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  1. Hello Lovely Community. I have been struggling finding a way to make a different respawn system. I am well versed in the “normal†way of respawning. Unfortunately, it does not currently cut it for me. The system I am looking for is something along the lines of this: When a player dies, he remains dead until the remaining players have cleared an objective. If all players die, the mission ends in failure. Furthermore, If objective 1 is completed, all dead players instantly spawn at marker A. (one time trigger) If objective 2 is completed, all dead players instantly spawn at marker B. (one time trigger) I would only assume it has been done before, and I would appreciate any references. Normally the search field solves all my arma problems, but in this case, it did not :( Thanks in advance!
  2. Kebab

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Still waiting for the day when AIs do not continuously drive directly into walls for hours on end :) Overall I have to say, that AI does seem to have some rather serious issues navigating vehicles in any semi inhabited area. Granted the AI has a certain degree of charm, but it is very annoying when it is critical for one’s mission that the AI knows how to make its way through a small village. Sometimes they simply do not :P
  3. Kebab

    Question about developers

    Not that I am have any inside info regarding the intricacy of the arma development studio, but I heavily doubt that they “do not know what they are doingâ€. I think they just hit a good recipe when it comes to how such a sim game should be made, and if the recipe works then why would one change it :P I at least have found great comfort in the fact, that I can go into a new arma game and knowing what I can expect. Same scripting language, same editor and same many many things. It does make it a lot easier for the modding community as well, not having to relearn new systems and tools. Well, granted new tools are continuously released, but it is more updates than anything. If it works, there is no reason to change it, I assume has been the politic these last couple of years. I am not saying that all the core arma mechanics are perfect, but they are pretty solid when it comes to the requirements of the arma playstyle.
  4. Kebab

    Chopper Pilot PROS

    To fly perfectly in Arma 3 the only thing you really need is the keyboard and mouse and then either 3rd person camera or headtracker. You direly need one of them when you go for a difficult landing. I generally fly in first person, but when making a rough landing, I need to go into 3rd person to keep eyes on elevation, trees and to get a good measurement on how close I am to the ground. Auto-hover? Use if direly needed, but it does not make a cool landing - and let us be honest, landing is 80% of the awesomeness.
  5. Only played 170 hours so far, so hardly worthy of a screenshot. All that time though, is spend on the editor, I only played roughly 2 hours in multiplayer with some friends, completed the scenarios and that is pretty much it. The rest of the time is simply me being a kid inside of the editor… Now to think of something serious to make with the editor. : (
  6. Kebab

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    It is only a question about hours now, hurray! I also very much like the focus on the mission editor, it is a feature that really cannot be stressed enough. Hoping they’ll stay online for 8 additional hours answering the tons of questions that are bound to be there :)
  7. I'm very glad to see all the positives responses so far. I do believe A3 is heading very much in the right direction, it only needs a couple of more pushes before becoming epic. However, it could seriously use some more videos explaining the sandbox model and open-endingness. I think it would be a feature a lot of players would like to see in this console world. Also, the feature response: “60 fps†I laughed, but true :D
  8. Kebab

    [SP] Super Fun Happy Pack!

