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    L85A2 Reboot!

    Horrible, just horrible :bounce3:
  2. silentdawn

    Steam vs BIS Store & Exclusivity - Explained

    well, with all due respect, i'll buy it from the first shop that puts it for sale :)
  3. silentdawn

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    I think that the current bundles aren't very efficient from a business point of view. from what i can tell so far, most of the customers are either die-hard fans who will buy the supporter edition, or regular ARMA players who will buy the basic ALPHA edition. the Deluxe version is quite useless currently. paying another 15 euros just for a PDF map and guide just doesn't worth it. so basically you have alot of people who love arma and willing to pay 40 euros for the deluxe, but need more value in the bundle. so what i'm suggesting is to include future DLC's in the deluxe edition and for the supporter bundle add future standalone expansions. that way, you will have more people "upgrading" from ALPHA to deluxe. of course this will also make some supporters "downgrade" to deluxe. but because they mostly pay to support BIS, not many will do so. btw, don't even think about raising the price for ALPHA. cause then ppl will start marching towards your offices with torches and pitchforks :)