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  1. sakinz

    Eden Feature Requests

    I would like to edit unit loadout easily thats mayby only thing I am missing.
  2. Somehow blanc space will appear if it is in same line --> "-mod=@CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;@IFA3SA;@IFA3M;@IFA3" and blanc space won't appear if I broke it in two lines like "-mod=@CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF; @IFA3SA;@IFA3M;@IFA3"
  3. Manual install 1. Install Iron Front and update it, if you have dlc you can install it too. 2. Download IFA3SA 2014 09 29, @IFA3 and latest CBA A3 extract them to your Arma 3 modfolder Conversion process 1. Download and install IronFrontArmaConversion 2. Run IronFrontArmaConversion, set the path for A2 and OA to your A3 directory, hit Create IF Arma and wait untill its ready Updating mod 1. Download IF_A3_Communitypatches 1.05-1.11, 1.11-1.12 If you have dlc installed download IF_dlc_A3_Comminitypatches 1.00-1.01, 1.01-1.06, ja 1.06-1.07 from here. Save patches to your modfolder 2. Extract patches untill they have TOH icon (make sure that this is same folder where is @LIB_DLC_1 and @IF) Make shortcut from patch and "-incurrentfolder", repeat this to all patches and now your mod should be playable Use parameter "-mod=@CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;@IFA3SA;@IFA3M;@IFA3"
  4. Follow this setup guide for Arma 3 and see also quote below.
  5. @ Jazzman you have to unzip the patch.exe until patch.exe has TOH icon, then make shortcut from it and launch it with -incurrentfolder parameter. Make sure that patch.exe is in same folder where your mod is.
  6. Nice thanks for sharing and caring!
  7. What was the password?
  8. Tom Larkins new tweet Who is Igor?
  9. Jay cove = Jay Crowe? coincidence?
  10. Most likely he is going to this restaurant
  11. sakinz

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Or is there coming retail Supportter / Collectors edition ?
  12. sakinz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Is there gonna be physical Supporter edition / Collectors edition of the game?
  13. We need to ivestigate www.arma3.com fully to get some information Tom Larkin's tweet
  14. Sorry didn't realize that those were about morse code