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  1. 2YB - 2nd Yorkshire Battalion Wasteland Gameplay Quite a few of our members jumped onto ArmA 3 Wasteland and had a brilliant game of cat and mouse with a tank. The results were surprising! Updates as of 12/03/2016: - Training is taking place! - Roles are being advertised - ALiVE operations are ready to be rolled out
  2. Good evening people of the ArmA community! Some updates for our group: We currently have a server running user created missions until we finalize our modpack. Our TeamSpeak server IP is ts.paragon-gaming.co.uk The website is coming along in its development We have custom missions ready to put into play Our members are incredibly friendly! Remember if you are interested don't forget to put an application in and add me on Steam (Paragon Jenko)
  3. Squad name: 2nd Yorkshire Battalion Timezone/location: GMT/BST - UK Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop with occasional PvP Contact email: alex.jenkinson@paragon-gaming.co.uk (temporary) Website address: N/A yet Short description: Semi-realism unit with structured ranks and training but flexible times. We value fun over extreme realism and strive to create a mature yet relaxed atmosphere. Language: English
  4. Who are we? The 2nd Yorkshire Battalion (2YB) is a group for people who want to have the realism of the military simulation side of ArmA but want to have fun and not have the realism ruin the experience. We aim to provide a mature, fun and interactive environment to focus on operations and gameplay over having pristine realism. We focus on fun, teamwork, tactical and realism in that order. What do we offer over other groups? We offer an organised structure for both in-game and out of game to avoid any confusion and show peoples specialties. We have structured training and qualifications so everyone gets a fair chance at becoming the best soldier. Realistic operations that relate to present day. Our Divisions? We have multiple 'divisions' within our group. Our main infantry force is a platoon of infantry soldiers, this is three sections or six fireteams. We also have an RAF division which handles all our flying needs including transport and close air support. We have support sections that include indirect fire, logistics, explosive ordnance disposal, armour and heavy weapons Requirements to join us? Some requirements we have that are vital for the continuity of the this group so please check that you follow all of these. You must be over the age of thirteen (13) You must also be mature and dedicated to our groups You must not be member of any other ArmA 3 MilSim clan You must own ArmA 3 You must be available to download TeamSpeak 3 You must be able to download all mods used by our group How to join us? We currently have a website in development where we will have a sign up sheet however you can sign up with this link here Also follow our twitter for constant updates: https://twitter.com/2Yorks Our modpack: @3CommandBrigade (Equipment, Units, Vehicles, Weapons) @ALiVE @ACE @asdg_jr @CBA_A3 @task_force_radio CUP Terrains DISCLAIMER: This group is currently in development therefore if you decide to join be prepared to take administrative roles and operations will not be for a possible month until roles are assigned and stability has been created.
  5. The website and forums are up and are live. Custom domain will be coming soon once we have members. If you want to join enlist on our forums and you should be able to post now. Any queries should be sent to thetechnicleg@gmail.com
  6. 73rd Parachutist Regiment [ACE/ACRE] INTRODUCTION: We are a group of people who enjoy game especially MilSims/Arma 2/Arma 3/Realism. We don't have a server or a teamspeak so we will be going onto pubic servers when we can to train. It gives more realism to how you would play in the group. We use ACRE and ACE to allow full MilSim experience and want to teach you how to play with a full realistic experience. We don't expect you to know everything about the military, you don't need to know how to give grid references, all the military code signs. You just need to speak good English and be active and your in! (UTC-Dublin, Lisbon, London) Preferably you should be in the UK or in the EU. Basic Training: Basic Communications Basic Formations Basic Shooting/Accuracy Basic Planning Navigation These may seem alot but it teaches you the bare basics of MilSim. We don't need to waste hours and hours of your time training you with things you will never remember. These can be done over a day, or two weeks. You choose how much you do. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Must be 12 years old or older, 2) Must have a legit copy for Arma 2 & Arma 2: OA, 3) Must have Teamspeak 3, 4) Must have a working microphone, 5) Must speak good English. We need maturity, loyalty and teamwork. You need to cooperate with the group and your team mates. If you have an issue report it to me and I'll have a word and try to resolve it. If you can resolve it, don't hold grudges. Want to join us? Do you meet all the requirements? Then open the link below to ours forums and go into the enlistment section! Forums: http://73rdparachutistregiment.webs.com/apps/forums/ Website: http://73rdparachutistregiment.webs.com/ Temporary Email: thetechnicleg@gmail.com Info: Founded on 18/02/2013- Published here- 19/02/2013