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  1. Hello! I've been trying to make a script to add the ability to see in the dark. I did try to customize the colorcorrection but without any luck. Is this even possible? I can't come up with any other ideas to tackle this. Thanks in advance! PS. No, I do not want to use NVGoggles
  2. Since the 64 bit update I can't access the dropdown-menu of triggers activation field. Anyone else experiencing this? Image showing what I'm referring to.
  3. Hi all! I'm looking for any unit that values realism and teamplay. My name is Johan. I am 23 and I live in Stockholm, Sweden together with my girlfriend. Currently I am working in the Swedish Armed Forces and as a result of that I may not be able to attend to any mandatory sessions of gameplay. And I need a unit that respects that. I have been playing Arma since OPF but under other nicknames. I used to play with TG (Tactical-Gamer) back with Arma 2: OA + ACE 2 and I loved it. I can take on any role from grunt to platoon leader and medic to grenadier. Though I prefer to play as a support of any kind. I am an okay pilot too but I prefer to play with my boots on the ground. I have a working microphone ofcourse. I am also pretty experienced with the mission-editor and could create missions for us to play. Send me a PM if you find me interesting or if you got any more questions.
  4. bauerhousebourne

    Female character models

    Ofcourse female soldiers should be added to the game. You who think otherwise obviously never served in the military!
  5. bauerhousebourne

    Open/Close Helicopter Doors

    Thanks a bunch! ^^ or here..ARMA_3_Vehicles
  6. bauerhousebourne

    Open/Close Helicopter Doors

    Oh... I feel so stupid now... thanks Where can I find the names for the other helicopters? :)
  7. bauerhousebourne

    Open/Close Helicopter Doors

    Hi I've tried editing this script to my needs but I simply cannot make it work. What I'm trying to make is when a trigger activates the door of the helicopter open. Any help?
  8. bauerhousebourne

    Bullet Penetrability of objects

    Watch this: You're welcome :)
  9. Hi there! I'm currently working on a new mission and I'm in need of voice actors. The mission is still very much WIP but I want to know if there is any folks out there that would be interested in helping me. I can not offer any payment, only my deepest gratitude and ,ofcourse, your name in the ending credits. Previously I made the mission On The Other Side, ranking 2nd on 'Most Popular of All Time' on Steam Workshop and I intend to make this one even greater! :) You do not have to be a professional voice actor to apply. My only requirements are: - You are 18 + - You have a decent microphone for recording - You are native British/American/Greek OR that you can imitate these accents well. Send an email to johan-forsberg@live.se or send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks in advance! :)
  10. bauerhousebourne

    Trigger activate when vehicle stops

    Thanks man!
  11. bauerhousebourne

    Trigger activate when vehicle stops

    Worked great! Thanks a lot :D But the unit (MAN1) still keeps going back inside the vehicle after he exits, any thoughts on how to prevent it?
  12. Hi! I'm trying to make a unit get out of a Hunter once the player (the driver) stops the vehicle within the trigger radius. Then the unit will walk up to another npc, stay there a few seconds and then mount the vehicle again. When I enter the trigger area, the trigger with OnAct: MAN1 doGetOut; then the unit exits the vehicle only to enter it again a few seconds later. I've given the unit a waypoint but he insists on getting back in. Is there a way to make the trigger activate once the player has come to a complete halt? What am I doing wrong with the waypoint? Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated! :) Thanks in advance!
  13. bauerhousebourne

    sideChat name

    Go to Modules, select group modifiers and pick the one named 'Callsign'. Sync this one to the unit named "unit1". Double click on the module, there you have a line called "Custom Callsign". Type in the units name (in this case, unit1) Done!
  14. bauerhousebourne

    Artillery Range Radius

    Well, it's more realistic that way ;) Not sure if that might be the answer to your question though.
  15. bauerhousebourne

    AI can shoot through anything?

    Did you aim correctly? Since Arma features realistic bullet balistics, most rounds tend to gain height 30m-250/300m. (shown in the video linked above) This is a problem most people encounter in this game.