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  1. Author: Phoenix of Zulu-Alpha Author Website: http://zulu-alpha.co.za/ Repo: https://github.com/zulu-alpha/zam_shownames Requirements: @cba_a3 Version: v3.5.0 Signed: Yes Short description: An advanced and realistic name tag system designed to simulate real world recognition conditions. Description: Shows the names of nearby players when you hold down the key. Factors such as time of day, fog, zoom, group membership, ranks, line of sight, optical zoom (factoring in simulated atmospheric distortion), thermals and voice are taken into account in order to make recognition as realistic as possible. This has been separated out of the ZAM mods collection and is where you should get zam_showNames. Features: Shows player names Displays ranks (optional) Name tag size corresponds linearly with distance Name tag fade's depending on distance and other factors (optional) Recognizes zoom (with any optics or no optics) and resizes name tags accordingly (optional) line of sight is considered by taking into account terrain and objects Passenger name tags are optimized Time of day taken into account to simulate the necessity for ambient lighting and\or NVGs to ID people Arma 3 enhanced fog is taken into consideration when determining ID range (optional) Smaller name tags are displayed for ruck sacks, named after it's last owner (optional) Fellow group member names are much bolder to aid in ID (optional) Knowledge system, allowing normally unknown men to be discovered (by approaching them) or already fully known (such as HVT\VIPs) (optional) Knowledge system also allows adding name tags to any object (such as crates and mission critical items) Players using TFAR or ACRE direct speak is indicated by a red name tag, with redness indicating how loud they are predicted to be (taking into account shout, whisper, etc) (optional) Performance demands of main loop and ACRE support configurable in userconfig (Arma scheduler permitting) Mission maker can force the enabling or disabling of optional features Key can be used as toggle or hold by setting in userconfig Detects if thermal is used and disables name tags (TI is bad at ID IRL). Show group names for other groups. Togglable with a key (default Ctrl-y). (optional) Show team names for current group (optional) Installation: Standard mod installation with @folder Included Files: zam_shownames.pbo Usage: Press t (or another key configured in Main Menu, Configure -> Controls -> Configure Addons -> ZAM -> showNames) to show the names of all players on your side and name tags of rucks used by players. Note that the key options will appear in that menu only 5 seconds into the game. Client side mod Multiplayer and single player support Media: * These screenshots demonstrate only a fraction of the available features. The video shows almost all of them. Credits & Thanks:LordHeart for assistance and early optimizations KillZoneKid for his zoom detection code License: Covered under APL-SA (http://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike) Feel free to use and modify this code, on the proviso that you post back changes and improvements so that everyone can benefit from them, and acknowledge the original authors in any derivative works. Download: https://github.com/zulu-alpha/zam_shownames/releases/download/v3.5.0/zam_shownames_v3_5_0.zip ChangeLog:
  2. Line Drawing

    ATM we do this with markers = []; { marker = [ _x, //0 markerAlpha _x, //1 markerBrush _x, //2 markerColor _x, //3 markerDir _x, //4 markerPos _x, //5 markerShape _x, //6 markerSize _x, //7 markerText _x, //8 markerType _x //9 ]; markers set [count markers, marker]; } forEach allMapMarkers; copyToClipboard str(markers); to serialize markers made by the CO in the editor when planning, then: { _mk = createMarker [_x select 0, _x select 5]; _mk setMarkerAlpha (_x select 1); _mk setMarkerBrush (_x select 2); _mk setMarkerColor (_x select 3); _mk setMarkerDir (_x select 4); _mk setMarkerShape (_x select 6); _mk setMarkerSize (_x select 7); _mk setMarkerText (_x select 8); _mk setMarkerType (_x select 9); } forEach markers; To put them into the mission at the start so they don't have to re-do them
  3. Line Drawing

    ^ This I would like to be able to serialize user made markers (including drawings) for later placement to ease pre-planning. Old markers are easy enough, but I can't find commands for drawings.
  4. Tanks DLC Feedback

    The commander and gunner should be able to talk about what the gunner is looking at in detail without having to make the commander use their independent sight to do so, thus losing the sector it was covering.
  5. Tanks DLC Feedback

