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  1. Hello, is it possible to orient a selection of multiple objects accurately at once? You can double click on any individual object and enter accurate position values with ease, for example placement at 90°. Is it possible to do this with a section of objects or units?
  2. anthonyfromtheuk

    Spawn at height at marker?

    I spoke with the very friendly and helpful developer of the mod I am using and he gave me this solution _Zombies1 = [(getPos Document), EAST, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "Ryanzombiesfactionopfor" >> "Ryanzombiesgroupmediumopfor" >> "Ryanzombiesgroupmedium1opfor")] Call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; height = { _x setposATL (_x modeltoWorld [0,0,4]) } foreach units _Zombies1; Gota love helpful people B)
  3. anthonyfromtheuk

    Spawn at height at marker?

    Your right it does work, its just not working with the zombies mod I am using, works fine for normal units. I am using Ryans Zombie and Deamon mod and for some reason this does not work with that. Here is code using mod. it spawns the group but no effect from addVector _Zombies1 = [(getMarkerPos "zombies1")vectorAdd [0,0,10], EAST, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "Ryanzombiesfactionopfor" >> "Ryanzombiesgroupmediumopfor" >> "Ryanzombiesgroupmedium1opfor")] Call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
  4. anthonyfromtheuk

    Spawn at height at marker?

    Thank you for the response but that is not clear how to use. If I just drop it in as below I get an error and the units still spawn at ground level, I did try changing the values in [0,0,HEIGHT] also but still just errors _group1 = [(getMarkerPos "marker1")vectorAdd [0,0,HEIGHT], EAST, (link to group via config)] Call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
  5. Simple Question how do I spawn a group at a certain height using BIS_fnc_spawnGroup at a marker? This is what I have (with the group actually defined) _group1 = [(getMarkerPos "marker1"), EAST, (configfile >> so on and so forth until we get the group)] Call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; I would like to spawn them at 5 meters height. Thank you
  6. MOD PLEASE REMOVE THIS THREAD - I cannot delete it myself This is not working as expected, mod has own parameters for exactly the things this script deals with and as such its hit and miss. miss it seem more so than often. If I could delete this thread myself I would. Apologises for posting something that was not properly tested. It seemed fine in my first tests but has become apparent since that it is not what it is supposed to be.
  7. How am I able to see all my past posts in this forum? When I got to my account it only goes back a certain amount of time. I have always had this problem. I ask a question on these forums and get an answer. Then months later I need the same information but can never find my old posts. Can anybody help?
  8. anthonyfromtheuk

    Call marker in front of player

    I tried this out and it is perfect as you can see in the image! All those enemy have been spawned using the random marker while I am in the middle facing the direction of the blue arrow. Sorry for posting a big ugly image
  9. anthonyfromtheuk

    Call marker in front of player

    Brilliant thank you Larrow I will try this out, this will be very useful!
  10. I am using this to create a marker randomly near my player unit. It spawns the marker in a random direction within 100 meters _marker1 = createMarker ["marker1", [player, 100, random 360] call BIS_fnc_relPos ]; Does anybody know how to make the marker spawn in front of the player instead of just randomly? So say for example the players facing dead north then the marker will spawn some where between 270 and 90 degrees? The marker would spawn somewhere in the red area on the image below if the player was facing north. Even just being able to choose a range of bearings the marker will spawn in would be useful such as 270 to 90 degrees regardless of what direction the players facing but really I would like the players current direction to be used as a centre point and for the the marker to spawn some where 180 degrees ahead of him So if the player was facing west instead then the marker will spawn in the red below instead. Thanks if you can help
  11. anthonyfromtheuk

    complete task on support call

    Ok I tried this by putting (player getVariable "bis_supp_used_cas_bombing" > 0); as trigger condition to complete my task and it works perfectly. Thank you very much Larrow.
  12. I have an enemy AA unit that once the player kills it, support is unlocked - CAS bombing run for the player. Using the same trigger it also completes the task of destroying the AA and gives a new task of calling a CAS bombing run. How do I complete the task of using support? (Key presses 0,8,1,1,2) Thank you
  13. anthonyfromtheuk

    Help with dialogs/GUI editor

    Well now I feel stupid FPDR, thank you very much. I had saved script.sqf calling antuk_dialog to the working example I had downloaded off the steam workshop. Too many tabs open in sublime text editor. Thank you it works now. appreciate the help from both of you. Now I can actually get on with making a mission!
  14. anthonyfromtheuk

    Help with dialogs/GUI editor

    thanks but still no luck, as for RscText and RscButton I think so, I pressed ctrl P in the gui editor to get my defines.hpp In case anyone has the patience and time here is a download link to my mission files maybe someone can see what is wrong? EDIT - With Icemans clean up unfortunately still not working
  15. This is similar to what I have been trying to do, create a dialog to spawn a script. If you follow the video then all you need to know extra is to add action = "closeDialog 0;_nil=[]ExecVM ""yourscriptname.sqf"""; to your button in the dialogs.hpp to call your spawn script. But personally I cannot get my own created dialogs to show up and found the example mission on the linked tutorial video to not work. Also that video doesn't explain how you get defines.hpp - you press Ctrl + P while in GUI editor and then copy paste that. ---------- Post added at 18:44 ---------- Previous post was at 18:23 ---------- If you get it working id love to see an example mission because i am having no end of trouble getting this to just show up