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  1. Fantastic to see this thread again! Couldn't quite see the menus, is it possible to add objects to the lists you've define (I think we've covered this before). Inside and outside building decoration would be nice, stone supports etc? (If models already in-game). Glad to see you back again and looking forward to a trying it out! BSW
  2. BusStopWilly

    SC Custom Faces

    Your addon contains my modified Rvmat. As you have haven't included everything you've probably noticed that the faces revert to dull colours upon injury. Thanks for the thanks, but it would have been nice to have been asked. BSW
  3. BusStopWilly

    Custom Face

    Tried using this addon? Replaces blue arms with white textured ones, also fixes custom face colours (Nvidia only I think). http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153429-Custom-face-colours-fix-addon&highlight=CUSTOM+FACE+FIX BSW
  4. BusStopWilly

    Custom Face

    RVMAT Mod by me, fixes washed out colours on nvidia gfx cards and replaces blue untextured arms with white-skin texture http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20356 BSW
  5. BusStopWilly

    Custom Face

    My badly written rvmat mod sorted all that out. Sadly only for nvidia card owners. All it required was a new rvmat for custom faces. Really easy problem to fix, can't understand why it hasnt been fixed by BI before. BSW
  6. Cheers for the info NM, I'll see if I can do a quick wall/pillar knock up, probably in Sketchup (easy dimensions) then use something more serious for uvmapping and texturing. Not promising anything great or quick, but hope to provide a sample model for others to use to practice on and perhaps post some examples for you. I'm guessing the wall can be as low as 6 faces? Once again...fantastic work mate, keep it up! BSW
  7. Probably one of the easiest ways to work it out is to open the .pbo, eg, Air_f.pbo ( I use pbomanager) and extract the config.bin file then use Unrap to change the .bin into a readable and editable .cpp file. It should all become a little clearer from there. If you de-pbo my ZFG addon (link in sig.) you'll get some extra help from those configs. BSW
  8. I'm struggling to find words to congratulate you enough! This is a fantastic looking structure, (as are all of them!). I'm pretty much driven speechless by the quality, but feel the need to post to let you know how much I love them as a simple OMFG reply is often frowned upon by moderators :D Keep up the fantastic work, can't wait to explore these under the light of a full moon and a nice mist. BSW
  9. Could you possibly supply us modders with some dimensions of various objects such as walls (Height,Width,Length), and corner fixtures, poles or cubed (Diameter and Height). It shouldn't then be too difficult for someone to create examples for you to test. I'll have a bash at anything! Readers of this thread can then post pics of their work and you can take your pick. Gives amateurs like me a bit of a practice modelling and texturing, and also gives you access to assets to freely use. More than welcome to help out in any way. Keep up the great work. BSW
  10. Same reply as everyone else mostly, it's a shame to pack it in after learning the ropes and producing some great and fun mods. Hoping for a change of heart/mind. Come on back and carry on with the solo modding, making things that are fun, for yourself, then letting the community loose with them. :D C'mon soldier, were almost through basic training, dont jack it in now! Kindest regards BusStopWillyâ„¢
  11. Hmmm. Tried to replicate it but couldn't, ran mod-less (apart from zfg) and all seems well. Have you tried verifying your game cache through steam? AFAIK, my mod only contains config.cpp(s) as it's un-binarized. So perhaps the error is elsewhere? Anyone else watching this thread having the same problem? Please let me know. *edit* for above edit, Thanks!!! I agree, the green overlay makes the camo more camo :D. Lets build some story into this... I guess these skins are sort of 'show' ZFG livery, a big in-your-face advertisement for the Company, used at shows and demos and probably frowned upon by the more professional PMCs out there. Which then gives us reason to create a more understated and environmentally blending camo variants! So, a show pack and a serious pack will no doubt arise :D ty for the feedback and ideas, how's stuff going? Still got probs? BSW
  12. Nooooo! I'm loving the way the light and shadows are cast through the joints, looks very nice indeed. Probably looks even better at night with the moonlight shining through. Imagine seeing those shadows, cast upon the floor, THEN, a figure running by outside, glimpsed through the cracks in the wood, quickly casting his shadow across your floor and scaring the life half out of you as you empty a mag into the door. Did you get him? Is he still outside? Keep watching the shadows :D BSW
  13. I'm running Dev. build. What do you mean by skeletons are gone? I panicked at first and then thought maybe you just mean the skeleton face mask skin, do you? BSW
  14. Oh.Yes.Please. That would just be all types of amazing. :) I'm speechless. BSW
  15. Brilliant addon mate! Can the scripts be altered to include placement of standard Arma3 props, buildings, walls etc. That would give us a working 3D Editor!, (provided we can save, sure it's possible). I have a desperate need to create multi level MP deathmatch maps but just cba with the current 2d nor 3d editor. Great work! BSW