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  7. Not sure the cook off sounds for destroyed vehicles are from the latest patch but I've only just noticed them in the last week or so. They sound very WIP, especially compared to the old ACE2 ones. Are they placeholders?
  8. Rabble_Rouser

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    I'm not sure the AI will be able to work the Advanced Targeting System with it being operated by scroll wheel. Would it be possible to make a "Lite" version without some of the advanced features to allow the AI to use all the weaponry? Also, I don't know if intentional or not but the RAF default loadouts are incorrect. Small Diameter Bombs, AGM-65, JDAM, and AIM-9 are US weapons. RAF weapons for Typhoon are: Air-to-air missiles: MBDA Meteor, AIM132 ASRAAM Air-to-ground missiles: Brimstone, Storm Shadow Bombs: Paveway II/III/IV Regardless, I've been playing with the plane and it's a top mod, nice work!
  9. Rabble_Rouser

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Are there any plans to make it work with ALiVE combat support?
  10. What a great idea. Everyone should do this!
  11. Can I just ask, If you buy the Alpha does your game then update to the beta then the full game through steam without extra cost?