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  1. This is a topic that I was confused that Arma doesnt do since release, making all attachments optional except grenade launchers. Sure it has its reasons in limitations in the engine. So here is my first mod: S.U.C.K. - Simple UBGL Conversion Kit SUCK on Steam Worschop SUCK is an Arma 3 mod that allows Players to attach and detach their under barrel grenade launcher (UBGL). It uses placeholder items for different UBGL models and is compatible with ACE3 and supports several of the most common weapon packs. Requirements this mod requires the latest version of CBA A3 Usage This mod adds under barrel grenade launchers as items that can be attached to the weapons bipod slot. As soon as a supported weapon has a grenade launcher equipped the weapon is switched to its UBGL counterpart. The Weapon is switched back by unequipping the UBGL item. Supported grenade launcher weapons are equipped with the UBGL item on pickup automatically. Features - switching between grenade launcher weapons and base weapons by attaching UBGL item. - Vanilla Weapons support - ACE Extension - Attachment Switching support - Advanced Weapon Mounting support - RHS USAF Weapons support - RHS AFRF Weapons support - RHS GREF Weapons support - RHS SAF Weapons support - CUP Weapons support - BW Mod Weapons support - NIArms Weapons support planned Features: (if requested) - FFAA Weapons - Specialist Military Arms - SpR Специальные подразделения России - HAFM Weapons - 2035: Russian Armed Forces - Complementary Special Weapons - 3CB BAF Weapons - Massi NATO Rus Weapons Vote for supported mod packs here [poll.ly] GL Models these UBGL types are available separately: M203: "dcd_suck_M203" M203s: "dcd_suck_M203S" M320: "dcd_suck_M320" HK AG36: "dcd_suck_AG36" GP25: "dcd_suck_GP25" FM EGLM: "dcd_suck_EGLM" 3GL: "dcd_suck_3GL" QLG-10A: "dcd_suck_SL40" SL40: "dcd_suck_SL40" UPG40: "dcd_suck_UPG40" SIX-12: "dcd_suck_SIX12" VHS-BG: "dcd_suck_VHSBG" G1: "dcd_suck_G1" Contributions and Requests For own contributions or requests such as weapon pack support requests please contact us using our git repo [github.com]. Any weapon pack Modder is free to provide his own Compatibility Mods. For introductions on how to create these see: developers guide [github.com] Known Bugs A list of currently known bugs can be found here [github.com]. Please feel free to report bugs at any time. License This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike [www.bohemia.net]
  2. I have a problem with syntax in my latest Script. I totally do not understand why: // usage: 0 = this addAction ["Halo Jump","scripts\Jump.sqf", [[0,0,0], "B_T_VTOL_01_infantry_F", 2000]] private ["_caller","_spawnpos","_vehicle","_height"]; _caller = _this select 1; _spawnpos = _this select 3 select 0; _vehicle = _this select 3 select 1; _height = _this select 3 select 2; openMap [true,false]; hint "select jump location"; [_caller, _spawnpos, _vehicle, _height] onMapSingleClick { params ["_caller","_spawnpos","_vehicle","_height","_transpoert","_pos"]; openMap [false,false]; onMapSingleClick ""; _marker = createMarker ["Marker_" + (str _randomnumber),_pos]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _dir = _spawnpos getDir _pos; _dist = _spawnpos distance2D _pos; _transport = createVehicle [_vehicle, [_spawnpos select 0, _spawnpos select 1, _height], [], 0, "FLY"]; _transport setPos [_spawnpos select 0, _spawnpos select 1, _height]; _transport setDir _dir; createVehicleCrew _transport; {_x moveinCargo _transport} forEach units group _caller; openMap [false,false]; _transport flyInHeight _height; _crew = group driver _transport; _wp1 = _crew addWaypoint [_pos, 0]; _wp2 = _crew addWaypoint [_pos getPos [_dir, _dist/2], 0]; _wp2 = _crew addWaypoint [_spawnpos, 0]; hint str ((getPos _transport) distance2D _pos <= 100); // this hints "false" waitUntil { ((getPos _transport) distance2D _pos <= 100) }; // this throws Error Generic error expression //waitUntil { getPos _transport distance2D _spawnpos) <= 100 }; deleteMarker _marker; //{deleteVehicle _x} forEach crew (_transport) + [_transport]; }; Error Message is: '... { ((getPos _transport) distance2D _pos |#|<= 100 }; deleteMarker _marker; };' File [...] \scripts\Jump.sqf, line 36 Error Generic error in expression tryed a lot with Braces. next would be to surround with spawn but should work like this too.l Any Idea? Edit: fixed typo in private "_transpoert" ... still not working. Edit 2: same Error if I use waitUntil{(!(_caller in _transport))};