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  1. otto

    Enhanced Movement

    Hey Bad Benson Fantastic mod. I like it very much. I know it´s in the early stage, and great work you have done so far. I know there still is a way to go and you said its early stage. So thank you for sharing it with us. I have been playing with it due the weekend and I discovered that it conflict in someway with AGM - "Authentic Gameplay Modification". http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?178253-Authentic-Gameplay-Modification What happen is, the menu in AGM is not working + the setup key binding is not function, when "Enhanced Movement" is enabled. Is this something you can look into in the future, so we can use both mods, at the same time?
  2. otto

    Enhanced Movement

    I love it. We need that one in the game. Looking forward to your progress Keep up your great work Cheers
  3. otto

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    Congratulations. Excellent work sir. Hope there will be many missions for this map, as it is so beautiful with great variety of landscape and lot´s of options.
  4. otto

    Official launcher isn't working

    Thank You. That did it. :bounce3:
  5. otto

    Official launcher isn't working

    Today I just got the new update. As usual I want to join our server - so I open PWS and press "Join." Now I get the new launcher opening. Why and what the heck? And it doen´t work? No matter how many times I open arma3launcher it showes Steam is in ofline mode. It´s not. I can´t save my parameters and I have to start all over each time. But for no good at all. It crash. That mean I cant join our server with my mod setup. The launcher isen´t working and I can´t launch the game with mods. Do I have to go back to the old way and do the line? -mod=........? That would kill it for me and my friends. Why do we have to use the arma3launcher and don´t get the choice to use arma3,exe? Are you trying to kill PWS, witch have served you for many years? I do not want to be forced to use you fancy steam, but be able to use PWS or any other client.
  6. otto

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Sorry for not responding before now. I went up and spoke with my friends, who are professionel soldiers about it - and also playing Arma 3. And here is our short version of our thoughts. Fatigue: A soldier is usually in good fitness. He is accustomed to the pulse comes up and is trained to handle demanding operations under difficult conditions. He has learned techniques which he can compensate for his fatigue and still perform the job satisfactorily. Usually you are inserted before the front line and have to walk / run the last stretch. Is 1 kilometer or more. In Arma 3 he would incapacitated when he is tired. He is not in the real world. He could fight and hit its target, although he has gone or been jogging for a while already. If he came under fire and if he was a new recruit, he would likely be a bit disoriented. As a trained soldier who has been in combat before, he'd would better be able to remain calm. He wanted to find a place from which he could return fire, or just take cover. In cases in which he seeks coverage to return fire, he will support his elbow on an object in order to stabilize its scope. This they deliberately failed to give the soldier the opportunity to do here in the game. Although there have been numerous calls to correct this, they have conscious choice to ignore this problem. It has been thought that it was better term fluctuates several feet from side to side to simulate that he is tired and slow down his speed. But this struggle is not reality in real scenario. It supports object knees or on land with elbow and hand. Not only does your fatigue sets in too early in Arma 3, it causes you an incapacitating, that is not realistic. If Arma 3 want to simulate battle on earth with trained soldier and not as a beginner, it should be changed. IRL. If a soldier is wounded and is under fire, with chances of dying enters some other mechanisms. It is only after about half an hour, you begin to feel pain because of that your body gives you the adrenaline that stun your wounds. The psychological factor means that you are focused on survival and therefore ignore it that you are hurt and be in many cases focused on fighting for life. You are therefore more concentrated. If you are heavily wounded, then you are out of the battle of course. In both cases you also have the option to surrender. Fatigue: Should be much better, so the soldier is in better shape faster and can move much further without reducing his speed. He could walk and at the same time be able to gather new strength as he goes. He must know completely stop could earn forces faster. Weapons sway: Should turned substantial down and come closer to reality. I would suggest that they hire a trained soldier to do tests and not use the one from the office or untrained actor. For everything in the world. It´s said a million times before. Please give the soldier the chance so he can support his weapon (weapon resting) no matter where he is. if it is on a wall, stone wall, a fence, crouching he can elbow, soil, with bipods to heavy rifle, and elbow and hand to normal rifle. If this could be tweaked correctly, it could benefit everyone and make Arma 3 for a great military sand box simulator. A suggestion, which probably have been motion before. A chance to put down your weapon and surrender would be great. If AI cut be coded not to shoot on an unarmed man. Then your team mates cut make a effort to rescue you from capture in prison camp. I know it have been the intention to introduce this as a great simulate soldiers’ RL and make it more fun and real, but instead it makes it frivolous and destructive of pleasure. Cheers
  7. otto

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    One thing is to be a PC worrier, an other thing is to be a worrier in real life. From My stand Im glad that those to have nothing to do with each other. IN my own time, we dident have it, I would have 2 personal friends less today, if the Fatigue & Weapon Sway worked that way in real life. My friends have both been on tour in Afganistan, one of them more than one time. Both are playing Arma 3 today and both says, they would have been dead, if it Fatigue & Weapon Sway worked that way in real life. It´s a total overkill and we dislikethe way its done. I know some are realy found about it. I can only imagine why, but will not offend or judge any here, but the way its done is not right. In real life we have wapon resting like elbow and hand witch may be support for walls and objects + we have stand like bipods. Where is this in Arma 3?
  8. otto

    Agile Helicopters

    Thank you Sir. Love it and have uploaded the key to our server
  9. Happy 15th anniversary Thanks for continue develop and support these great great games. You are doing a great job. Have been playing from the start and looking forward to many years ahead. This is not a thread where the intention is to point out the improvements to be done. They are elsewhere. If you want to point this out, please use those threads that are there for the purpose. Cheers
  10. otto

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Released! Got it ;-) Cheers
  11. otto

    FHQ Map Draw

    Thanks.. GREAT and very useful tool Cheers
  12. Thanks ParaGraphic L for the answer. I have bookmarked the page. will make my post there in the future for updating mods. I understand and respect, that it can´t be done right away and I appreciates that you are doing. Hopefully it will be sorted out in the future so it will become more easy for your team as well and can spent time on other stuff. Thanks for doing this.
  13. ~S~ Quick question. I follow the mods on Armaholic and see every time a mod get an update. But when I open my PWS it´s still the old version of the mod and it can be that for days before an update. So my question is. Do you manually update the mods or do you have a system, or going to make one, that will do it automatic in the future, when a mod gets an update? Cheers
  14. ~S~ Please update the Hellenic Armed Forces MOD (HAFM) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20288 and PG Services - Private Military Company addon http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21617 in PlayWithSix Cheers Otto
  15. ~S~ Thanks for the hint and the update. Its working fine now Cheers Otto