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  1. Is there any possibility to get this script that gives random animations to AI units that stand still in calm pose?
  2. Right now when you place minemarkers as ZEUS these markers can be seen for all the players on the map. Is there some way to remove so that this wont show at all? Thanks!
  3. Im having problems with UPSMON debug markes that show where the AI have spotted the players? It gets a red dot for every place where they have seen us on the map. I checked and UPSMON_Debug = 0; Any suggestions?
  4. I tried that Na_Palm didnt work. If he didnt spawn becaus or probablity of presence 0 the next player in rank got the role and he got the bar. You get the same effect with deletevehicle. It just moves to the next player. I found a sollution, the easiest way possible! You can enter options and move the bar all the way outside the screen and then just restart the game and you wont be able to see it anymore! That was so easy that i didnt think it would even be possible. :)
  5. Thats correct Pergor. I was thinking about making a AI player to groupleader and then in some way disable all the ai for this unit, i cant get him to get uninvolved in the actions anyway so he assigns targets and so on... Any suggestions on how to disable all the AI part of a unit and just make him a "drone" unit? :)
  6. Is there any way to disable the taskbar for units in the bottom for teamleaders? I play only coop and have no need for the taskbar. I think it breaks immersion and gives me information i could not possible get as in people in my group is in vehicles or not.
  7. I have for a long time wished for the civilians ingame to behave in a more realistic way. I think they would make a much more intresting part of the game if they behaved "smarter". VBS have solved this by giving the civilians routines based on the time of the day and certain "hotzones" like markets and other peoples houses. In the night civilians are most likely to be inside, maybe even sleeping? Maybe crowds (somtimes angry), maybe fugatives that walk beside the road? Also if they could move around and "talking" and using anims would make them look more "real". My hope is that this would be able to be as the civilian module so these units despawn when the player/s are outside the area. Is this possible? I have yet seen few mods that goes in this direction. I think the civilians is a really important part of a military simulator so would greatly appreciate any input on this idea for a mod/script!
  8. A request if possible... Im not sure if it could work or not but is it any way so make all voices/radiocommunication muted when under water? It would make diving so much more interesting :)
  9. SSGKalle

    Advanced Vehicle Interaction

    Awesome release! Is it possible to get this function to work without changing to 3rd person view? When we play we have disabled 3rd person view so that could probably make this addon not working?