    I saw it mentioned occasionally, but will there be the feature to allow the commander to override the turret to show the gunner the target he wants engaged immediately? In addition to this will the commander be able to see what the gunner is seeing in addition to their own independent view? These 2 features would be essential to get some realistic gunner commander teamwork.
  6. We use it for all our mission and training sessions and my guys love it! We miss it with some of the new unsupported terrains though, so any extra development you can put in will definitely be appreciated! Thank you for all you have done so far.
  7. If you are looking for ShowNames, go here: Overall description: This is a package of mods that my group has used to use. This is a modular package of independent mods with individual descriptions below. Author(s): Phoenix of Zulu-Alpha Thanks: ZAM Resume uses aeroson's loadout functions for saving and setting states. LordHeart for assistance and early optimizations Site: http://zulu-alpha.co.za/ Prerequisite(s): @cba_a3 Installation: Standard mod installation with @folder. This mod uses a Userconfig that must be put into the standard location (\userconfig\zam\zam.hpp). All PBOs are independent of each other and can thus be deleted without any issues. This allows the mod package to be customized. Mods can also be disabled by editing user-config or assigning the appropriate variables in a mission's init. Download (Latest, v1.0.6): https://bitbucket.org/zulualpha/zam/downloads/@zam_v1_0_6.zip License: Covered under APL-SA (http://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike) Feel free to use and modify this code, on the proviso that you post back changes and improvements so that everyone can benefit from them, and acknowledge the original authors in any derivative works. Repo: https://bitbucket.org/zulualpha/zam **************************| zam_tap |************************** File: zam_tap.pbo Prerequisite(s): @cba_a3 Description: Used to tap another player on their shoulder. You will be notified of their name and they will be of yours as well. Features: Tap buddies shoulder 'Tapper' name and name of 'tapee' hinted to tapee and tapper respectivelly Usage: Press t (or another key configured in Main Menu, Configure -> Controls -> Configure Addons -> ZAM -> tap) to tap the shoulder of another person within 2m of you and under your cursor. Note that the key options will appear in that menu only 5 seconds into the game. (Mission makers) Disable by setting: zam_tap_enabled = false Before 5 seconds into the game. Client side mod Multiplayer and single player **************************| zam_res |************************** File: zam_res.pbo Description: Saves the client's state to the server for their current game to allow restoring to near (if not absolutely) exact previous state, to provide protection against client crashes. Features: Gear including ammo count, postion, damage level, coarse postion in vehicle (if applicable), direction, captive state and animation are all saved on the server. Player restored to previous state if rejoining on same side, with same role and if was alive. Save frequency on server scales with server performance (5 to 60 seconds) Plays well with Alive player persistence, in that it disables itself automatically if it detects the alive player persistence module. Usage: (Mission makers) Disable by setting: zam_res_enabled = false Before 5 seconds into the game. Client and server side mod Multiplayer only -------------------------| ChangeLog |--------------------------
  8. Thanks, it worked perfectly! Strange it at least partially passed linting. It said that the structure was correct but that it wasn't accurate. I thought it was a standards nitpick.
  9. Hello We have a problem, where we used OCAP for our first full mission and exported it's AAR with [] call ocap_fnc_exportData; but the OCAP web app says that the file is not found when we try and play it back, despite the JSON file being in the correct place and passing linting tests and there being a correct reference to it in the DB. Our OCAP version is and we tested before with simpler scenarios and with fewer people and it worked fine. OCAP is on the same machine as the Arma server and thus uses the non FTP method. Here is our OCAP URL: http://srv1.zulu-alpha.co.za/ocap/. The mission in question is co@24_Transporter_r#_HC. The error message we get is this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3gvgdmucozuh9vy/ocap_error.jpg?dl=0 These are the OCAP files in our data folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/enlsaxv0z0i07k2/ocap_data_file_structure.jpg?dl=0 Here is the OCAP recording file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc7awmdfoo9yt3c/co%4024_Transporter_r4_167.json?dl=0 Here is our OCAP DB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4x83ogdahsha0rk/data.db?dl=0 Here is our OCAP log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ta7v7tw46chuza/ocap_log.txt?dl=0 And here is our Arma RPT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctjpg73w5sf32xd/arma3server_2016-09-15_13-23-13.rpt?dl=0. The mission starts at 20:46. Hopefully all these links makes it easier for you to determine the problem (assuming it's a bug with OCAP and not a mistake on our side).
  10. We managed to install it and get it working on WIndows server 2012 R2 using IIS8. I tried to get it working with Apache24 but no matter what I tired I couldn't get gzip and php curl working. This is most certainly a problem on my side as we don't use a LAMP (or WAMP) stack on the server that we manage and I'm not familiar with it. Some notes to everyone who wants to use IIS8: I got PHP curl working out of the box when I installed PHP 7 from the Microsoft web platform installer To get GZIP working, make sure you have Web Server -> Performance -> Static Content Compression & Dynamic Content Compression server roles installed using the Add roles and features wizard. Then in the configuration editor in IIS Manager for your server, make sure you add application/json (and enable it) to system.webServer/httpCompression/dynamicTypes/ @mistergoodson: Is it safe to manually delete the events with a SQLite browser (in order to cleanup)? Also I think I noticed a bug where I exported twice (once at 4 mins and another time at 11 mins) and I got 3 recordings in the DB and on the site but with only 2 JSON files. 2 of the recordings where correct and expected, but the 2nd one (chronologically) said it was 11 minutes long but used the 4 minute long JSON file. Not sure if I should report this in the repo as I only tried this once. I am using a fresh install of Version Beta.
  11. Thank you for releasing this! We will definitely make use of this for our community!
  12. Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I noticed a potential bug. When I want to add a Slack URL for my existing Slack channel entry, then I get the error: Invalid data for comm_channels.[1].type, got: "Slack" The URL that seems to pass client side validation but fail server side validation is https://zulu-alpha.slack.com.
  13. Mine Detector

