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  1. On 8/15/2021 at 2:31 AM, Tyl3r99 said:

    is there a vidda non legacy version?

    Short answer: No and there never will be. Legacy version will never be updated either and if something happens to A3 that makes the map unusable, it will not be fixed.


    On 9/7/2021 at 2:36 PM, Private Evans said:

    If you look at the second Enfusion screenshot from the latest BI report you can clearly see Bludskis handwriting......very moist xD

    No comment. I don't know anything abuot any such a thing.




    RHSPKL update is coming when I have time, I don't have much of that at the moment. Vidda was going to be moved to RHS but that will not happen now as I am way too sick of the project. 100s of DMCA sent to lifemod rippers who want to monetize it simply took away all the fun of making it as I spent more time having to deal with that than actually working on it.


    RHSPKL doesn't have even close to as much of that going on and 99.9% of rhspkl users are simply sweethearts 🙂 I really want to finish RHSPKL but after moving to CZ for work, I don't have much time unfortunately.

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  2. 22 minutes ago, NightIntruder said:

    Yeah, PKL is my favorite one. It is such a beautiful and well-crafted map that I've been really enjoying sightseeing it only, no gameplay, just driving or walking around 🙂 Reg lifemods, you've touched very sensitive topic so I would rather avoid talking about that as probably I would say too much. 
    Also, I was thinking about Katya and its sheer size. It seems to be tremendous work to complete it. Since you got a new job, I suppose my question may be relevant, soo... Did you ever think about releasing it as alpha so the player base would help you creating villages and locations so you could then import those ones you like? I guess people can sometimes be really amazing with their creativity. It would be like having hundreds of freelancers at your disposal. something like "community goal" from Elite Dangerous, huh 😉 Don't know if it would even work, tho, just saying.

    Nope. Still too much work to administer and not a process I'm interested in. What happens with that is entirely up to my teammates.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, NightIntruder said:

    Personally, I found it very appealing and would gladly play on this version of Vidda quite a lot, as very few of snow maps are available for players in such quality. They are actually non-existent. I agree, the whole thing about the snow fall and snowy terrain is all about immersion (and some diversity of gameplay too).  I am not into making terrain at all and truly admire people who do such a thing, as it takes a hell of effort and time. It sad the work on snowy Vidda will be wasted but I do respect your desire to deliver terrain addons that contain no half-measures. Although, not many of players would even recognize there is something slightly off compared to the real world, and even less would complain about that, but some will surely do 😉  

    Well the likelyhood of me ever touching vidda again is slim to none. Largely because the fun of it was taken away by a lot of lifemod #%#$%@#@# who kept stealing, monetizing, reuploading and modifying it and claiming it and parts of it as their own creation. The only map I am interested in working on any time soon is #RHSPKL. Mostly only sweethearts use it.

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  4. 1 hour ago, EO said:

    Having already been politely declined, if you ever change your mind about external config patches for Vidda, you know I'd love to do a "snowfall for rain" patch.

    Totally respect your feeling about keeping the integrity of the map origin and setting intact, maybe author approved patches would be something nice to see for Vidda...



    I don't care what people do on their own. Shacktac uses their own snow stuff for the map I've noticed and i have seen videos of the others doing the same. There are several mods that do that replacement.

  5. I would make something like that if it was possible. The whole landscape is quite different in the winter but alas, without proper snow tech in the engine, the spent effort is wasted time for me.


    From the same area. It is quite different when covered in tens of meters of snow.



    Note the distant cliffs in the pic above with the red jacket. same ones as below in the summer.


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  6. On 2/20/2021 at 5:56 PM, jgaz-uk said:

    Love the Vidda map, Is it possible to have it snow instead of rain on Vidda? Not a blizzard mod,  just change the rain to snow?

    The map is set in summer and it wouldn't snow. If it was a winter map, everything would be buried in meters of snow. This is what roads look like in the real area in the winter:Hoye-broytekanter-NRK.jpg?auto=format,co

    The snow on vidda is what doesn't get time to melt during summer.

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  7. Just now, vintorez said:

    The best map in the history of the Arma series! I was sad when I noticed yesterday that it is no longer available on Steamworkshop , but at the same time I hope that the improved version will soon be released as RHSPKL.


    It is still available on steam.. That one just won't be updated anymore. We are just fixing some performance things and then RHSPKL 0.5 is released!

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