    What.. It actually looks like you are using your keyboard to fly? How is this possible?! or is it just high sensitivity? :P Very nice, I knew I made that path to easy! added armaholic link and images breaking due to my server being out of order until tomorrow :(
  9. SUPER FUN HAPPY PACK Author: Kebab Title: Super Fun Happy Pack! Download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20180 Installation: Unpack into %/armadirectory/missions/ Requirements: None! Notes: With tons of multiplayer missions being released every day I figured that throwing some explosive singleplayer missions into the mix would not hurt. With less emphasis on realism and focus on short explosive singleplayer missions, these could hopefully keep you occupied during the time you wait for your friends to come online. I will make sure to release some “Super Fun Happy Packs†on a monthly/bimonthly basis, with an increasing amount of absurdity the more scripting I learn and with an increasing amount of explosion the more content the game gets. All missions are around the 10-20 minutes of gameplay, so you can fit them neatly in between the multiplayer matches and mayhem - where you aint looking for something serious! Features: Cruel voice acting (currently done by me, but when game hits and possibilities expand, I’ll scrunch up a few decent voice actors) Custom music tracks, so it isn’t only the eyes being pleased. Dynamic (To such a degree that it can be kept under the 15 minutes gameplay). One cutscene, lol, will be some emphasis on some action cutscenes in the next packs! Actions, lots of action. Mission Overview: The Chase Take the role of a chopper pilot trying to pass the test. The instructor is strict and the requirements out of this world. Are you ready for some of the toughest chopper training yet? Prepare for Lift-off! Note: Experienced chopper pilots recommended! I made the map and I only get through it 70% of the time! Spotter An upcoming attack is encroaching upon Kamino Firing Range. Luckily, and ironically, they are lining up perfectly for you, the best spotter on Stratis. Relay the enemy position to your mortar team and stop the enemy attack in its tracks. Note: Easymode, time to see things blow up! Transporter http://ordu.re/arma/transporter.jpg (121 kB) <- overload of pictures I guess. Do you like helecopters? Who does not? In this mission you will delve into the tedious everyday workings of an experienced littlebird pilot. Tons of transport assignments have been planned, but with a little luck, our pilot will pull his littlebird through a bit more than just plain transport. Note: Pretty easy, unless you expected life span hovers around the 10 seconds in a chopper. Assassination You have been selected to eliminate an Iranian officer inside the enemy stronghold of Girna. The only advantage you have... Nightvision. Eliminate the officer quietly and make your way out, failure in doing so, and it will be you against the entire village. Note: Don't trust that default AI! So It Begins It is time to reclaim Stratis and push out the NATO forces, you are in the front row. Fly in with a chopper team and capture a strong point so the Iranian army can start their campaign on the island. (Uploaded before, but should now be 100% operational) Note: Easy-Medium difficulty, but impossible to count the amount of bullets. Known Issues: - Lighthouse door in “Spotter†can be terrible hard to open - either restart mission or go back a 20 meters and fire a grenade at it, seems to work for some reason. - Also in "Spotter", AI have a 1/10 tendency to flank in a bit too wide circle - So you might have to go hand in hand! Feedback & Bugs always appriciated, have fun and good luck!
  10. Greetings lovely Arma community. I was hoping to make some sweet juicy intros and outros for my missions, only to find that unitcapture/play is not working in intro and outros (Or it does and I have completely missed the point). I never used intros or outros in any shape or for previous, so if there is any variable please let me know. But the current problem is: Everything works fine in “the missionâ€-mission. BIS_fnc_UnitPlay spawns the path quite perfectly, but when copy pasted to the intro it does nothing. I tried renaming, putting it into different init lines etc. etc. Everything my tiny brain could think might be bugging it out, but nothing worked. So finally after searching the googling and foruming for the better part of an hour, I now ask the question to you! How the heck to get Unitplay to work in intros and outros?
  11. Kebab

    [SP] So It Begins

    Strange, I don't recall it ever failing for me, but will look into it! Going to have it fixed for when I release a pack of action packed pewpew missions in the near future :)
  12. It is time to reclaim Stratis and push out the NATO forces. You are in the front row. Fly in with a chopper team and capture a strong point so the Iranian army can start their campaign on the island. Author: Kebab Type: Singleplayer Download: http://ordu.re/arma/soitbegins.7z Installation: Unzip with 7-zip and put into "Armadirectory"/missions folder. Notes: This is the first map I have made in... years. I have not touched an editor since the orginal operation flashpoint + scripting has always been greek to me. However a week of holiday and it seems I am starting to get the hang of it. Well could have been worse. Looking forward to some feedback as I am fondling around in the editor, currently only creating some single player missions trying to improve! This is all generally testing for me, when I feel my skill level has risen to a acceptable level, I am contemplating making a small campaign! - Hopefully something more action oriented than real-life oriented :) Features: Not much, only some 15-20 minutes playtime. Short, but explosive and action oriented! Voices wuhuu! Bugs: 1 out of 40 times the secondary helecopter crashes, realized this at such a late time, that it is most likely never going to get fixed. Radiovoice is extremely low if initiated from inside the chopper, I think I know how to fix this... Famous last words.. Feedback is much appreciated :)
  13. The locking of the chopper only locks it for the player not the AI, they jump off as happily as ever :P And I wasn't refering to you when it came to landing the helicopter, but the tons of other people that seem to believe that I have problems getting an AI pilot to land the helicopter ^^
  14. That trigger still doesn't solve the problem, in fact making them unload with the trigger are likely to send them to their deaths. People are discussing whether or not unload waypoints works? I am sorry but currently they work quite fine for me, and I'm always able to get the transported crew out, I simply want them only to disembark when in a certain area, not advice on how to get a helicopter to land. :P