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  1. At last: Source: http://dev.arma3.com/sitrep-00033
  2. Same here too. I have to look like 3m to the right of the speaking person to get the conversation thru the left and right front speaker at a normal level, while the center speaker is only delivering the ambient noise.
  3. Problem solved, got my key. Thanks to everyone at BI, especially Placebo, for the support. :)
  4. Yep, payment was finally completed last Friday. I'll PM you the details.
  5. Please repeat, nothing yet. Did reply to the autoresponse from Saturday today (#43504).
  6. No reply yet. Old Ticket: #42743 Should have all the infos up to Friday. New Ticket: #43504 Has all the infos on the payment and the order, after PayPal did let me finally pay on Friday.
  7. Awesome! Received the Lite Key, much appreciated. :)
  8. That's quite a bit dissapointing to be honest. I would understand that there is no support on weekends at other times, but right now after the release and so many people having trouble and really need the support i can't get it that there is no emergency support or something like that. Especially for those who wanted to get the best for BI by purchasing the Supporter Edition and now being stuck either at the payment or waiting for their key... :/
  9. Still nothing... This purchase is a real stresstest for my patience. :(
  10. No luck so far, no reply on my ticket #42743. Opened a new ticket #43504 with every information i got on the order and the payment.
  11. I did use the existing support ticket #42743 after the transaction was finaly done (about 15:37 CET) to inform the support team about it, since it was a payment not done thru the shop (PayPal money request by BI). Nothing in the spam folder, just checked that. edit: Just noticed that i did send the reply to myself in the afternoon... :rolleyes: Did send it again with the payment code from PayPal. #42743 Update (12:15CET): Still nothing... :(
  12. So the transaction of the money was completed about 7 hours ago, it was paid via the direct PayPal Money request from BI. So where do i need to look for the key? There was no mail yet, besides the one from PayPal about the transaction being completed, and there is nothing seen in the online store (My Games, etc.).
  13. UPDATE (#42743) Received a payment request from BI directly on my PayPal account today, tried to pay it > rejected. Called the PayPal support a fourth time, the guy said bad luck and he can't help me and was pretty rude, so i requested to speak to someone in charge. I was then told by a lady that their automated payment checksystem blocked the payment. The problem is, she can't tell me why and she can't do anything about it. So no help from PayPal at all. Since i already tried anything at home, different browsers, desktop and laptop, disabled all browser addons, firewall, antivirus, cleared the cache, deleted all cookies with no success i was pretty lost. Idea was then to give it a last try on the PC at work which has a different browser and IP/ISP and the payment via the sended payment request in my PayPal account finally went thru. It was just stopped where they requested to verify the payment via a PIN on the phone (they gave me a call) and all was finally good. :) Now waiting for the key. Thanks for the support here and via email. I'm looking forward to finaly try the Alpha and i'm glad that i could give you guys the best support possible by purchasing the Supporter Edition (i really don't care about the benefits ;) ). So anyone who's payment is always rejected by PayPal: Try another PC with a different browser, IP/ISP. Maybe it works like it did for me. edit: added support ticket number
  14. Update on my Odyssey to buy the Supporter Edition (Post #128) Fixed: The prices in the shop are now the right ones, no more ups and downs. Not Fixed: I'm still unable to finish the purchase with PayPal, same problem. :( Last reply from the support was on Wednesday, no more answers so far (#42743).
  15. Hi, i'm trying to purchase the Supporter Edition since Tuesday afternoon with no luck so far. Every time i put in my PayPal password when it is up to pay the shopping cart, the payment is rejected. Payment not possible, please choose another payment method in the online store (something like that in German). I've called Paypal three times now to be sure there is everything alright with my account, which they approved. The last thing they did suggest today was to ask for the email of the PayPal account the shop itself is using and then transfer the money directly. Also still get the changing prices in the store itself, BI support wrote that that was fixed but seems not to work on my end. The Details Prices in the Store: - Not logged in: 69,99€ - Logged in: the currency switches to British Pound 59,99 - I change it back to Euro: 69,77€ (already had some other prices too) The Paypal account: - Paypal account is linked to a verified bank account - There is enough money on the Paypal account itself What i did so far: - Contacted PayPal - Contacted the BI Support - Tried different browsers, cleared the cache, disabled all browser addons, even the firewall and antivirus - Purchased something else on Steam to check if the account is realy OK What PayPal said: - The connection to the BI Store server is lost when the payment process is going on, so they can't finish the payment and i get the error message - Ask for the PayPal emailadress that is used for the shop to send the money directly What the BI Support wrote: - Changing prices issues are fixed (unfortunately not for me so far) - Payment can be done, no more issues there (see above) I was really looking forward to purchase the Supporter Edition, not because of the rewards it provides, really don't care about them, it is to support my favorite developer. Being a fan since the first OFP demo. I could have skipped the countless trys to purchase via the BI Store and instead buy it from Steam to join all the other fans, but i'm still hoping that the issue of payment can be solved.