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  1. Is it possible to launch the game in Borderless Window using A3Sync?
  2. Inacio

    Sling Loading Feedback

    atm can you lift anything besides a vehicle? I'd really want to be able to lift ammo boxes, but since there's no scripting documentation yet I'd like to try attachTo-ing a small object to lift others
  3. Inacio

    The new Sector Module

    I have been unable to fire an End trigger upon capturing a sector. I also tried adding "end1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; to the Sector module's expression field, but no luck. I have a finished mission that I can't use because I can't end it. Any tips? Currently I'm trying to have it so if OPFOR captures a sector the mission ends with an OPFOR victory, and if they can't capture it in time BLUFOR wins. (I wanted BLUFOR to win when OPFOR ran out of tickets, but the Bleed Tickets module does nothing)
  4. Soo... when's this coming out? This is really amazing. Good job!