. Plastic unidentified strange noises. How can anyone disagree? Watch and listen for example this - or this It's not Hollywood it's real. It,s lov quality record (not enough bass and to less soprano) Anyone can tell that it sounds similar in Arma 3? You can hear lot more of examples on Youtube. To be precise I'm talking about sound when friendly or enemy is shooting. It's very hard to identify the direction and what weapon was that. Generally someone shoots are far to silent. Sound when I'm shooting is good. How can anyone say that sound for rifles is good or "marvlous" and give no examples from real live? I'm not talking about sound system because I'm not familiar with it yet. Generally I'm totally shocked and disappointed because of new sound for rifles. It's not even an Arma 3 Alpha sound. It shouldn't be released like this before changes but I think minor tweaks shoot improve it fast. For now it's pain for my game experience.
  2. Hello Is there in MCC possibility to move/rotate placed objects by MCC not using Zeus? Example - I placed few objects by MCC then I placed few objects by ZEUS then I returned to MCC and I want to edit position for any of this objects?
  3. addicted

    turret config

    Thanks for help. My friend helped me to figure out what I missed. Generally it works like this - I needed to write all path to change classess. Path I needed you can see in complete config for vehicles. I looked at the complete config (from oryginal ARMA 3) at this site https://dev.withsix.com/projects/cmb/repository/revisions/master/changes/configs/A3/unformatted/allInOne.cpp and here is complete config for my problem class CfgVehicles { class LandVehicle; class Car: LandVehicle { class NewTurret; }; class Car_F: Car { class AnimationSources; class Turrets { class MainTurret: NewTurret{}; }; }; class MRAP_01_base_F: Car_F { }; class MRAP_01_gmg_base_F: MRAP_01_base_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret: MainTurret { }; }; }; class B_MRAP_01_gmg_F: MRAP_01_gmg_base_F { }; class B_MRAP_01_aar_F_ZYG: B_MRAP_01_gmg_F { vehicleClass = "Car"; displayName = "Hunter AAR"; side = 1; faction = "BLU_F"; crew = "B_Soldier_F"; class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret: MainTurret { weapons[]={missiles_titan}; magazines[]={4Rnd_Titan_long_missiles}; }; }; }; };
  4. Hello I need to add new weapon for vehicles in addon. I can't figure out what I done wrong. In this example Im trying to add to Hunte GMG AA launcher from Cheetah. How should look my config? class CfgVehicles { class B_MRAP_01_gmg_F; class B_MRAP_01_aar_F: B_MRAP_01_gmg_F { vehicleClass = "Car"; displayName = "Hunter AAR"; side = 1; faction = "BLU_F"; crew = "B_Soldier_F"; class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret: MainTurret { weapons[]={missiles_titan}; magazines[]={4Rnd_Titan_long_missiles}; }; }; }; }; Still when I'm trying to start arma I get message "Undefined base class 'Turret' and arma wan't start. I know that I can add and remove via script but my goal is to make it via addon. Guys, please help me. Regards
  5. addicted

