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  1. No, it doesn't right now. I think adding such feature might do it too difficult (and add even more micromanagement) to use the addon in some environments: near/inside bushes, trees etc.
  2. Have made a little update to the addon to address some issues and requests. The link for d_finger v5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lc7ml793ms1ts2p/d_finger_v5.zip?dl=0 Update changes: - indicator circle image is reworked: increased resolution and fixed some graphical flaws - finger-pointing range increased to 4 meters - a bit decreased size of the indicator circle
  3. A new update to the addon (v4) has been made: https://www.dropbox.com/s/55g3qkavyjjeyvk/d_finger_v4.zip?dl=0 It adds support for the newest CBA. I'll try to consider the requests about appearance of the circle soon in later version as it would need more time.
  4. A new little update to d_cba_to_uac (v6.3) --- disabled buggy support for older CBA keybinding interface: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwdlpjcbl3hjcv0/d_cba_to_uac_v6.3.zip?dl=0
  5. I'll try to update the addon to support the newer versions of CBA and reconsider the pointing circle appearance as soon as possible.
  6. An update for adapter d_cba_to_uac (v 6.2) has been made to support the newest version of CBA Keybinding. It could be downloaded from the git or from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts5ma0tnsjwx96r/d_cba_to_uac_v6.2.zip?dl=0
  7. There seems to be a bug in dev version: there's no any inertia effect to the weapon when player is in prone position.
  8. A little update to the addon has been made to fix a bug: Arma interrupt menu and UAC menu overlapped. It seams that the bug appeared due to Arma 3 update 1.40. The updated version of UAC v6.9 could be downloaded from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4c908jvkya1cks/d_uac_v6.9.zip?dl=0 or from git: https://github.com/TheDrill/uniaddonconf/tree/master/pbos
  9. You'll have to repack .pbo file after editing the .sqf file. I forgot to mention that you would also possibly need to change the values of parameters "FP_RANDOMIZATION_X" and "FP_RANDOMIZATION_Y" in file "settings.hpp" to lower values (zero, for example) for increasing actual precision. These two parameters control the error with which the circle position is transmitted to other players. Setting them to 0 would mean that the exact position of the indicator would be transfared.
  10. Finger-pointing is already quite precise on my opinion (maybe even a bit too precise). I'm afraid increasing its precision any further would make it overpowered, "unrealistic". You may try to make the circle smaller by yourself if you like. It could be regulated in file "fn__OEF_renderer.sqf", parameter BASE_SIZE. Or, alternatively, by editing the circle texture file "fp_icon.paa".
  11. I'm afraid to overpower the feature since finger pointing is quite precise in addon now. I'm not sure what distance should be and I'll keep it as it is for now (3 meters). You might change the distance by yourself if you like in settings.hpp file, parameter MAX_DIST_TO_OTHER_PLAYERS. kecharles28, Foxhound, thank you!
  12. I've finally made the next version of the addon which introduce CBA keybinding support. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnydmznba30chhk/d_finger_v3.zip?dl=0 Thus addon might work with UAC configurator (the most priority mode, keybinding and color, transparency of indicator might be changed), with CBA keybinding (only keybinding might be changed) or without any of them - then default keybinding (Ctrl + ~) is used without possibility to change it. Updated the link for the addon on the first page and added some illustrative screenshots.
  13. I agree with Coulum. As of "unlimited range of motion while weapon resting" I think it could be solved the following way: there should be more weapon inertia when weapon rested than in unrested state (opposite to how it is now). This would simulate the need for reestablishing of rested weapon when the weapon is turned (or, otherwise, the need to move body for turning the weapon around resting point). This would also simulate that nearby objects (on which we rest the weapon) might impede fast weapon turning to desired direction. That extra weapon inertia wouldn't hurt firing on distant targets but would help to reduce the flaw Coulum described. And moreover, this solution of the problem should be easy to implement. Except of these aforementioned flaws the weapon resting is done very well and is very important feature. Thank you!
  14. I'll try to add support for CBA keybindings later. To use UAC for configuration, it's enough to activate d_uac.pbo addon (link to download: https://github.com/TheDrill/uniaddonconf/raw/master/pbos/d_uac.pbo). There would appear "Configure addons" button in "interrupt" menu then (the menu which shows up when "escape" pressed in-game). The button would show dialog window where one may change parameters of the addon.
  15. I would like to introduce a little addon which someone might find useful - d_finger addon. d_finger provides visual and easy to use way for infantry to point out a direction to each other. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnydmznba30chhk/d_finger_v3.zip?dl=0 The default keybinding for "point a finger at" action is Ctrl+~ . When a player activates this action a circle indicator would appear at center of the screen. This indicator would be seen by any other man who is close enough to the player (<= 3 meters) for 2 seconds. This way players could indicate particular point at screen to each other in easy and direct manner. The feature works only for players which are not in a vehicle (except static vehicles, stationary HMG for example). 2 screenshots which illustrate the feature: Addon supports UAC configuration addon (but doesn't require it) and CBA keybinding (doesn't require either), and currently it is the only way to change the keybinging for the action and color and transparency of the indicator. Sorry for my English. I see that the text came out clumsy but I cannot write it better right now.