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  1. I'm looking for a PMC unit that would like to play Opfor against larger clans, 18+ if possible, and from the USA. If none exist is anyone interested in starting one? (PVE & PVP)
  2. I'm looking at starting a 18+ tactical clan for Arma 3. I do not want it to be too realistic to the point that everything is very strict and rigid, and I want the focus to be fun and excitement. I'm picturing something along the lines of Shacktac's group. I want it to be fun, but still have a mature structured group. I already have a few friends who are very interested. However, we are seeking more members who are dedicated, can lead others, and who can also take on the challenge of helping create a great place to play. Military experience is a plus, although it is not required. So far, what we're working hard to offer is: Wargames (team training scenario), COOP content, in-house PVP scenarios(scaling in size as the clan grows), a team deathmatch server(online), possibly TVT, and scenario content for non-members. We currently have two mapmakers, including myself, who are working hard to pump out quality content as fast as we can. If you're willing to put in some hours and take on the challenge of creating a clan, in the effort to make a serious fun experience for new and experienced players alike, please write me a PM on these forums. You can also reach me at Steam contact: viperbke (I will appear as Sledgehammer 1-1 on Steam) EDIT: I'm 26, and from the US. EDIT:4/25 We have started a group, offering what I listed above. This is not our recruitment post, that will be coming soon. Our website www.tacticalactual.com its obviously under construction :D
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    ARMA 3 server will not show

    Thank you for the replies. This morning it has reappeared on the server list. I guess either Gamespy was doing maintenance or me raging at the server host fixed it.
  4. Hello, I rented a server and suddenly today it stopped showing up in the multiplayer browser. I have reinstalled the server and I cannot fix it. I have googled the issue and no fix. Can anyone help me please?
  5. Hello, I'm 26 from the US and looking for a casual milsim group, or to help build/start a milsim or paramilitary group. I have some skills to offer a starting/small group: Leadership, good command presence, tactics, and training. My RL job works with Adobe Photoshop and I build websites. I'm looking for tactics, communication, and fun times. I would prefer a US-PVP based group that is 18+. I have a Mic. My play style is very supportive. I believe that if I have two fist aid kits, I have one me and one for a friend. If someone is wounded and I have one FAK, he needs it more than I do. I feel that I should add that I strive to be a player that can be relied on, inside and outside the game. I currently carry ammo for three primary weapons, extra 30rnd secondaries, 10+ FAK's to support my team, and enough bang to secure a medium sized base... or destroy one ;) Mind you this is for servers that allow saved builds. ^^^ If you have questions for me, or think I might be a good fit for your clan please PM me. Thank you
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    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    i love this game
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    64-bit executable