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  1. GrindedCorpse

    Feedback Thread

    I've downloaded the game, installed the game and played a few rounds. Here's my feedback, I hope it's helpful! :) 5 v 5 -> It's nice and quite an interesting change of pace but I'd like to see 10 v 10 as well. Only three game mods available, Link/Raid/Clash. This isn't bad but I'd like to see 2 other mods, Hostage Rescue & Seek and Destroy (or classic bomb defuse scenario) The environment seems suitable for such game plays. As for the rest of the game, it's neat. I like it!
  2. GrindedCorpse

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    Am I the only one having a huge issue with the Afterburner ?! (My sound goes wild when I hit the afterburner for some reasons...) Can that be fixed ?
  3. GrindedCorpse

    Head Tracking

    how do you use the head tracking ?
  4. GrindedCorpse

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    Which wasteland mod were you playing ?
  5. GrindedCorpse

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    we're not playing the same mod.
  6. GrindedCorpse

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    @Coulum ... Thanks for the video, but that's something I was aware of before creating this thread. When I talk about "torso hit" I'm talking about a direct hit to the heart... but like said in the video, the brain can sustain life for approximatively 10 to 15sec (Been said too during the Zimmerman trial) Anyway, like explained in the video... as long as there's not a significant loss in blood pressure, the target is likely to either keep coming or flee. Altho in the present case, we're not just talking about 1 or 2 bullets being fired... we're talking about 5 to 6 and sometimes and entire magazine... that, that just doesn't make any sense. Again... this is a really harsh environment with a very strange architecture. Things like blood loss and blood pressure are really hard to simulate accurately therefore, a standard must be created so that the game can feel a certain way. I know I'm asking for a lot and I do realize it might be hard and/or even impossible to accomplish but ... meh, one can hope, I guess. Anyway... it doesn't really change that weapons do feel underpowered. Glad to see this thread is still going.
  7. GrindedCorpse

    Increased in Steam ticket failure

    Steam ticket failure have always occurred but since the patch, I've seen a significant increase. Apparently, it's all due to a client crash caused by explosions/bad physx dll. anyway, I'm looking forward to a patch to patch this up.
  8. GrindedCorpse

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    Seems like duping has been fixed. I've also noticed an increase in steam ticket failures as well. Game feels somewhat smoother but as far as I can tell, it needs further testing.
  9. GrindedCorpse

    Increased in Steam ticket failure

    Well since the patch, I've notice a high amount of steam ticket failure (either caused by client crash or client losing connection) Before the patch, the rate of steam ticket failure was about 1 every now and then... and it's now 5 in +/- 1hr. Makes it impossible to grow a steady playerbase over the server's life-time ... I'm not sure what you guys did but ... it wasn't good. I'm not sure what's causing this but I'm assuming you're already working on a fix to improve stability. Anyway, if anyone knows anything about that particular issue, please keep me in the loop.
  10. GrindedCorpse

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    Most AI run around with range master belts which provides 0 cover to the upper torso (which is where most people will aim at)
  11. GrindedCorpse

    When will the nVidia Arma 3 optimized drivers come?

    Well... I want the physx to be handled by my GPU and not the CPU. I also want further & better optimization for my gfx card, running a gtx760 SC and so far I don't see much of a difference between that and my old gtx570 classified. (the difference is quite laughable) Also... I want my CPU to be used @ its maximum potential as well, I got an i5 quad 2500k SBridge OC'd @ 4.5ghz and it doesn't even feel like I've got that much power under the hood -_- Anyway, this is still a work in progress and I hope major improvements will be made in a near future.
  12. GrindedCorpse

    CiA Petition Letter to BIS and DnA's Response

    Well, this answers a lot of questions. Great letter and an even better response.
  13. GrindedCorpse

    Sa-Matra Wasteland PCML question

    Go experiment in SP with crosshair enabled. So far it's the only way to tell how it behaves. I've made a thread asking for audible lock-on que, you should go bump it up.
  14. GrindedCorpse

    Reload sound audible over 100s meters

    I got 7.1 surround sound here... I can hear people reload from a great distance. It also doesn't give a ... about my surround sound as well, for as I soon as I hear it, it comes from all over the place. (if you know what I mean) This seriously need to be fixed. Just realised this was an A2 thread, I need to post this in A3! lol
  15. GrindedCorpse

    PCML audible lock-on Que

    I'll make it short and simple... the PCML needs an audible lock-on que. The titan's got two (visual & audible) But the PCML only got one (visual) and it's useless if crosshairs are disabled. It'd be nice if you could implement an audible que for the PCML so that it becomes a bit more useful on the ground. ALSO... make the sound audible to people around.