    Hello, great mod! I would like to know, is the PWS repo here up to date? It says v1.11.0.2 on the page and v1.17 when I use PWS, but it says it was updated on the 17th of July, so I am quite confused right now.
  14. Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I like the update and the linking of Steam to BI Accounts! I would just like to know how the plans are going, if any for a public API? We built our own platform that automatically manages Squad XML, sign on with steam, slack integration and will soon have TeamSpeak server group integration, skills management and Google Calendar integration among other things and so I would like to have it also manage the Units page to synchronize members and ranks in order to reduce management overhead.
  15. roleDescription not working in SP

    I confirm that it doesn't work in Eden editor single-player. Annoying as I was going to use it to replace the init field as that doesn't work at all for JIP players now
  16. I made a short video tutorial for my community: I'm posting it here in case anyone else finds it useful.
  17. Just so there's no confusion, I meant I would seed the torrent with our server
  18. Thanks for the hard work! If you had a torrent version, then I would let it run on our server for a while ;)
  19. Santa Claus

    We had some fun with you mod! Great work:
  20. Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Since the feature to have Applications be handled completely through an external link was added and the fact that there will be a truly massive body of players that are already members of often huge communities, I would like to put forward the following feature request: The ability for admins to add unique identifiers for their players common to both their own platform and Units (i.e: Steam User ID and\or Email address) to a list in the Units admin page that would mass invite those players to become members, such as with an email link. This way, you get consent from both sides, administrators can be more proactive in managing their members and syncing both platforms is much easier for said admins. It will also have the added benefit of pushing players to the Units platform, as if they don't have a BIS account, then they will be asked to make one and if they already do, they will be made more aware of the Units platform and have a stake in it with little to no effort or thought needed on their side To be clear, this isn't the same as asking those players to click on the 'Apply' button, but rather allowing the admin's to pre-approve new members and then allowing those players to accept and skip the Application process (or whichever part is being used on Units).
  21. Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    As long as there is an API (and from what I read there will be some kind of API) that allows me to create events on Units, then I'll be happy :)
  22. Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Hello This system looks to be a much needed addition to Arma by making accessible what is essentially a valuable and key differentiating feature; Strong Arma Communities! I do have one or two questions regarding future plans: Will other sites be able to use Bohemmia accounts as an Oauth service (i.e to sign in with)? This would make integration with our platform much tighter. Also, we where going to use Steam login, in order to get the Steam user userid (and hence the in game user Id), however I don't see any evidence that a Bohemia account has that info. So are there plans on better integrating game IDs with Bohemmia accounts? And finally, out of curiosity, what kind of stack are you guys using :) ?
  23. Hello Thanks for the great work! I am trying to find information on the Logistics system so that I can tweak it beyond what the modules provide and I have difficulty finding info. I searched all over http://ace3mod.com/wiki/index.htmland I used the search tool for this thread and I can't find where the documentation is other than for wirecutters and uav batteries, so I'm going to ask here. Is it possible to prevent certain crates from being loaded and if so, how? Great start on the logistics system BTW!
  24. JSON Parser (in and for SQF)

    That's awesome, and makes sense considering that you use MongoDB IIRC. Though I would like to use this in a mission framework and make that as mod agnostic as I can.
  25. JSON Parser (in and for SQF)

    This is super awesome! I'll try it now. ----Edit I tried it and it still works beautifully! It will make life much easier implementing web integration for my group! Thanks so much for sharing!