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  1. I got a little bit confused so I will just describe how the set trigger activation line works.


    • You place a unit.
    • You place a move waypoint right next to the unit.
    • You place another Search and Destroy waypoint.
    • You create a trigger. You place whatever condition you like.
    • You use the set trigger activation line to connect the trigger to the move waypoint.
    • Done!


    What will happen is that the Search and Destroy waypoint will start once the condition of the trigger is met. 


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  2. Maybe you already know this but there is a thing with waypoints. Let us say we have waypoint 1 and 2. The condition you place in waypoint 1 will be the condition so as for waypoint 2 to be activated. Waypoint 1 will already have been activated. So maybe you will need to place an extra move waypoint next to the appropriate unit and place your condition code there. 


    ^^ That is for the set trigger activation line which is the one I always use. Judging from below posts it works how you want it. Sorry for that. ^^

    And if your code does not work you can sync the trigger directly to the waypoint. The set trigger activation line. That should work  :thumbsup:

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  3. TOH was indeed amazing! I had bought two copies and made my friends buy a few more. And as you also mentioned clicking the buttons in the cockpit is really nice. In TOH we could. In Arma we cannot 😕

    Yep, the simulation is nice but not even like TOH let alone DCS. There I remember things that do not exist in Arma. In TOH for example lifting off without using pedals was a no go. In Arma it is possible. But even yet autorotating with a squad on board is really nice.There must be communities of pilots online. I only play with friends since I want to enjoy Arma and not get in a cowardish online fight for getting shot by a baragge of AA missiles. Easy to say anything when being thousands miles away... Searching however should reveal some nice pilot community :thumbsup:

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  4. Hey guys I have got the Easter Update for the campaign's creation!


    So for Easter there will be no mission releases. Due to some really serious early summer exams our testing group is not available. That does not however mean that new missions are not being created. We are just one mission away from the end of Chapter 2! Afterwards Chapter 3 will be created and it will be the last chapter of the campaign.


    • As for changes in already released missions there will be none for Chapter 1 missions. They have been tested and no bugs have been reported so there is no need to change anything. If someone however finds a bug or glitch please report it.
    • As for missions already released for Chapter 2 only one image will be changed. There indeed was a minor bug reported in mission 05 but it only happened once and could not be replicated. If it happens to anybody else please report it so as for me to fix it. Actions have already been taken so as for it not to happen again even in that one case but if something occurs I can use other methods too.
    • As for missions not being released on armaholic anymore I should point out that it only happens with the campaign missions. When uploading missions on armaholic there is not so much control on what you write. I cannot preview what I have written and in order to change the color or size of letters I have to use code. That is also the case when trying to place the text in the middle and in so many other cases. Armaholic dudes are great and always helpful but I cannot keep uploading new versions and such. I will however upload the whole Campaign when it is 100% ready.
    • As for the final release date of the Campaign it is scheduled to be towards the end of the 2019 summer!!!


    Thanks for all the support guys!



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  5. Personally not available to create a campaign but I believe it would be better to give more details about your campaign ideas. Like what type of battles and tasks will be involved. Otherwise it can be hard to find an editor willing to cooperate.


    Best of Wishes!

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  6. Well there is this thread here:




    but if you want a simple trigger based solution you can:


    1.] Create two triggers.

    2.] Set them to repeatable. Click on the trigger there is a box saying repeatable.

    3.] In the first one add as a condition:


    unit1 distance Gate1 <10;


    and in the initialization field:


    Gate1 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1];


    4.] In the second trigger place a timeout of 2 seconds. Click on the trigger and place 2 where it asks for the time. You will have to place 2 three times in the three boxes.

    5.] In the second trigger add as a condition:


    unit1 distance Gate1 >10;


    and in the initialization field:


    Gate1 animate ["Door_1_rot", 0];


    All done! Although I cannot understand why you do not want the loop solution but its your call :thumbsup:


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  7. I had a similar issue and what I did was to set the driver alone in CARELESS mode via his initialization field. Apart from that I removed every rock blocking a straight line path no matter the rock's depth. To remove the rocks I used the necessary module. Also I changed the starting position of the craft a few times and tested it about 5 times just to be sure. It is Arma so even moving the unit a meter to the left might make it follow its given commands. Last but not least you might need to disable damage because if the craft is damaged then it might act like crazy no matter what.

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  8. Well since you are using modules you can sync the create task module with two set task state modules which will have their own triggers. The one can be to say task successful while the other will be for task cancelled.


    Now to make sure that after the task is cancelled the other module will not be activated you can place in the activation of the trigger connected to the task cancelled module a simple:


    Soer allowDamage false;


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  9. Quote

    Try spot0 doWatch objNull before issuing each new target


    Thanks but it did not work. I found however something that did. The below code works:

    while {alive spot0} do 
    spot0 doWatch target0; 
    spot0 doTarget target0; 
    waitUntil {runner0 distance mark0 <5};
    spot0 doWatch target1; 
    spot0 doTarget target1; 
    waitUntil {runner0 distance mark1 <5};


    Yeah runner0 is indeed a civilian running constantly from the mark0 object to the other mark1 object!

    For some reason sleep does not work when in a loop in our case.


    About making the selection random the wiki has sadly not got detailed examples so I will try finding and seeing how other scripts work.

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  10. So as part of a mission I am working on I need a guy to:


    1.] Target a specific location with his static weapon,

    2.] wait 5 seconds,

    3.] target another specific location,

    4.] wait 5 seconds,

    5.] repeat the process.


    So by using a script that cannot be more simple as far as I am aware I wrote:

    while {alive spot0} do
    spot0 doTarget target0;
    sleep 5;
    spot0 doTarget target1;
    sleep 5;


    So the first time the script runs spot0 unit does indeed wait but from then on he constantly moves the turret left and right targeting the target0 and target1 objects without waiting!

    Why please?


    And if the above issue is solved I would like, if possible, unit spot0 to target a random selection of targets at his first move and a random selection of other targets at his second move.

    I know that it can be randomized further but Arma issues have forced me to designate specific target locations.

    Oh and if I could make him move his turret at a slower pace that would also be awesome. 





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  11. If I may share my College opinion, he is most likely trying to force you to make a campaign and release it so as for everyone to stop complaining. Naturally speaking even if you do that you will be proven to be a liar. So the guy will get his campaign and you will be in some sort of social trouble. So either he just wants you to make a campaign without being mentally able to take the second part in consideration or he wants to have a two in one scenario.  


    As for solving the whole thing I can think of a solution that will however mean spending time for this guy and showing a character that is ehm debatable? 

    or you can simply ignore them all and blame them for not trusting you but a kinda complete stranger. Most times the best solution. Otherwise there might be a domino of destruction.


    College life...

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  12. Well not even the simple MOVE waypoint works at times..

    Sadly BI has yet to fix basic issues. And I doubt they will ever be fixed. I mean I use simple move waypoints for vehicles and they get stuck going back and forth or they just stop moving for no reason. That is when they are not on roads but on valleys with no trees whatsoever. Or they work nicely but when you host a server they don't. Really irritating : \

    Due to that I would have stopped creating Arma missions if it wasn't for the testing groups and whoever downloads our missions having fun and all.

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  13. As for triggers sometimes placing another trigger and writing by hand while NOT copy pasting the same condition makes the new trigger work. 

    As for the CQB script we got a really cool one. If you know how to un-pbo a mission just download the latest mission of the Campaign indicated in my signature.

    It is in the Scripts folder, the House Patrol one.

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