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  1. braveblades

    RH Pistol pack

    Super! Thanx :) Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  2. braveblades

    RH Pistol pack

    i did some test today (with latest a3 update) and ..imho RH pistols have more spread over a distance ~40m than vanilla A3 pistols. Is this problem with config or latest a3 patch (i use dev build.)
  3. braveblades

    Cossac cape map, Crimea

    Great map, well done :) Congrats!
  4. Hi, if anyone can tell me where i can find vanilla insignia graphic files after last update?
  5. Hey, i've question about tactical glasses - how to add "tactical" function to normal battle google?
  6. @tpw: ..the pleasure is all mine :) it's a great implementation.
  7. @ TPW - WoW! you're so fast :) GREAT! Thnx mate!
  8. @TPW - one problem, if i wear google and start mission - everything is ok, but when i switch to another unit in my team - it didn't work and when i switch back to my previous unit - it still didn't work.
  9. Really great addon! My first impression (after playing few minutes) - there's too much information (sometimes useless especially if you play only like infantry) and too close to the center of view, but after play 2h i change my opinion :) Actually if i set up good level of brightness - it's ok. But imho you may add "customize" dispersion of data from center of view - maybe in "steps"? In functional area - in terms of manage of your team maybe you can add "compass" (N, W, NW..) next to azimuth values - eg. AZM: 278 (S). Anyway one of the most useful addon!
  10. braveblades

    Tagging enemy

    Thanks Igneous01 and Grimes. I'll try. Btw - do you know is there a mission similar to my idea?
  11. Hi, one question about scripting - is it a possible to tag enemies using rangefinder or binocular? I'd like to build a recon mission where player: 1) must locate & identify groups of enemy soldiers or vehicles then 2) tag EVERY enemy with unique ID (one-by-one; ID may increase automaticly) and 3) "transmit" this data by radio to HQ 4) and finaly - this data turn (automaticly?) into a list of mission goals for "strike team" to eliminate 5) OPTIONAL: It would be ideal if you can store this ID corelated with map coordinates - for use them to indicate precisely targets for "strike team" ...and if this a possible - what is the best approach to this case? Thanks!
  12. Hi, i want to make a mission where player have XX minutes to complete the mission. after this time (XX min) - mission will be terminated with failure, so i try to defined it in init.sqf, but can't sure that is correct. Is this a best approach, or is there a easier implementation? thanks! :) _timeLanded = time; _minsWait = 1; // how long it takes in minutes waituntil {((time - _timeLanded) > (60 * _minsWait) )}; endMission "LOSER";
  13. braveblades

    ASR AI 3

    Hi Robalo, i've question about add my unit to specific class I try to update userconfig/asr_ai3_settings.hpp with: class level_1 { // sf 1 aiming[] = {0.55, 0.20}; // skilltype = {<min value>, <random value added to min>}; spotting[] = {0.70, 0.20}; general[] = {0.80, 0.20}; units[] = {"MY_UNIT_CLASS_1","MY_UNIT_CLASS_2","MY_UNIT_CLASS_3"}; ..but in game there is no effect - in config viewer - they inherit asr_ai_skill from default class - what as i good understand - you define in your mod config. for example: MY_UNIT_CLASS_1 - this is recon soldier - and have asr_ai_skill=2 and MY_UNIT_CLASS_2 - this is casual soldier and have asr_ai_skill=4.. so, what i do wrong? :(
  14. i use all of optics. only with iron sight is ok. secondary mode? :) nop. but in "primary mode" or "default" is not good :P
  15. braveblades

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Rydgier, appreciating your contribution to the ARMA community, and what's more important to me - a LOT of help to me personally - I have already made donation :) Greetings!