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  1. Firstly I apologise if this has already been reported on here but I did a quick search and saw nothing on here or on github. So I am getting massive framerate drops with ALiVE when holding down a key. So for example, in the editor, standing around doing nothing I'm getting 60 FPS, if I hold down a key FPS drops to 31 if I hold down a second key FPS drops down to 17, 3rd key 12FPS and so on. Using stable branch with latest ALiVE & CBA Any ideas? EDIT: Realised there was something I hadn't tried which was a shiny new Arma profile. So I made a new one and it solved the problem. So yeah.
  2. SilEighty

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Alright, time for some criticism. But to avoid this post being completely negative, I would first like to thank the entire RHS team for the amazing work you've all done. RHS is one of the highest quality mods, not just in Arma 3, but in the history of Arma. The detail in the models and textures, the amazing sounds, all of it is unparalleled and gives a much more rewarding experience. However, there are a couple of issues that make all of the many positives, mute. The first issue that has recently become apparent, is that the "infrastructure" doesn't allow for hotfixes. That seems like a major oversight. As we all know, Arma patches almost always break mods and relying on 3rd parties to create temporary hotfix's for your mod is just wrong. I understand that the current system makes publishing updates much easier for you, but you NEED to have a way to push smaller updates when something breaks. And the second issue is compatibility. While having all your own systems (FCS, Armour system etc.) is great for people that only wish to use RHS by itself, there are a LOT of community's that use other mods that also have these systems *cough* ACE3 *cough* and there have been many of these community's have moved away from RHS due to the fact that RHS has some major issues with regards to compatibility with not only other mods but vanilla assets. I understand that it would be a lot of extra work, but having a "content only" version with better compatibility would be amazing. Again, a huge thank you to the entire RHS team for your amazing work. I really do appreciate all you've done.
  3. SilEighty

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    Why not use the weapons from CUP but offer a download that only includes the weapons required for this mod. Like how the ACR mod has done it. So that those that already use CUP don't need do download anything extra for the weapons, but those that don't use CUP only need to download a small pack of only the required weapons.
  4. Here's a few, not sure how good they are. I would like to quickly say thank you. Real Light has seriously transformed Arma for me and I can't imagine playing without it. So again, a huge thanks for all your hard work. Also, I want to apologise, I was going through my email last night and saw that you send me a message around the end of June. Somehow I completely missed it. So yeah, sorry for not replying.
  5. The 1.46 hotfix disabled the whitelisting. So BattlEye should NOT be blocking anything.
  6. SilEighty

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    No primary weapons work. They don't show in the virtual arsenal. I am unable to load play anything in the editor and any scenarios work but I spawn without a primary weapon. I get this error when loading the virtual arsenal, editor or mission: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/arifle_MX_ACO_pointer_F.selectionFireAnim'. and this error when I load my game. No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/arifle_MX_ACO_pointer_F.nameSound'. Only using CBA and Blastcore on 1.46 stable.
  7. Yeah, I just downloaded ReShade again (version 18.7) and it was blocked by battleye. Version 18.4.849 is definitely working for me.
  8. GOOD NEWS! I was just able to launch Arma and join a server with ReShade! So it looks like its been whitelisted!
  9. SilEighty

    BattlEye not allowing me to start Arma3

    There's a lot more to SweetFX and ReShade than what's achievable in the NVIDIA/Catalyst control panels. Also, settings in the control panels apply to EVERYTHING so settings that look good in Arma will probably look horrible in other game, videos and just general computer usage as well as destroying colour accuracy for any editing work.
  10. I've also sent them a message. The devs are talking to BattlEye about whitelisting the SweetFX dxgi.dll so maybe ReShade will get whitelisted at the same time.
  11. Does DynaSound suffer from the same script issues as DragonFyre?
  12. I found you need to be in the vehicle to get the option to unload them.
  13. If you're prone and you remove/attach an optic, will it force you into crouch? EDIT: If it does, would it be possible to allow you to remove/attach an attachment while prone? If not, what about, when you try to remove or attach an attachment while prone, a message pops up saying "You must be crouched to attach/remove an attachment."