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  1. perezmh

    co10 Escape

    Is there a way to leave feedback to @belkon? I've just spent a couple hours playing Escape with a group with the new ACE integration and there are a couple of settings currently make playing Escape with ACE Medical almost impossible. The setting is defaulting to where only the medic revive with epi and give blood. No other player is capable of reviving as is and if the medic loses too much blood they can no longer wake up to revive others or revive anyone else. The fix is a simple setting change to remove the restriction to epi to medics and the game becomes doable again. The rest of the ACE integration is spectacular. Particularly how he managed to get the mission not to end if everyone is unconscious. As like everyone else, thank you to everyone who works on Escape. Spectacular mission.
  2. Thank you for this. I hadn't been using xxxMarkerLocal and I feel very dumb for not having noticed them on the wiki when I learned to set them originally. I think I can sort out that part at least. I'll reply here eventually with what I have so far if I don't manage it. As for the marker attaching, I do want the players to know the direction the marked player is going, just not very accurately. As time goes on I want them to definitely be able to follow them and reach them. Though you suggestion of making the offset change when the player opens their map sounds like it would be neat to figure out. I'll try to do that and see how it goes. Also thanks for all your help, your tutorials and syntax highlighter have gotten me to create a lot of great missions in the past. Cheers for that!
  3. Hello ARMA people. I'm attempt to write something along the lines of this: Circular marker that is several km large exists (marker1). It can only be seen by specifically named player units (cansee1, cansee2 etc). This marker is attached to a player (marked1). The marker is offset from the location of the player, a random distance and direction from them(offsetDist1, offsetDir1). The offset can be up to 1km away from the marked1. As time progresses in the mission marker1 and offset1 shrink by 1/4 their previous size, say every 5 minutes. Eventually, the elliptical marker becomes just a dot which is attached to the player. I know how to create the elliptical marker and attach it to a unit. I somewhat know how to code the offset to function with the marker but I can't seem to get it right. However, I keep messing up the locality (I think) of the marker to ensure only those specific units can see it. I also am not sure how to get the marker/offset to reduce in size. I believe I need to remove the marker and redraw it with the reduced sizes but the organization of the whole thing is beyond me right now. If anyone has any suggestions on how I should be writing this I'd appreciate it. Particularly with the marker locality thing as it has driven me mad. I'm still a novice in scripting anything but slowly I'm getting better. Cheers.
  4. Hey man, I used your script a ton back in February-April. I really hope you update it as since I've had to try other spectator scripts that have their own quirks and annoyances. Best of luck!
  5. perezmh

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    So, I'm really dumb and not able to get the horde waypoints to work. Could you write a bit more about how each game logic is supposed to work? I know most of them are straight forward but it would go a long way if each were more described to help us idiots make missions that work as we hope is intended. Excellent mod!
  6. Could someone post screenshots of the map itself and some interesting areas so far? My gaming computer is dead and I've been dying to see how this has come along for ages. Any posted shots are super appreciated. And to Aus and his team, congrats on first release!
  7. Brilliant stuff. Everything in-game works great. Droppoding squads is brilliantly fun.
  8. Hey man, just wanted to check in and see if you were still around working on the update. Cheers.
  9. If you want help setting up little towns and it's as easy as you say, I'll happily put a couple hours down to set some nice ones up. Let me know how to get involved!
  10. It seems whenever I get near certain specific parts of the map, my game crashes. I'm posting the RPT log from when I get in-game onwards here. http://pastebin.com/V9dESHu2 I'm headed out right now but if you don't know why the map is crashing from the RPT I'll try to get you specific grids as to where it causes my crashing to occur. Only running CBA, AiA-TP, Panthera, and this. Whenever it isn't crashing however the map is absolutely wonderful and I love the work you've done. It's fantastic. Cheers
  11. We tested this with 40 people the other day. Unfortunately people did too well a job of not-dying so only two people actually died twice to reach the spectator client. The NVG removal code you gave me worked wonders. We will probably end up using it more in the future but until then, great work and thanks for the effort!
  12. Unfortunately we tried that for those who were wearing NVGs (I personally was in Zeus running the mission) but it didn't remove the grainy effect of wearing the NVGs already while dead.
  13. We did a small test with 12 of us using your spectator script and the additional script you provided about having us die twice before switching to spectator. It worked flawlessly and we're all really happy with how customizable the options are on it. We ran into two issues, one that you might be able to help with and the other is probably limited by TFAR. The first was that when people died running agm_nightvision, AGM makes nightvision googles appear grainy as they would in real life to an extent. However anyone dying wearing the goggles would have the grainy filter applied to the spectator client also, making everything look as though they were wearing them while dead without the actual nightvision part of them on. Pretty annoying but maybe a line of some kind added to remove NVG on death would work? The other issue was more of a personal preference thing. With TFAR, using the hardcore mode for it enables living to communicate only with living, and dead only to communicate with dead. Which is great for large-scale missions and using your spectator script. However we were hoping we would be able to also hear living people while dead. If we use TFAR hardcore mode dead people only hear dead people. When not running TFAR hardcore, dead people in the spectator mode are heard by living people and vice versa. It pretty much means we have to run TFAR in hardcore as any mission above 30 people will end up having tons of people trying to talk over each other when dead because they can't keep their mouths shut about how they died, etc. Also as a feature request, make people who are kicked to the spectator script grouped so they can talk in group chat without all the living people alive. As it is dead people typing in side chat are seen by all on the server. And upon death they remain in their respective groups so they can type messages to them. Something to work around that would be ideal but I don't really know how to go about it or if it is even possible. At any rate, we will most likely end up using your spectator script at some point for our large scale missions, at least once. I'll leave some feedback here when we do tests with more players.
  14. Your spectator script might be the thing I've been dying to see for ages. I'm trying to configure a 65+ player mission for our group and every spectator script I've tried doesn't properly hook with TFAR so dead players can watch and can't hear. Once I figure out event handlers to make it so on first death people respawn but second death your spectator script kicks in I'll let you know how it performs with 65+ people!
  15. perezmh

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    That did the trick. Thank you very much!