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  1. Hi ! I've not been active on modding lately. Here is what I've been working on this past few days. (All are RHS retexture, 100% of the models are from RHS). Common pack : MICH 2000 without US flag on it + versions for medic / JTAC etc. Frist try for covered MICH 2000. (Will do version for all our nations). Hope you like them, they'll be avaible on the workshop soon.
  2. soronelite

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Thanks for the update ! 120mm boxes seems to be missing from Zeus :)
  3. Oh nice ! I hope you'll be able to add emisions ! And I was not asking to add radiation, but to be able to have other protections gear against the fog, not only mask, but be able to combine mask with suit etc.
  4. Perfect thanks ! To bring it closer to STALKER, any chance to have Emission ? (+ item for protection and maybe be able to protect ourself by hidding in building ? Or add a module to define a safe zone/building/vehicles ?) (Sumrak did it on his Arma 2 Namalsk) Could you add the ability to have others items to protect from the fog ? (The more item you have, like gasmak + suit, the less you take damage ? Like the radiation sector on the Ravage mod) Thanks again and best regards :)
  5. Nice :) Will you add support for custom gasmask or others items ? (Like suit, etc.)
  6. Nice ! Thanks Diwako :)
  7. Hi, For now, as Jack said, the mods are uploaded on steamworkshop : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1334409896 I'll try to make an update soon on this forum too :)
  8. Hi ! Thanks for you mod ! Any chance to add a module on Eden for the addon version ? So you can place anomalies faster and have some parameters ? (Like "wich type of anomalies" / Random placement / % chance to spawn anomalies or not) Regards,
  9. soronelite

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    FARKHAR VALLEY FIRST RELEASE Here is our first public version of the map Farkhar Valley ! There is still a lot of non-playables / empty areas, but you can play on 80% of the west valley. You'll find towns with narrow alleys, perfect for close battles, fields and small villages,... LINKS : DIRECT DOWNLOAD STEAM WORKSHOP We hope you'll like it ! Please, let us know what you think about the map, if you find any bugs or if you have ideas etc. You can use THIS FORM.
  10. soronelite

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Hi all ! Take a look at our new WIP FOB :
  11. Next update coming soon ! (RHS:AFRF & RHS:GREF weapons) CZ will be avaible too in a new pack :) (Only with the VZ.95 camo) @vennonetes : Sorry I do not plan to add italian camo :/
  12. soronelite

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Hi ! Here is our lasted screenshots, we now have big playables areas : Also you can check our latest game on the map (23/10/17) here : https://www.facebook.com/pg/AdvancedRealismClan/photos/?tab=album&album_id=900478996776091 You have 200+ screenshots from our zeus and players. Hope you'll like it, don't forget to let us know what you guys think about the map. Soon we'll have a beta version ready, send me a PM if you want to try the map. Regards, Soronelite.
  13. soronelite

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Hello All ! :) So, big new for us, we have updated the sat map, wich was really in low def. Now with this new HD sat the map look really good ! This will also help us building the map and add assets according to the real life valley. Some location (on the map and/or on the sat) need to be reworked cause its no longer match the sat, but this is not big deal. As always here is some screenshots, let us know what you guys think. Also, the map still need a lot of work, but if you or your clan/team would like to try the map, just let us know, we could send you the map to try it out ;) Regards, Soronelite.
  14. Hi all ! So the mod is not dead, we're still working on it, myself and Jack Ost (who is helping a lot with the configs) Don't expect an update anytime soon, we take our time to fix all the issues and add some surprises. We also have a lot of work with the Farkhar Valley Map And here is a little screen, I think the USS Freedom deserve to have a cap, and also you can see that you'll have the lite uniforms (AAF) with rolled sleeves.