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    Connection failed

    I recently ran into this issue of getting connection failed every time i try and join a server. I have rebooted the internet, rebooted the PC, flushed my DNS, tried with and without mods, verified game files. But to no avail still unable to connect to any servers at all. Any idea what is going on, it was working fine at one point yesterday then i had to quit ARMA, few hours later i decided to hop back on Arma and here i am. Getting connection failed every time i try to get on a server.
  2. oh.. i've tried the mission a few hours ago, i really enjoyed it, awesome work :D normally you fight with NATO, when it comes to these types of missions, but now however, you are against them, which makes it very interesting and fun, but as other as stated, it would be awesome if we had the ability to have other enemies, or chose the enemy side :) for me ACE is more like a mod that can only be played with other people, and not for your self, unless you make your self un-killable :P but then its no fun haha, might just be me tho. haven't played Arma in ages, so my skills might be rusty haha :P
  3. yeah... it would be awesome if ACE would be optional, and maybe have like a respawn system for the SP version of some sort, kinda annoying that each time you did or get shot and dont have medical supplies to heal and then die of bleeding, that you have to restart the mission :/ AI in Arma tends to have a insane accuracy and they dont really get affected by being suppressed either :/
  4. Awesome, i have also ran into a annoying bug.. but it might be caused by the mods i use, i dont know, but either way, each time i die, when i respawn, am no longer hostile to the CSAT/Russian forces (i use the RHS mods), which is very annoying, because i can run up to a hostile, pop him in the leg and he wont do anything :/
  5. Thanks a bunch Soak! Awesome, but does that mean that vehicles that a person has collected gets removed as well? since i tend to gather a tank or 2 and stores them at my base camp :D
  6. Hey. Soak is there a code we can run though the debug console to force capture camps that bugs out and wont be captured? if i remember correctly you pasted a code in this thread a long time ago, but i cannot find it..
  7. crazychris

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    So i have ran into a bug, if you want to call it that, when i get a task, its name is weird, like it dosent have a name like "Defend This area" or something like that, instead its like STR_AT_Task01 and so forth, and sometimes in the briefing tab on the map screen, says i need a @STR_Briefing file or whatever it was called again, its kinda annoying, since its hard to know what am suppose to do when i the only thing i get is the above, anyone else got this bug? or is it something with the mods i use? And before you ask, well what mods are you using, i shall list them below: - RHS Mods (AFRF, USAF, GREF) - JSRS - Blastcore - CBA - Unlocked Uniforms - MCC (Just to change the weapons, since i dont really like the vanilla weapons) - TPW Mods - YQ Mod (Single player cheat mod - I hate the AI so i need to have some kind of revive system, since they tend to have fucked up Accuracy) Last is the required one, which is Resist.
  8. crazychris

    [SP][Campaign][RHS] The East Wind RHS Remake

    For me the hot-fix worked, i picked up the backpack and the mission continued.
  9. when i first read the topic when i was doing my daily check on wip mods, i thought i was dreaming, i refreshed the page 3 times to be sure, i had a wild idea my self in making a star wars mod, but due to my extremely lack of knowledge when it comes to modding, that idea was only in my head, playing with me.. i am very exited on this mod, but am gonna let the hype train pass me for now, am not saying you might never release it, but am gonna wait and see. now to the main reason why i decided to comment. If you end up adding the Republic and the Confederacy in the future, i would love to see 2 versions of the clone armor, the phase 1 armor from attack of the clones and phase 2/3 armor from revenge of the sith, it would be awesome to see if that where done, that way, the people who like the armor from attack of the clones can use that, and the people who liked the revenge of the sith armor can use that instead, or if they want, do a mix, that way its a win/win situation for both parties. now to the 2 vehicles i would say is a must if you do add the republic is the 2 popular vehicles the gunship aka LA-AT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) and the AT-TE Walker aka All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE). i can already imagine flying around in A3 with the gunship and dropping drops off in the heat of a battle. i know that currently the Republic - Confederacy is only a idea, but am just giving you my 2 cents on this :P