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  1. Yes, I agree with dr@gon. it would be nice to have at least 1 or 2 cleared crossing the map This would allow for instance a ho-chi minh trail scenario.
  2. Awesome, Lythium is back!!! I understand from this video your lightning issues are fixed? Wish you the very best of luck for releasing this beauty to the community.
  3. Hi folks, I am very looking forward to the new maps. Unless mistaken it seems that the doung map is literally an island surrounded by infinate water. I would just like to suggest making it infinate water on the East side, and infinate landmass on North, West and South sides of the map; so it would simulate Vietnam coastline in some sort. I just fear in my case; when I flyby the map in a jet it can break the immersion to see its an island.
  4. Sorry to ask, but does the full cup terrain pack contain non-BI maps? If so, Can we have the full map list ?
  5. Thanks a lot WulfyWulf for this update, it opens a whole new possibilities to us mission makers with this awesome script. I would like to raise two points which would be nice to update as well: - possibility to also import faces (setFace) and voices (setSpeaker) to reinforced units; for instance if I want to spawn vietcongs with Asian faces and russian voices using the traditional CSAT units as a base for my loadout script. - including formations, unless mistaken, spawned units will only start/advance in wedge formations although you tell them otherwise in the waypoints. except for 'safe' stance where they will move in a slow column. Many thanks for your help.
  6. Hello gents, This Sunday (May 3rd) at 19:00 UTC the PA community will be organizing an event open to everyone who wishes to participate in the historical scenario "Operation Spring of Youth". Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973_Israeli_raid_on_Lebanon Depending on requests I may put this mission up for download once this mission's premier event on PA has finished. What is PA? We organize multiple events every week, which are open to anyone so long as you play friendly. We are a nice bunch, and can gather +30 players in events. - Tactical/Casual - No yessir/no sir - No attendance requirements only requirements are: - Have a working microphone - Install our modset with SlickUpdater (all explained in the subreddit link) You need to reserve your slot before the event starts on our reddit sub (check link below), if there is no room left (first in/first served basis) you may check our sub reddit (project awesome) for our other weekly events. http://www.reddit.com/r/ProjectMilSim/comments/3437n7/arma_3_operation_spring_of_youth_sunday_event/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission pitch: Lebannon, 1973 The PLO has made terrorist attacks against our nation, we will strike their installations in Lebannon simultaneously. Your elite unit of the Sayeret Matkal is tasked with clearing out PLO barracks and disrupting their logistics in a coastal town, you will be inserted via boat. Photo reconnaissance of the AO: http://i.imgur.com/COwcNbU.jpg (209 kB) This is 1973, so this will be played old-style: only ironsights, no gps etc. More info on the reddit sub. Hope to see you guys!
  7. Great mod. Would the engine allow this addon to be converted into a script instead, as this uses no custom models, sounds or textures? I am always in favor of having things put in mission file instead of asking my whole community to download a list of mods.
  8. Excellent quality work! From the screenshot it seems the terrain features are essentially flat; may I suggest to add alongside roads and crop fields some irrigation ditches/trenches which would allow for cover/movement conceilement? ---------- Post added at 16:02 ---------- Previous post was at 15:53 ---------- I fear the risk with tall grass in Arma is AI shooting through it
  9. poudjik

    Missing Units

    Good job on these findings Sparfell. I'm just wondering, as these are vanilla parts already included in ARMA3; if I install these mods for the purpose of mission creation. Do the players of my missions need this mod, or this is only for the mission creator?
  10. I'm wondering which groups, clans or arma communities use the missions posted on the forums. I would really like to see some of my coop missions come to life through a playing session as do many mission makers I'm sure. Please speak up, I got tons of mission scenarios waiting to be tried.
  11. I have been making a couple missions inspired by real events, particularly special operations which can be played in co-op. I wonder if some people would be interested to play them in group together. Here is the list: CO-[16-32] Djebels (1971): SAS mission set during the Dhofar rebellion, recover shot down pilots corpses and survivors held prisoner map: FATA played by the CPC community: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhofar_Rebellion CO-[13-25] Operation Eagle Claw (1981): Delta Force mission to rescue american diplomats held hostage in Iran (you play a sub-part of the real operation, a detachement of 13 special forces were used to rescue 3 hostages held in the ministry of foreign affars. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_claw map: Fallujah CO-[16-30] Operation Mikado (1982): SAS raid on Argentinian mainland to destroy remaining Exocet missiles. map: Miroslav (old version) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mikado CO [16-32] Hezbollah (2006): Raid conducted by an Israelian SF unit in Lebanese territory to recover 3 soldiers held hostage by the Hezbollah. map: Zargabad http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Hezbollah_cross-border_raid CO-[20-32] Operation Neptune Spear (2011): Raid in Pakistan to kill Osama Ben Laden and recover his corpse, what if scenario if it had gone wrong with Pakistan police/military intervention map:Clafghan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Osama_bin_Laden CO[12-32] SEALS (2013): Aborted Seal Team Six raid on Somali coast to capture an Al Quaida high value target. map: Tropica http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/09/us-raid-al-shabaab-somalia-navy-seals i'm looking for good groups of players to play and replay these epic missions, if either of you are interested. let me know! Mission in preparation: CO[5-32] CIA, Delta Force, SBS collective effort during the 2001 first weeks of incursion into Afghanistan. map: FATA and potentially operation Serval (Malia) and the raid on Mollah Omar on "objective Gecko" (2001)
  12. if I may suggest, I think it would look nice if the dry big river bed had a bit of water. like half way down the legs so u could still run through it
  13. test? where? when? liiiink!
  14. Great map, my feedback: -saw you added medium sized rocks scattered across the terrain, but I would really love to see some more of those big chunks of rocks (the ones big like houses) like on the background of this picture http://imageshack.us/a/img7/6390/arma2oa2013032600421320.jpg a bit everywhere to add to the rocky textures. This map could in fact really do the deal, for a Northern Malia scenario, in the ifoghas rocky mountains. - a bit more tree clutter around the monastery as can be seen on google earth, including pine trees: http://www.photosbymartin.com/images/pcd0365/st-katherine-39.3.jpg - From a first glance, but I could be wrong. Hoping for a bit more density around the st Katherine village area, walls, big buildings, vegetation, dirt soccer field. google earth has pretty precise satellite imaging in that area, which could be used for inspiration. All in all, good work, and good luck
  15. This map doesn't get all the attention it deserves, maybe THE most detailed map out there in my opinion. I can already see this map for SF covert ops missions behind pakistan lines, or even Syria. I don't mean to bash on Project Reality mod, but a lot of us would love to see this map separate from PR, so we can enjoy it in complement with other mods, or no mods at all! Being activatable only through PR might deter people from wanting to try out this masterpiece. Your reaction Minimalaco?