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  1. Oh did not have one either but gladly youtube from which you can download videos with AVC (AnyVideoConverter) exists. You just have to be careful with copyright. Most people give their work for free and some do not even ask for credits but I anyways credit them. Super polite to give such content without copyright claims. 


    Via a few seconds search I found a loading screen for scifi missions:


    Or just search loading bars on youtube and it has quite a few:




    And in .ogv format the size of the mission is next to nothing. Anyways hope you find your answers too.

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  2. Well there is a way that I am not saying I use (when I am actually) :thumbsup:

    As a loading screen you can play a video. Check how much time your mission needs to load up and then play a loading video for the amount of seconds needed. That way even in an mp environment all players will be able to load up and there will be no loading chaos. Different pcs different loading times. It is a really cool way to keep things in order.

    The above method I use in all campaign missions.

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  3. Had a similar issue but that was way back. When I got into a car and got out of it I would hear a car sound from afar constantly. We were playing in an mp mission where we were persuing a unit that was trying to escape via car. I kept saying to my squad where we should go through me listening to that car sound. After an hour or two following a non existant car we discovered the horrid truth. The driver drove off the island by car!


    Nope it was just a glitch. Anyways, I did not change anything on my pc. The game updated at some point and the issue stopped. New pc should mean all drivers updated so maybe a game re-install?

  4. Quote

    Is separating the triggers necessary, or is it just good practice for organization, etc.?

    It is good practice for organization but it also helps to make things work in some cases.



    And do you mean that as long as a waypoint is connected to a trigger with Set Trigger Activation, it will skip that waypoint even if the trigger type is not skip waypoint?

    It does not skip it. The move waypoint tells the unit to go where he already is. In the editor I try to keep things as simple as possible.



    Edit: Using a different trigger for the task modules worked, thank you.

    Nicely done  :thumbsup:


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  5. Well we will need more information. Like what kind of condition do your triggers have. Especially the one activated for no reason as it seems.


    In general when you use modules, it is best to have the triggers separately:


    • A trigger that connects with the create task module.
    • A trigger that connects with the set task state module and completes the task.
    • A separate trigger that has the same condition with the above and that connects with the next create task module. In this one we place a 5 second delay so as for tasks to be more apparent to the players.

    And you do not have to use a skip waypoint type. To activate a waypoint later on you can just place a move waypoint next to the units so as for it not to do anything. Place the set trigger activation line there and afterwards the second waypoint will be activated.

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  6. Quote

    People said the same about Arma 2 when Arma 3 news came out. You can see where we are today.

    True but it was a time where graphics and computer engines got way better each day. Technology is still greatly boosted but it is also so expensive to buy it that it might take years for it to be purchasable. That is why lately graphics tend to remain the same unless you buy specific games and have a really expensive PC. In any case I really hope an Arma 4 will have such a great 2-3 upgrade  :thumbsup:

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  7. @Private Evans If it is possible to move all Arma 3 assets to a new engine ... that would be really nice. It would even block the need for a new game. Because, personal opinion, when we think of an Arma 4, what changes is the ability to walk on moving vehicles, better animations, hand melee, better AI also stealth compatible, better FPS and the ability to use more units when designing a mission without the game lagging. From then on it is indeed new content like naval units, new maps, new weapons, new vehicles and such. Oh and since role playing is used a police, ambulance and firefighter working faction would be really nice.


    @Dedmen As to the business perspective they can make Arma, Apex, DLC pack 1 and 2 the base game and then continue adding DLCs from there. But BIG dlcs. Dlcs which would be worth buying. The problem when making a really good game like Arma 3 is that a 4 would likely not be bought by a big number of players since it will not be worth it. It will have to be something different like future like and maybe that is why the new Contact DLC is at the works. To see how many players are interested in such a perspective.

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  8. Yep the ASR AI3 update was really tough since all missions had to be updated 😵 Three to go however and the BI forums will be all set! Did not update them all together due to time restrictions and so as not to fill the page thread. That would make all posts go to page 2 and it did not seem right.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, stburr91 said:



    The last information we got from a BI developer was October of last year, and he said Arma 4 is years away from being announced. I purely guessing, but based on that, Arma 4 would be at least 3-4 years away. 

    A strongly supported opinion :thumbsup: 

    The thing is that Arma 3 has got so much content which means a competitive Arma 4 will need to have even more. A really tough and time consuming task so yes it might indeed take at least 3-4 years.

  10. 4 hours ago, Tobur said:

    Hey, thanks for the mission but I have troubles to start it. Apparently the files "asr_ai3_cfgcamouflage" and "asr_ai3_cfgvehicles" from the ASR AI3 mod are missing. They are not included in the Steamworkshop version (anymore?). Could you check this?  Thanks!

    Thanks for reporting the issue. I downloaded the mission and tried it. There were no problems detected.


    I also un-binarized the mission.sqf file to be sure and after the update there is no  "asr_ai3_cfgcamouflage" or "asr_ai3_cfgvehicles". Those were existent in the previous version. 

    However if you have downloaded the mission from armaholic, the older version is there and yes that one is unplayable. The updated links are here in the forums and on the website.


    Armaholic has not been updated because in total 20 missions need to be updated. I will try to update them there too but it will take a while since in armaholic I need to mail the site-devs to make any sort of changes and that takes time. Even in the forums 3 missions have yet to have the new updated versions. The above one does.


    So if you download the mission again and have the same issue please say so because there might be some major ASR AI3 issue. 

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  11. Have not tried Zeus but if it is the same as in normal Eden missions you will need a script:


    titleCut ["", "BLACK OUT", 5];
    sleep 5;
    ["<t color='#ffffff' size = '1.2'>PLACE TEXT HERE<br />PLACE TEXT HERE</t>", -1,-1,14,6,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
    sleep 12;
    ["<t color='#ffffff' size = '1.2'>PLACE TEXT HERE<br />PLACE TEXT HERE</t>", -1,-1,14,6,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
    sleep 12;
    ["<t color='#ffffff' size = '1.2'>PLACE TEXT HERE<br />PLACE TEXT HERE</t>", -1,-1,10,6,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
    sleep 10;

    To call a script via a trigger you can use:


    null = execVM "nameOfScript.sqf";


    There are other wayts to have text and such but the above is a good basis 👍

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  12. Engine updates most likely not. Arma 3 is far from over however.

    Until the new engine is ready an Arma 4 will merely even be mentioned. I mean Arma 4 should take at least a year or two to appear. DayZ has to firstly become stable since the new Arma will be based on the DayZ engine.

    Until then new Arma DLCs will appear like the Contact one.



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