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  1. rickoshay

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    After reading 20 pages of debate it seems clear and logical to me that since resting and deployment are inextricably linked these features should be integrated and launched as a combined feature. With regards to visual feedback on the weapon rest & deployment state, there are 2 considerations: 1) Weapons without bipods In this instance either the weapon needs to visually be resting against a surface or an indicator showing the weapon rest state needs to be visible. 2) Weapons with a bipod The bipod needs to animate and visually be positioned on the supporting surface and possibly an indicator needs to also show the weapon rest state. Given that there are always going to be caveats to A & B - due to irregular surface normals. Eg: a gun with a bipod deployed may be on a severe slope and the bipod feet may be in the air; or a weapon without a bipod may look like its touching a surface without actually doing so. Given that in both cases visual confirmation will at best be unreliable - we therefore need a subtle icon showing weapon rest/deployment state.
  2. rickoshay

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    First thanks for the great mod. Would it be possible to combine all patches and the sound fix into one new package ver 1.6 for example. As well as posting the separate patches for those who have already d/led the main file.
  3. rickoshay

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    As of end June 2014 the ARMA3 patch has broken this mod - all weapon sounds aren't working.
  4. rickoshay

    Arma 3 respawn module ask

    In your description.ext simply put: (change values to suit you) respawn = Base; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition"}; respawnDelay = 10; respawnDialog = 1; respawnOnStart = 0;
  5. rickoshay

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Excellent mod! Please can you help me - I need to force a model to use a Bin Laden type skin - iow I don't want anything to cover the models face. The problem is the randomization script seems to change the skin each time the mission is loaded. Is there a way to get around this? Cheers Rick