    Complete weapon config

    Thanks for answear. I don't have any of this file on my PC. I have also different path (win7). Can you send the code from this file here? Edit. Oh thank you. I haven't got Arma 3 tools from steam thats why. Now I'm downloading and all will be clear ;).
  6. Hello I need to make weapon addon. There is no tutorial or rather no full tutorial. This https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines doesn't help me. Can anyone send a full config for weapon? Full I mean from beginning to end with all links like to animations, textures, usable optics and all needed stuff. Regards
  7. I red it carefully and got conclusions: 1. Bec spoted that BE kicked player = baan. 2. BE spoted somethink suspeciouse = kick player and check (cpecific procedure) what that was - sometimes baan but mostly not. 3. This Bec, without anticheat engine, baan for hacking more peoples than BE, full professionall program with full anticheat proceduress Please answear the question from previouse post Why do you think that Bec without anticheat engine can correctly baan more players for cheating than BE if BE can't confirm that this player are cheaters? I'm trying to achive to stop decreasing small popultion of Arma 3! More people in community more potential players/buyers more missions more fun. You decreasing also popularity of arma 3. I don't know why Bohemia isn't interesting about your activity jet (loosing lot of potential buyers). You telling that it's not global baan. Do you think it's big difference from global if most popular public servers have Bec ? Rest of your post have no logical connection to problem. Please consider boldered question I asked. By the way most of admins I asked (they are using Bec) doesn't know how Bec baan for cheating works.
  8. Inncorect. BE kicks players who using "somethink suspecious" before they can use it at all. Officially from BE it works like this - In shortcut they investigating what they spoted because BE can't be perfect program and they decide is it was a cheat .You know why? I will give you an example: If hackers are enough smart to hack BE (proffessional programm made by company) from time to time try to imagine how easy for them is using other players as bypass to check another hack is it working. I could give you more examples but I see no point in it. Summarise - Only about hacking/cheating not other Bec functions. Bec don't have cheat detection, BE have full cheat detection and baan system after investigation. There will be situations when BE will not baan player (because investigated it) and Bec will do it. Bec have additional/more baans then professional program - conclusion sometimes Bec will baan innocents people. Primary question: Why do you think that Bec without anticheat engine can correctly baan any player if BE can't confirm that this player is a cheater? P.S. Please stop crap talking because it have no connection to the problem especially that I have never been banned in any game.
  9. Hello You wrote that. I wrote to battleye support about the situation and they answeared. Shortcut: They will investigate suspected situation and baan steam acount when they will found cheating. If needed I can quote full reply. And there is also this. Conclusion if someone get communicate "...has been kicked by BattlEye: GameHack #38" doesn't mean that that player cheats, am I right?
  10. I hate cheaters as same as any other honest players. They just ruin many games. Luckily Arma 3 is supported by battleye and here I can meet cheaters quite rarely comparing to other games. If I will not play with that guy more than 10 years (OFP and A1 A2 A3) probably I will not interest in it because he could be a cheater. I never been baaned but now I feel myself in danger because there is possiblity to be banned without beeing a cheater. You haven't answeared my question. It's sad because you are admin of powerfull tool and you don't want to read carefully one sentence. "If someone is banned and don't know which server banned him first who should that "banned guy" ask about baan reason and baan appeal?" Eventually you can answear - what that "banned player" should do next to figure out what happened? 1. Battleye will baan confirmed cheaters. That guy is not banned globally by BE that's mean BE don't see him as user of cheat engine, am I right? 2. Do you think that your program knows better than BE who cheats or not? - BE means fully professional program, years of experince, tons of money spend for it ect. Your program use just a litle part of BE. In my opinion idea of your programm is good but not without bugs. For example there are no rules who contact when someone is banned, what exactly hacker done (cheating is not an aswear - everyone can sad that, if BE will baan telling only this it will never be official tool in games), ect. In real life when you made a crime you will be informed what you done , who you harmed ect. but here just punishment without information. Blind banning players is bad as cheating. I don't wanted offence you but honest players need to know what to do if they are banned by mistake or other reason. My intention is to help you make that programm more fair and more usefull. Regards
  11. Hello My friend was banned by this software then I have a question. here http://ibattle.org/contact-us/ there is "Do not send email if you are banned by Bec. Contact the server you where playing on. Provide info such as guid/nickname." If someone is banned and don't know which server banned him first who should that "banned guy" ask about baan reason and baan appeal? Regards
  12. Sorry. Mistake I wrote in closed thread. Please delete this thread
  13. addicted

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    @DeraKoren please consider limitation for ammo. For me it's bad idea (not real). Now we have in arma big stamina penalty when you are to heavy loaded which resolves problem you wanted to resolve by scripts and the other way now it's bugged in mission.
  14. addicted

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    I als spoted bug with gear, especially on the beginning when you trying get back to shop rockets (AT specialist) you will earn money and still have rockets, the same for engineer with toolkit. Thats mean unlimited ammo. I also spoted bug with destroyed structures like factories. You can still build but in the corner of the map.
  15. addicted

    [MP] WASP Warfare CTI

    Hello I haven't knew that warfare quite similar to arma 2 warfare even exist. I tried it last week. Hurra at least there will be one of my favourite mission. For me most important is to implement as fast as possible all primary contents which was on Arma 2 to make Warfare fully playable - example base defences and ai in base. By the way is there needed some mod on the server to play it? For example http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152393-zeu_ServerSkill-(Serverside-AI-skill-setting-addon-with-userconfig-configuration) ? By the way when you making altis version please consider to make it not on whole map (it's extremally big terrain) in arma 2 there were far smaller maps and even on them warfares were long and could cause lags and bad performance. Consider to make it for example on 1/3 or 1/4 of the map. For example Takistan was 13x13 km and altis is some about 25x25 means almost 4 times bigger.