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  1. I got this, started a new profile and could then lock the mines with T. Some problem with my bindings I suppose
  2. elaintahra

    "Puppeteer" and "Dressing Doll" Achievements

    Any news on this Arson? I also would need this achievement
  3. elaintahra

    Achievement broken?

    I would also need to hear if anyone has a solution. I've tried to mess around in Eden editor, placing Zeus, placing characters with Playable unchecked and then "play as this character" and so on but no luck
  4. Please help how is this done? In Eden Editor I place an unit with no Player and no Playable checked. Then right click "Play as the character" but still no achievement. Any help?
  5. Can anyone please help, I've tried Remnants of War but I already have a problem with id'ing mines: I walk up to them with mine detector, they blink, and most of them light up with red triangle, but not all. The small ones that only show a small round on top are not id'd at all. Any ideas?
  6. Hello, Anyone know if it is possible to tune Apex coop campaign missions difficulty? Most annoying is the autoreport; player(s?) start to automatically spot enemies it really ruins immersion. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu Thanks for any ideas etag
  7. elaintahra

    Apex Coop "keystone"?

    Spent 3 hours looking for "Keystone" after releasing the invulnerable police. Can anyone tell me if there is QA department in Bohemia?
  8. elaintahra

    AI unit to reload his weapon?

    Unfortunately this didn't work. So if anyone has a working shoot target(s) - reload - shoot that can go on forever, please post any hints. Thanks!
  9. elaintahra

    AI unit to reload his weapon?

    Thank you, will try that
  10. elaintahra

    AI unit to reload his weapon?

    Yes just nothing happens, he shoots one clip and looks at me like an idiot If (alive player) then { unit1 doTarget Target1; unit1 doFire Target1; reload unit1; sleep 2; unit1 doTarget Target2; unit1 doFire Target2; };
  11. Ok I'm sure this must be REALLY basic for you people but I've spent more than two hours trying to figure this out and searching.. Sorry if this is already somewhere but I feel literally dumb, I'm just trying to learn this How can I have an AI unit to reload his weapon from backpack between shooting targets and then continue? I'm calling this from the AI Init box _handle = execVM "shoot.sqf"; in shoot.sqf I have: If (alive player) then { unit1 doTarget Target1; unit1 doFire Target1; reload unit1; unit1 doTarget Target2; unit1 doFire Target2; }; The unit1 just stops firing after the reload animation Thanks for anything
  12. I honestly don't know how you can say it is great. I feel it is very very sluggish and annoying "Vehicles are no problem - just walk up from the side and press space" After playing these games from the beginning, I did not know this. Thanks for the tip :)
  13. elaintahra

    Putting Stratis into perspective on size.

    borrow them tools from Just Cause 2. It works flawlessly with long distances. ---------- Post added at 11:12 ---------- Previous post was at 10:42 ---------- That is a really good idea, I like events like that. We hosted - I'm sure someone else has as well - jumping contest with rubber boats in OFP. Some guys would huddle in the boat on top of a hill and someone would drive a bus onto it. We also flung people in the car with a helicopter. This is why I love these games :)
  14. elaintahra

    Ben Dover

    ;) I can't stop laughing when I connect to server with a box of some supplies on the ground and everyone just doing the Ben Dover over it. Omg ---------- Post added at 11:05 ---------- Previous post was at 11:03 ---------- [/color]Damn, I said 'omg'. Damn I said it again. But seriously, why Ben Dover over a box of supplies, no one does that. I mean no one bends an looks into a box of weapons, you kneel.